•Full Name:
Johanna Nilsson


~1.58 meters. [5’2”]

~50 kg [110lbs]

Sunday, 15th November 1992

•Eye color:

•Hair color:
Light Brown

•Favorite set of clothes:
Johanna likes to dress up in colorful and fun clothes, but she prefers pants over skirts.

What she most commonly wears is this:

A white crop top.
Has frills at the bottom. She doesn’t wear anything under it.

Colorful arm accessories.
A pair of two bracelets, orange and light blue, on her right arm, and a colorful pearl armband on her left.

Booty denim shorts.
They have poofy trouser ends, you’re not able to unfold them.

Blue & white panties with blue dots.
She likes to wear cute underwear.

Bandaid on her knees.
Somehow, she keeps ending up with scrapes on her knees.

White low cut socks.
It’s her preferred socks with the type of shoes she wears.

Black ballerina flats.
They come with an ankle strap as well.

Lives with a foster family in a small villa in the region of Västra Götaland in Sweden.

Student, but sometimes does small odd jobs on the side.

Johanna is an energetic, creative and clever person. She is often the one who comes up with bright ideas and activities amongst friends. Her ideas are sometimes a little too ambitious and might never be fully realized; she can forget about the middle steps or get small details completely wrong. But Johanna is a girl who will still work towards a goal she has set her mind to, even if it might appear to be an impossible task. In those cases, she often needs someone to bring her back down to earth. In short, an airhead.

Johanna has a cheerful and positive attitude towards life, can sometimes be very playful but hard to take seriously. But she can sometimes have difficulties taking situations seriously. This is usually due to her lack of social awareness and difficulty to judge moods and situations. She often overlooks negative aspects of serious situations or people, which sometimes leads to awkward moments which she doesn’t fully understand until later when she realizes or has explained to her what she said or did might have been inappropriate. Worse yet, she might completely misunderstand a dangerous situation and won't feel threatened until the very last moment, where her extreme fight-or-flight response will kick in.

Because of her positive outlook and interesting ideas she's always been very popular in school and group activities. However, she can have difficulties making connections on a more personal level, so she only has a select few close friends. When she is at home, she spends most of her time studying or enjoying her interests and hobbies.

When nervous or in deep thought, she has a bad habit of fiddling with or sucking on her hair braids.

Johanna likes handiwork and to create interesting themes and designs. This can range from paper-craft and sculpting to interior designs. She is also a huge fan of cosplay and wants to make clothes. She’d love to see her outfits on a catwalk in the future, perhaps even being up there herself.
Beyond dressing up, she is also interested in make-up and face painting, so she’s got a lot of that stuff laying around. Since she doesn’t have a lot of friends to practice on, she’s got a few mannequin heads that she uses to express her creativity on.
Due to her often changing mind and pursuit of greater ideas, she's got a lot of abandoned and scrapped projects.

Colorful things.
Meaty food.

Being lied to.
Vegan food.

•Favorite Food:

•Favorite Animal:

•Music Tastes:

•Top Kinks:
Cosplay and roleplay
Oral and glory holes.

Outside of her foster family and select friends, most of whom are female, Johanna doesn't really know many people she can trust, even if has an easy time connecting with strangers. Due to her scrawny appearance, she is not often sought after by boys, and those who have tried eventually give up when they realize she doesn’t really take relationships seriously. So, sometimes she can feel a bit lonely.

Biological parents:
Johanna had a very good relationship with her parents, so when she was suddenly taken out of their care without being told why, she was very upset and confused. It was only until much later she connected the dots and realized it probably had something to do with her secret sister. She’s pretty torn on what to think of them now. Currently, she has no contact with her parents at all.

Foster parents:
Johanna and her foster parents get along pretty well, she likes them and accepts them as her parents. She has no problem coming to them with problems or questions if she has any and she is happy to take part in family activities.
There is only one thing that they quarrel about from time to time; food. Johanna's foster parents are vegans, a lifestyle Johanna does not agree with. She doesn't mind eating most of the food that is served to her, but it is not anything she particularly enjoys either, so she can be pretty picky or eats very little, which upsets her foster parents from time to time.

Mysterious sister:
A strong memory of a thin girl in rags in her parents’ old basement. She had given Johanna a real fright when she started talking. Due to how slurred and stuttered her speech was, it wasn’t until later that Johanna put together what she had said; “Hi, I’m Therese.” The nightmares caused by this event haunts her to this day.
She cannot help but think back at this moment from Therese’s point of view, that she had bolted out of there, screaming, when Therese had only greeted her. It fills Johanna with a terrible feeling of guilt and shame. Lately, she’s been trying to find out whatever happened to Therese, because she must have been real. So far, she’s not had much luck. Her foster parents refuse to reveal anything to her about her previous parents and searching online has led to nothing. All she’s got to go on is that the girl was a catperson, she is quite firm in that belief.
I just played one game with her and she is already my favorite. Would love more content with her ;)
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How does she look naked?
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