A commission that I turned into an animation, because I needed a short break from HHHW.
It's a short animation that loops forever, so sit back and relax as Zu takes dick after dick up her juicy butt!

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credits: Rock Candy & FallowWing

Uploaded 10th of April 2022 - 03:27Download
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I just realise that this animation was released on my birthday so.... thank you? i guess
I let this sit while I watch break bad and it got to about 250, before just adding a small x5 x6 x7 etc., so there's no number reasonably where I think he'd leave the easter egg. Great flash
Wow I love this and all of your work really, can you make more BDSM themed games? W/anal ofc
V wrote:
Bro, the animation is amazing, but why is the sound is so crappy on Firefox?
the audio change only
Bro, the animation is amazing, but why is the sound is so crappy on Firefox?
i leave this to see is there any easter egg after some time. Well, after 350 rounds, nothing happens (after 250 "+ and number" show ups)
How can I see this in my ipad?
great animation. Is there any way you can add an option to choose penis color instead of random?
Damn, I would kill to see what this looks like from the other end with the buttless Zu. And 12 months? Is Zu gonna be able to use the bathroom at all during testing? So many interesting questions with this concept...
its great, we need some fart sound effects when she pushes out the cum
Love the voicelines during the slapping (lmao that sound effect), but during the cumming, she sounds more like a kid who's just found out her dinner is going to include broccoli and other greens. Anyway, cool animation, though just a butt put there like that isn't really my thing.
Finally an animation that I can run without system compatibility issues
the slapping sound effect kills me bro lmao
Ooh, good stuff as always dude!
So... what are the secrets here? I dont buy the "just an animation" thing. There's always a secret hidden with this guy
Catus Maximus wrote:
No easter egg or secret option ?
Don't know, but in the assests there is an animation of a ovum beening breeded
No easter egg or secret option ?
Fuck man, Amazing work as always.