I've waited with replying to any comments, 'cause I thought it'd be a good idea to go through them all here and now. Not sure why, but it's too late to change now anyway.

The version we released were full of bugs and oversights, even after all this time of constant fixing and patching! Is this what game dev is like? Fallow has fixed the hard crashes and such, so it should be good on the public release, but we'll have to make a bugfix release later down the line with changes based on feedback and bug reports.

Anyway, let's get to your comments.

"john long" wrote:
"dang, Im tier 3 on patreon, you should just let us have it for the long long journey, another week is crazy XD"
I've always considered the Ellie Tier to be like a one time upgrade, you can go back down to your regular tier or cancel your sub after you've used it. But I see how it could be disappointing, I'm up for suggestions if anyone has any better ideas of how to handle this.
We should probably do this with the baby update though, seems fair enough.

"Cilly" wrote:
"Am i the only one who just want them to get started on the Ellie part instead of remaking Zara that is perfectly fine??"
With continued support, I'll be able to hire another boy to work on Ellie's part as I work on the Zara part. Currently, the same boy is actually working on a new version of RC.se; we all know it's sorely needed. It's pretty close to being able to release as a version 1 build soon, probably early 2024. Once that's done, he can also get working on animation as well. That's the plan at least.
We are also planning to have yet another boy start doing animations, unrelated to HHHW. More news on that later, we're still discussing how that's gonna go.

"Cer" wrote:
"For the love of everything i just can't get the achievements for the instant breaks. In neither of the games q.q
Does someone know how?
Currently, those achievements don't seem to trigger when they should, for some reason. The mechanics behind them still do, though.

"SMERF" wrote:
"Honestly, I'd prefer something completely new or at least giving Zara different poses or something in her remake. While these are pretty hot, you can only see the same poses for so long. We already know what Zara's and the other poses look like. Seeing them in much higher quality only makes it so hot."
It'll be the same pose, but I'm planning on having it be much more dynamic. This is the only viable pose that works with the mechanics we're planning to implement with her. A much more responsive and expressive Zara will probably make up for the pose fatigue! Different poses are much more work than you think!

"Could we get a cheat menu to unlock instant breaks, pleasure level or be able to choose buttplugs instead of RNG? "
The instant breaks are always available. Not sure why'd you need a cheat menu for that.
Butt plug and tapes are already in the dick skins menu. Just click the name of the one you want to bring forward.

"Raudo" wrote:
"I don't see as many skins as before, you have to unlock them?"
Yes. Both in Sofi's and Zu&Jo's part.

"And how do you activate the zo x jo sounds?"
I'm not sure what you mean by this.

"Farmer Jon" wrote:
"Such a great update. I was originally drawn to Zu & Jo section since HHHW released, but now Sofi's took that spot. Much more varied. The backgrounds mesh well for both scenes with the overall art style."
You think Sofi's part is more varied? I'm curious to know why!
I hired a friend to do the backgrounds, I'm glad you think they work well! I also think they do, I'm so shitty at doing backgrounds myself.

"just wondering if spanking sounds aren't included, as well as no moaning when Zu & Jo are gagged, as well as when applying vag tape & butt plug. It could be my laptop but sometimes the sound effects cut off randomly. The unlocks feel fair and do-able. I'll have to wait for a smarter person to figure out the instant break achievements, I'm stumped. I was even looking at the character info page trying to see if I could decipher something, but I ended up learning more about the girls."
Now that you mention it, there are no sounds for the spanking, is there? I remember having the SFX edited and ready, maybe we forgot to actually put them in...
And, well, a little bit of the character info will help figuring it out. At least for Zu&Jo, but there's at least some hints for Sofi's in there.

"The VA's did wonderful as always. Honestly if I didn't know any better, Jo sounds consistently the same, so kudos to the stand-in VA. Zu's new lines are incredible."
Johanna's new line is like 40% OG VA and 60% stand-in! Glad you like 'em!

"Great work overall, hope none of this is taken negatively or considered bitching, this update blew my expectations. Hope you treat yourself for the hardwork & consistency"
Nah, I welcome feedback, so this all good to hear.

