•Full Name:
Matilda Edholm


~1.77 meters. (5’10”)

~74 kg (163lbs)

•Eye color:
Light blue

•Hair color:

Works in a mansion at the outskirts of Granköping. She has her own room there, but also has an apartment in Granköping.

Head maid.

Matilda is the current housekeeper of Gustav’s mansion. She is in charge of most of the staff working there, including the maids, butlers, chefs, groundskeepers and the animal caretakers. Other duties of hers involve ordering materials, keeping records of inventory, taking and making various phone calls and keeping an eye on the staff. She’s concise and to the point, short in tone towards her less diligent colleagues, but shows much respect to Gustav and his family.

She is quite stern and has high expectations and standards, many think she’s difficult to please or even be around. A lot of this stems from her perfectionism, OCD tendencies and a hint of control freak behaviour. Cleanliness and order are very important elements in her life, and she will spend a lot of time cleaning the same areas over and over again until she’s satisfied. This obsessive behaviour often troubles the maids on cleaning duty, forcing them to clean a room several times if she happens to notice something that they might have missed. Any mistakes made will result in harsh scoldings which many of the staff fear. But her orderly fashion made her a perfect fit for the job.

Matilda has a lot of trouble with the recently hired catgirl maid, whom she feels is a completely superfluous addition to staff. She knows about her mental condition, but the girl is near useless at even the most basic tasks. She can barely read, write or follow orders. A lot of the time she finds her doing who knows what in a totally different place from where she was originally supposed to be performing her tasks. The only positive aspect about her, is that she doesn't seem to mind doing repetitive small tasks and running minor errands. But she was hired by the boss, Gustav himself, so she has to put up with her. Sometimes, she even feels a sort of sadistic pleasure in scolding the girl for her failures.

Her personal life is next to nonexistent. She spends most of her time working or cleaning, even going as far as working far beyond her shifts most days, leaving very little time over for socializing. Even in her free time, she is busy keeping her apartment spot free, often only falling asleep due to pure exhaustion. When there’s nothing to do, she gets very restless.
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