This week I got a lot of small things done, that had been piling up on the project... Next, I'll actually get to doing that lipsync.
It seems that Jo's VA will take a bit longer to deliver though, I saw commissions were closed recently. I was told she had troubles with her studio, so maybe it's related to that? Not that it matters a whole lot, since Zu's is gonna take me a while, and FallowWing is going to move because of a new job he's gotten, so he won't be able to do coding for some time... So I'll have time to sort things out by the time he's ready to get back to tying things together. And if I finish lipsync before that, I can always start working on Zara again.
Means the update might get delayed further though, which sucks. But know that progress is still being made! Don't really have anything to show off, since it's all so minor.

I do have this drawing though, that I had a lot of fun doing!
Staring Contest Calamity, Avv uses his hypnotism powers on Sofi.

I also got this art piece commissioned by Big Pain!
Butthole Values
Utterly delicious execution of my idea, I love it.

Before I go, I'll probably stream some lipsyncing progress next week, so check in on my channel if you wanna see how it's done.
My Picarto Page.
Streaming schedule will be extremely sporadic as per usual, so... Ya, be ready for it to start any time I suppose.

Until then, have a nice one!
Posted 12th of March 2023 - 18:58 by
An update is always better than no update, thanks
i look forward to it! hell, i'm still missing two achievements so there's still things i haven't seen as is.