"Retts" wrote:
"Does the tatoo "pleasure prevention" stop the girls from breaking or does it simply stop them from reaching orgasm? I noticed I can still break them even with the tatoo if I use the "quick break" method. Is it a bug or is it as intended?"
Currently just stops them from reaching orgasm. It really should stop them from being broken altogether though, so I've added this to the to-do list.

"Rabi Steaks" wrote:
"What's up with the cat eye jumpscare with Sofi? I know she's a catgirl but like... Holyshit seeing her eyes slit like that scared the hell out of me. It happens so rarely and it looks like it only happens when she is broken. But holy smokes you gave me a heckin' fright."
I asked for people to draw me expressions for Sofi's part, so that's why some look a bit out of place. That, in combination with how out of date Sofi's part is for the expression system in general, it's tough to give Sofi reactions that don't break the game or require lots of reprogramming... I sure wish it worked like it does on Zu&Jo though. I do plan on going back and changing up some of the expressions she already has though, I don't know if anyone noticed, but I added in new eye animations for her in mood a!

"prump" wrote:
"Do Raindeer dick option exclusively for Zu? lol"
Adding in new dick types isn't as easy to just draw a dick and let it do its thing, I gotta animate the entirety of the girl too, and at this point, it's way too late to add new huge additions to it.

"Gug" wrote:
"Thanks for all your hard work.

I have a question: in your mind what is the effect of the same egg getting fertilized multiple times?
This is something I thought a lot about, but couldn't really think a good reason for... But I think it'll somehow work just fine with how the baby stuff will work, once we get that running. Wait and see!

"Maan" wrote:
"What if you lifted or expanded the camera angle so we could see more of their legs and feet? That would be cool because their ankles are almost visible"
This isn't 3D, we can't just move the camera around in a 3D space. 2D is limited to what you see.

"Bregbruv" wrote:
"I can't seem to figure out what the game means by Re-rolling in reference to the penetrating with a clean dick achievement."
If you select different dick types, the RNG will scramble and you'll get a new skin.

"Also, penetrating Jo vaginally with a dog is a bit buggy. It ends up cleaning her, and if Lollo is the dog skin, her moans go crazy on the Hump setting. Knot seems to work as normal though."
Can you describe the "cleaning her" thing in more detail? That's not something I can reproduce.
Are you sure the moans you hear is not Lollo's moans? The Lollo skins have the female voice applied to them.

I expect more comments on bugs and feedback the public release, it's always exciting to see.

Edit: We'll probably push back the release until we've fixed some of the more severe bugs. The holidays have slowed us down some, but we'll get one out as soon as we can.
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I've noticed Sofie doesn't orgasm from anal anymore, any plans to change that back? I sort of miss it.
Subra wrote:
Bro, are You planing to make an Android version? Because me PC is a shit and i really want to play your game

From what I understood, doing mobile ports is impossible, because of various reasons. RAM issues, play stores not allowing porn and other things, I can't really recall what specifically.
Bro, are You planing to make an Android version? Because me PC is a shit and i really want to play your game

Thanks for the answer!
Paradox Edge wrote:
Still waiting for that "fuck your achievement nonsense" button.
Ever thought of just ignoring them?
Still waiting for that "fuck your achievement nonsense" button.
In relation to that "activating sounds" comment... I think I know what Raudo was talking about.

There's this weird thing I noticed in the currently available public build where if I have the game on my main drive (SSD), it plays like normal. However, if I throw it on my hideaway external drive (HDD), there are no longer voices. I'm wondering if Raudo was playing on a slower HDD instead of an SSD?
Satan wrote:
Rock Candy wrote:
Satan wrote:
Is the game out for the public now?
Not yet, we've got some bugs to iron out before we do that. There were way more than expected.
so when do you think itll be good enough? another week?
You can watch the progress yourself, when Fallow starts streaming later today.
Rock Candy wrote:
Satan wrote:
Is the game out for the public now?
Not yet, we've got some bugs to iron out before we do that. There were way more than expected.
so when do you think itll be good enough? another week?
Satan wrote:
Is the game out for the public now?
Not yet, we've got some bugs to iron out before we do that. There were way more than expected.
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