Louise Johansson
The corrupted ghost of a mountain hiking woman.

•Full Name:
Louise "Lollo" Johansson

•Theme Song:
Red Skies of Thunder

•Age before death:
35 (Unknown date, 1921)

~1.75 meters [5’9”]

•Weight before death:
65 kg [167.5 lbs]

Wednesday, 13th October, 1886

•Eye Color:

•Hair Color:

•Favorite set of clothes:
As she is a ghost, Louise has no need for clothes. What you see her wearing is only a projection of the clothing she used to wear when she was still alive. Since what she last remembered wearing was only her underwear, that’s what she projects. Since becoming more adept at using the wand’s magic, she has gained more control over this projection.
She doesn't feel the effects of heat or cold, so her appearance does not change with the weather.

Below is the image she most commonly projects:

A yellow woolen hat.
While it can be stretched down over her head, Louise doesn't like when it covers her ears, as a result she rolls it up and keeps it on the top of her head. It might look a bit silly, but she prefers to hear what other people are saying.

A yellow bra.
Since having a flatter form was popular during the late 1800s she took to wearing a tight fitting and concealing brassier to reduce her ample bust.

Yellow panties.
Ordinary panties that match her bra color.

•Breast size:
75E (Might increase this size too?)
Shapely and tender.

Louise resides in an old run down manor house on the outskirts of Granköping. It is the last remains of her shattered past. The only thing holding it up seems to be her sheer force of will.
Residents of Granköping tell stories of strange goings on and disappearances in and around the area the house stands in. Locals always warn newcomers and tourists to stay away from the manor. This doesn’t stop foolhardy thrill seekers and “ghost hunters” from breaking in though.


•Personality (Pre Death):
Before she died, Louise was a pretty, cheerful and friendly woman, for the most part. She could be a tad eccentric about her interests and would often get laughed at for showing off. But as long as she was enjoying herself, she didn't care what other people thought. Louise strived to get better at things and often wanted to push her limits. She had a very playful personality and was incredibly forward thinking for her time.

She also came across, sometimes, as rather cocky and had a tendency to boast about herself around her female acquaintances. Not having grown up in the city she almost felt that she had something to prove to those that had. She often felt like an outsider and a bit isolated from the social life of Granköping, but she always stood up for herself in ways her friends either couldn’t or didn’t want to. She gained a reputation for being a headstrong, forward thinking but sometimes bossy individual, which was not always appreciated. She may have been of the higher social order, but she was still just a woman.

She cared deeply about her friends and family, always trying to provide support for their decisions and activities. Sadly she often felt that she did not receive the same support, particularly from her family. She hoped one day that they would support her as much as she supported them.

•Personality (Post Death):
After she died and was condemned to living in the spirit world, her personality changed dramatically. Her feelings of love and care for her family and friends were rapidly replaced by hatred and a desire for vengeance.

Whilst she retained her somewhat playful and cocky attitude, her compassion and cheer simply faded leaving behind a warped husk of what once was. Once honest and caring she is now dishonest, sneaky and perverse. She enjoys playing mind-games with her victims, and you can never be sure when she is actually being genuine, if she ever is anymore. Reading her is particularly hard as she has retained her sense of humor and uses it a lot, however twisted it has become.

She is very wicked, and seldom plays fair. Playing mind games with people is like second nature to her. She feels no remorse for killing people, instead she laughs and enjoys watching her victims attempt to stay alive as long as they can. Although her bloodlust is not that strong, she still deeply enjoys scaring people or causing them to feel awkward or scared.

Surprisingly, she has kept herself up to date with society and technology over the past 100 years. She has read newspapers, listened to the radio, watched TV and has dabbled with computers and the internet. She has also updated her clothing slightly over the years making it appear a little more modern.

Louise is a troublemaker, and she loves to test and torment people, both mentally and physically. She loved to test her own limits whilst she was alive, and now she takes great pleasure in tormenting others and watching them test their limits. Usually she does this by possessing people and getting them into trouble, but she has developed another more sinister way of toying with the living.

She'll sometimes find a remote area and modify it into a maze like structure with the magic in her wand. Then she fills the maze with various traps, tricks and monsters. Selecting a random target, usually people she feels that “deserve” it, she transports them to the maze and watches them attempting to “solve” it. There's only one exit, but several routes might lead to it. To add some extra motivation, she sometimes places a prize of some sort at the end of it. Whether this is another person or something valuable or just a fake object might vary.

