I've spent like one and a half weeks working on the new feature, but I finally finished all of the graphics for it. Hoped to get it done in time for Fallow to code it together, but no such luck. Gotta wait til next week to see it in action.

Otherwise, there's been a whole lot lately for me to fight for my attention. Suddenly there's multiple projects to juggle.
I'm going on a trip this month too, so I have to prioritize what I need to finish for the boys before I leave.

One of these things will be the last part of the shoplifting shenanigans comic, so that's what I'm gonna be doing next.

We'll see what I have in store for ya next. Even I barely know right now. Hope to give some solid news next week!
Posted 1st of April 2024 - 17:11 by
Satan wrote:
do you have any idea when the baby stuff is coming?
Not really, it depends on how much else we want to pack into the update as well.
The most important additions would be the new menues and whatnot.
let him cook I SAID LET HIM COOK
do you have any idea when the baby stuff is coming?