Psycho Girl
The mute serial killer.

•Full Name:
Mikaela Blomquist


~1.75 meters. [5’9”]

~75 kg [165lbs]

Sunday, November 23rd, 1986

•Eye Color:

•Hair Color:

•Favorite set of clothes:
Mikaela is often seen wearing inconspicuous clothing to help avoid unwanted attention. Whatever she might be wearing, it’s most likely been acquired through the exploitation of others. Clothes stained in blood or other evidence she burns, so you’re unlikely to see her wear the same outfit more than once.

•Breast size:
Her chest is surprisingly big, she’s very top heavy.

Sweden, Granköping. She's taken over an old cabin deep in the woods, where she lives on her own. No one ever has any business out there, so it's a perfect hideout for her.


In public, Mikaela is polite and prosaic. She does her best to avoid drawing attention to herself, mastering the art of staying in the background. Being mute certainly helps, since she communicates through sign language and cannot make noise with her voice. Sometimes she pretends to be deaf too, if it would benefit her in some way. Most people assume she is, anyhow.

But behind her everyday appearance, she’s calculating and cold. She holds no empathy or feelings for other people in her surroundings. People are to be exploited and abused if there’s even a slight chance of personal benefit. An expert manipulator, her machinations will often go by totally unnoticed until it’s already too late. There’s always a reason behind her actions and she never does anything out of goodwill.

Mikaela likes hunting. Small animals for food and survival, and humans mostly for satisfaction and the power trip. She was a Girl Scout as a child, so she knows how to put up traps and how to track and catch animals without a firearm. With humans, it gets a bit more complex, but that’s part of the fun.

Solitude. She really doesn’t appreciate her private space being invaded, anyone who might do so, either intentionally or unintentionally, will have an unpleasant time.

Ridding the world of people she deems undesirable. A successful kill improves her mood significantly for quite some time.

Mikaela really hates a few certain qualities within people; the manipulative, the easily manipulated and those who take advantage of both. Especially when it’s for sexual gain. These sorts of people come in many types and notoriety, so there’s never a shortage of targets for her.

After spending the majority of her childhood in a psych ward, she’s grown to loathe all sorts of medical facilities along with psychiatrists, doctors and curators. She stays far away from places like those. Even the sight of an ambulance will cause her to retreat from an area.

If a target of hers manages to escape her, unwittingly or not, it’s something that’ll bother her to no end. Just because you’ve escaped once doesn’t mean she’ll give up so easily. She might return in the future and make another attempt.

•Favorite Food:

•Favorite Animal:

•Important/Dear items:
Her kitchen knife.
Thick, sharp and durable. She loves handling and playing with it.

An axe.
Used for chopping up wood, and her victims.
Primarily she uses it to collect firewood in the winter.

Where she cooks and it keeps her cabin warm in the winter.

Along with the axe, she found a toolbox filled with various tools. Even though they're not in top condition, they come in handy.

•Goal in life:
To rid the world of undesirables.

•Greatest fears:
To be locked away in a psychiatric ward again and getting drugged out of her mind.

None, and she doesn’t plan on making any either.

Karl and Maja Blomquist. Both Swedish, and both dead.
Maja died from a heart attack when Mikaela was very young.
Karl was murdered by Mikaela.

•Skills/Special Abilities:
She's very good at sneaking around and tracking, without leaving too many tracks herself.
She's also very good at stalking, luring and killing people discreetly.
She’s surprisingly strong and quick on her feet.

•If You Could Have Three Wishes?:
Wish 1: "..."
Wish 2: "..."
Wish 3: "..."

•Random & Miscellaneous Facts:
1. Psycho Girl was originally created as a parody on terrible anime tropes.
2. I sketched up Psycho Girl long before the catgirls were created.

Mikaela was born and raised in the suburbs of a small city in Sweden with her two parents, Karl and Maja Blomquist. However, Maja suddenly passed away from a heart attack when Mikaela was only two years old. This tragedy led to Karl falling into depression and he lost contact with a lot of his friends, leaving him to raise Mikaela on his own.

Realizing he couldn’t go on like this forever, he made an attempt to start dating again. Finding a woman as a single father was a challenge, but he eventually made contact with a woman whose name was Martina, who quickly became intimate with Karl. Soon she moved into Karl’s house.

