•Full Name:
Malin Tubén


~1.75 meters. [5’9”]

~65 kg [143 lbs]

•Eye color:

•Hair color:

Lives in an apartment in Granköping.


Malin has always been a peculiar girl with odd, edgy interests, and little interest in other people. Life in the countryside was never for her, and her music and fashion sense began to lean towards the dark and edgy side from a young age. Together with a couple of depraved classmates, she dreamed of moving into the big city, to get away from their small and boring hometown.

Her relationship with her family has always been strained, both with her parents and her two younger siblings. Many arguments over the tiniest things with her parents occurred throughout her upbringing, so she spent most of her time holed up in her room or roaming around outdoors, hoping for something interesting to happen. If she happened to be bored enough she would often try to create interesting situations on her own.

Once old enough to move out, she made her way to Granköping, winding up in a student apartment. Her program of choice was the craftsmanship program, aiming to become a hairdresser and stylist. In her free time, she became part of a larger group who also had a disdain for the world at large, and thus turned even more reclusive and resentful than before. It was in this company she found out she’s gay. Her demeanor towards people who don't share her world view and people in general is rude and snarky, not giving anyone the time of her day.

Currently, she lives in an apartment in the suburbs of Granköping, close to the hair salon she currently works at. While she’s often in a relationship, it seems that most of them are short lived. Even though she doesn’t care much for her family, she still attends family gatherings, mostly to keep herself up to date on what various family members are doing so she can gossip about it later on. Her family doesn’t know much about her, and she wants to keep it that way.
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