Louise doesn't care whether or not the participants survive the maze, she just enjoys watching them suffer through it. If they manage to get out, she'll let them go. One of the few things you can be guaranteed of. That isn’t to say you might not get “selected” again for round two.

When building a maze, Lollo will often run them herself, playing the role of “victim”. However, being a ghost she does not need to worry about getting seriously injured. As it takes a lot of magic to build a maze, she must make sure it is a true challenge.

•Likes (Pre Death):
Before Louise passed away, she enjoyed cooking, dancing and hiking. Cooking, because she became a bit of a gourmet after marrying Hjalmar. She had always enjoyed cooking simple meals for herself, but now she could afford to buy more and expensive ingredients she had a lot more to work with. Louise liked to experiment in the kitchen, and often made their house-maid join her. While she did never have time to hone her skills, many of her dishes were still delicious and enjoyed by everyone in the household.

Louise quite enjoyed dancing and music as well, and would often go out dancing if there were events in the town. In the last years of her life, Hjalmar gifted her a gramophone and a selection of records, this excited her greatly as she could now enjoy music in her very own home whenever she wanted, which she thought was amazing.
Nowadays, she sometimes enjoys dancing to music on a small radio she acquired, a marvellous invention in her opinion. But she does not enjoy most 21st century music and tends to stick to classical stations.

Louise was quite a nature lover, and loved to explore areas around her yet to be touched by society. Many thought it was unfit for her, but she was not the woman who could be held back by words alone. She gained a great deal of knowledge about nature and biology, most learnt from nature itself and experience rather than from books. She still retains a great deal of her knowledge, and often uses it to her advantage when building traps or torturing her victims.

•Likes (Post Death):
All of that came to an end with her untimely death, and most of her past interests now lie forgotten. She's been watching the world around her evolve, and she has been adapting with the time as well.

Her great desire in life now is to make people as miserable as she can, and to revel in that misery. The more negative a situation turns out, the more she will enjoy it.

She is quite perverse as well. She's been known to molest, seduce and even rape other people, in various ways. Her favorite kink is spanking, both giving and receiving, due to her childhood where she was often spanked as punishment for being disobedient. As she reached adulthood, it turned into a sexual play of dominance and submission.

Louise can extract energy from electric sources like batteries and other high voltage equipment. She feels extra active during thunderstorms, since she constantly gains energy from the tension in the air. Unfortunately, the extra energy does nothing to help magic power from her wand. It simply affects her own energy.

Louise was not a girl who enjoyed taking orders. Thus she was often seen getting scolded and beaten when younger. It continued to upset her throughout her adulthood.

After she passed away and got a hold of the wand, her dislikes and negative personality traits were brought forward and were strengthened. This turned her into a whole different person.

Louise does not like it when people intrude into her home. Therefore, she makes sure to give anybody who enters her home a good scare.

She doesn't like when people are having a good time together. If she happens to stumble across such a scenario, she just might do something to ruin the mood.

•Favorite Food:
Louise has no need to eat, but thanks to the wand, she can either create a temporary shell to control or possess some hapless victim so she can taste things again when the mood takes her.

However, she is especially fond of spicy dishes.

She has been known in the past to possess individuals that she knows either do not like or have low tolerance for spicy food. Often she’ll then take them to a curry house in the city and eat the hottest dishes she can order. Later she will watch her victim from afar as they suffer the aftereffects of her gluttony.

•Favorite Animal:
Bunny. She likes them because they're small and cute and fluffy.

•Important/Dear items:
The magic wand.
The whole reason why Louise became like she is. If left too long without it, she’d eventually return to a more passive spirit, then pass on to the afterlife. But as long as she has it, the wand will keep her corrupted and powerful.

•Goal in afterlife:
While not really alive, she spends her time nowadays doing mean-spirited things towards other people. She does not have a specific goal in mind, but the more misery she creates, the better!

•Greatest fears:
Without a doubt, to lose her powers and consciousness.

Louise does not have relationships with anyone, as she's a mean-spirited ghost. This makes her feel a tad lonely sometimes, so she makes up for it by kidnapping people from time to time.

However, she did have family and close friends before she died.