Things started to look better for Karl, however they wouldn’t last for long. Martina became very manipulative and abusive towards both Karl and especially the mute Mikaela. Karl was too weakened mentally to either notice or resist Martina’s abuse, he relied too much on her, allowing her to escalate things further and further beyond what the single father could imagine.

As Mikaela grew older, Martina started showing interest in sexually abusing the girl. When Karl found out about it, he was instantly angered and he and Martina had a huge fight. However, Martina managed to break down Karl so far that she eventually made him take part in the abuse as well. Once that door was opened, there was little holding Martina back, and unspeakable acts became a common occurrence in the Blomquist family home.

Mikaela, who had no real friends or any other adult to speak to, had nobody to ask for help, and she became a very introverted girl. When she began going to school, most people assumed that her shy nature was because of her being a mute, nobody suspected what her home life was like. She only replied to direct questions, never really reaching out to anybody by herself, she felt filthy and out of place around the other children. Speaking out to them would be like spreading her filth onto them. Mikaela turned into that person that nobody really noticed or paid much attention to.

When Mikaela was old enough, she opted to join the girl scouts, just to have a reason to get away from home. Recently, Martina had started to bring home strangers to abuse her and her father was doing nothing to stop them. Getting to explore the great outdoors without anyone breathing down her neck gave her an extreme feeling of freedom.

While learning tricks and tips on how to survive out in the wild, she picked up an interest on her own; abusing and torturing small animals. Their suffering at first became an outlet for all of Mikaela’s own emotions, but it didn’t take long before it turned into an obsession. She wanted to see how she could prolong her victim’s suffering and find out how they looked on the inside.

As Mikaela grew into her teens, the clientele that Martina brought changed. The abuse became much more violent and Mikaela had to start wearing long sleeved clothing to hide bruises and blemishes inflicted on her frail body. This heavy abuse started to make something grow within Mikaela, something that started to take over more and more. Something violent yet cunning that wouldn’t be satisfied by torturing and killing small animals.

After one particularly brutal night, Mikaela snapped. Whatever had been growing inside her took over, she sneaked out of her room into the kitchen and cut the cords to the house’s one and only phone. She grabbed the largest knife from the knife rack and then slid quietly into the garage to pocket some tools from her father’s tool box.

Martina wasn’t ready when Mikaela stormed into her bedroom with the knife in full swing. The older woman had no chance against the aggressive stabbing Mikaela subjected her to. Once Martina was in too much pain to move, Mikaela grabbed some of the tools she brought to further torture the woman who had caused her so much pain and suffering. Hearing Martina’s gurgled howls of pain as she came in and out of consciousness was so utterly satisfying to Mikaela it filled her with strength and motivation to continue the torture.

Soon, it was eerily quiet in the house. Mikaela was unsure if the neighbors had heard anything and reacted to the screams, but so far nothing pointed towards that. After what felt like an eternity, she heard the rattlings of keys just outside the main door. Her father was coming home. Her weak, pathetic father who had let this monster continue to abuse her.

Karl barely had a chance to react to the bloodbath that was his bedroom before Mikaela leapt out from her hiding spot to plunge the knife into his back again and again. He was stronger than Martina, because he managed to somehow throw Mikaela off of him and run outside screaming for help. His adrenaline only carried him so far though, and Mikaela had soon caught up to him.

When neighbors found his remains the next morning, he was barely recognizable. The police were called and as they searched the house, they found Mikaela fast asleep in her bed, bloody and surrounded by the various tools she had used the night before. They arrested her on the spot.

Mikaela was totally apathetic toward the police and social services who tried to question her and get answers out of her. The only time she showed some signs of emotion was when they mentioned any gory details; she’d give them an eerie smile. She was finally diagnosed as clinically insane and sent to a psych ward, where she stabbed the doctor that was assessing her with a pencil.

She was often kept drugged out and in solitary confinement due to her violent outbursts towards staff and other patients during her first time at the ward. Mikaela soon realized, even through the heavy medication they were applying to her, that if she ever wanted to get out of solitary, she’d have to start behaving how the doctors wanted her to.

For years, she began to act more and more like a normal person. She’d stay calm, eat and drink normally, never attacked a doctor or nurse. As difficult as it was at times, it eventually paid off. The doctors started to see her as less of a threat to other patients and health workers. After a few years she was moved from her solitary cell to another ward where the less dangerous patients were kept. Soon enough, she was reading books, watching TV and mingling with other patients as she desired. Her medication was reduced and she started to think more clearly again.

After 10 years in the psych ward, Mikaela was finally up for release. Her patience had convinced the doctors and psychologists that she had recovered from her trauma and that she was now ready to become part of society again. While there was housing prepared for her at an apartment complex, Mikaela was already planning on traveling far away from the city that had held her captive for so long. The thought of just laying her eyes on that place again made her sick to her stomach.

After some preparations, she hopped on the first and best bus she could find and rode all the way to the end destination, wherever that might be. For the foreseeable future she’d be living as a sort of vagabond, living off of pick pocketing, shoplifting, breaking and entering and perhaps the odd job if she could find any. Living off of foraging did not strike her as feasible due to the long winter periods. Sleeping at various hostels became her only viable option.

But it did not take long for her contempt towards people to well up again. Seeing weak men and manipulating women all around her reminded her of her childhood traumas. Different ideas and plans started to form in her mind. Before she traveled from one city to the next, she’d eliminate one of those people that so reminded her of people in her past. Whether they be a weakling that allows abuse to continue when they’ve got the means to put a stop to it, a manipulating abuser, a predator or simply someone that stood in her way, she’d get rid of them. She’d just have to be careful to not leave any traces behind.

For a time, she succeeded. People went missing and by the time they were found, Mikaela was long gone. Authorities were left with little, if not nothing, to go on, leaving most of the cases cold, others were just deemed accidental. However, the constant traveling was starting to wear on her and she felt like it was time to find a place to settle down at, to use as a base of sorts.

And what better place to find one than in the area she had recently wound up in, the unremarkable and insipid city of Granköping. The thick forests around the city outskirts were a perfect place to hide in. She’d just need to find an accommodation fit for her purposes. So on a stolen bike, she went exploring the old forest roads and dirt paths leading through the thick brush.

Spotting smoke rising from a small clearing in the depths of the forest, she thought she might’ve found a good candidate for a hideout. No roads lead up to the little cabin, only a thin dirt path, neither did it seem to be electrically connected either. After staking the place out for a while, she noticed an old man carrying firewood into a shed. She’d just have to get rid of the man and she’d have this place all to herself, presumably.

Taking her chance, she quietly snuck up to the axe that had been used to chop the firewood and gripped it firmly. Heavy and sturdy. The man barely had any time to register her presence as she swung it into his head when he emerged from the shed. The kill was as satisfying as ever.

With what little the man had in his cabin that could be used to find out his identity, Mikaela could deduce that the man wouldn’t have any relatives or close friends that would come looking for him. After settling down into the cabin, she felt at peace. The nearby city of Granköping would keep her stocked on supplies and she could travel to anywhere in the country to stake out a victim knowing the cabin was waiting for her when she was done.

She’d just need to set up some traps and alarms in case some nosy people decide to show up…

•Current Life:
Living a life in solitude for the most part. Whatever she’s up to only benefits herself, probably at the expense of others' well being.

This revamp of Psycho Girl was really needed. She’s less of a creepy pasta now and more of an actual psychopath. I think that’s a good direction.
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You dont want to try human flesh its so disgusting even when your starving.
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Your sick!
pinch of garlic its fine...
If you were on an island with one other person, you ran out of food, and no fish are swimming near the island. Wouldn't you eat the other human? Studies show that cannibalism doesn't actually cause deformities. At most it only causes a bit of indigestion.
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Kinda depends on whether the person is from the 1st or the 3rd world, no? Pretty sure a 21st century human wound taste really terribly compared to a 11th century one.
I was watching on youtube. she was ther'ye on forest at today not in night i think... the 2 men found a girl in forest kinda almost. He was recordin on top looking for animal or something.the guy was divrie on car.

YouTube on Channel : top 15 ( the video was posted year ago in 2017 )

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Is her name a reference to "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"?
I wanna kill with her
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