Her full name was Britta Ringström, and she was Louise's closest friend. They knew each other from childhood, and Louise's interest in mountain hiking rubbed off on her. Britta began to join Louise on easier hikes and eventually she became experienced enough to follow along on more extreme outings. She was a bit weaker than Louise, but made up for it by being very orderly. She always double checked their equipment and resources, which saved them from trouble many times during their adventures. They were very open with each other, and would often talk about dreams, future plans and personal troubles. Britta had a lot of personal insecurities due to some nasty scars on her face and chest from an incident in her early childhood, which tended to put off people she met, which made it harder for her to befriend other people and make good impressions. Therefore, she was very happy to have Louise as her friend, as Louise was not put off by her looks.

Her husband Hjalmar:
Hjalmar Johansson was the man Louise was married to for around 9 years before the accident. He was 6 years older than Louise. Hjalmar had dirt blond hair, blue eyes and was often seen clad in blue. He was a wealthy man, who became attracted to Louise because of her beauty and cheerful personality. Hjalmar was successful in winning her heart, and they married soon after. They quickly became with child, and so a year later their baby was born. Hjalmar and Louise loved and stood up for each other to the end, even though they differed in many opinions and subjects. Hjalmar was heartbroken when Louise was reported missing. He never found out what happened to her.

Her daughter Dagny:
Dagny grew up with a rather tough attitude, probably because of Louise's determined personality. Even though she was only eight years old when her mother disappeared, she still showed many signs of Louise's influence. The house-maid was in charge of taking care of her for most of her upbringing, until her father remarried years later. Not much is known about where she went after moving away from home.

The Johansson's house-maid. She was hired to do the chores that Louise could or would not keep up with. Only a few years younger than Louise, they became good companions. Doris took over the caring for Dagny when Louise disappeared.

•Skills/Special Abilities:
Louise’s source of power and magic is the wand she’s always carrying with her. The magic in the wand only reacts to catpeople and can not be used by anybody who isn’t. Due to an incident in the far flung past, the wand is cursed with a hatred against non-catpeople. Any catperson who wields the wand would be influenced by its hatred and anger and become hateful themselves. Louise, being a spirit, is much more vulnerable to this influence and has become corrupted from the prolonged contact she’s had with the wand.

The magic in the wand is not infinite. Instead, the magic used works on a timer. When the timer runs out, magic will return to the wand, and the creations of the magic will disappear. The more magic put into a creation, the longer the time before the creation disappears. Depending on how complicated and large the creation is, the magic needed is increased. Setting an “AI” for the creation needs further magic sources, also depending on how elaborate it is. There is no way to return magic to the wand other than to wait for the timer runs out, so careful planning is required if a lot of magic is going to be used. Any creation made by the wand might have an odd tint of red in any pink colored areas, similar to how Lollo’s ghostly body has turned reddish pink.

Louise’s own abilities consist of various typical ghostly characteristics. Staying in a spectrum which the human eye can’t see and passing through solid objects are her passive abilities. With an additional energy push she can move objects around, turn visible and make her voice heard. Her most dangerous ability is possession, in which she can take over a person’s mind and body to control them and find information in their memories. She is also able to communicate with other spirits if she comes across them. More often than not, their limited understanding of their surroundings and state makes them pretty uninteresting.

Combining the wand’s magic with her own abilities makes for an intimidating foe. Since she’s a spiritual being, she can extract and keep a small amount of magic inside of her own energy. She cannot do a lot with the stored up magic, it is good for backup in case she finds herself without the wand for whatever reason. Because, unlike herself, the wand is a solid object and cannot pass through walls, which she can sometimes forget. Losing the wand means losing her strength and mental buff that the wand provides her with, so it is very important that she does not lose it. Although she can still feel an attraction towards the wand, she cannot accurately pinpoint its location.

By creating a body with magic, she can use her own possession ability to take control of the body. This saves her a lot of energy in case she wants to interact with the living and the solid world around her. The body she creates is only limited to her imagination, so it can have any look and function she wishes. She mostly creates human bodies to blend in, but she can disguise as animals or fantasy monsters too. Moving around in animal body can be difficult to pull off since they move so differently, and Louise is used to a human body resulting in unnatural movement. Disguising as an animal is not an optimal option because of that. People would quickly notice if an animal acts strangely. But even in a human body, Louise can sometimes walk straight into walls due to being used to her ghost form. Since her human perception often defaults to wanting to enter and exit areas through doors and windows, this only happens in situations where she feels stressed.

Creating an imaginative monster to control is much easier, since she wouldn’t need to take animalistic movements into consideration and she can make up their movements herself. However, they obviously don’t work as a disguise. They are more for scaring people. Her mazes are an extension of this concept, where she takes a remote location and rearranges it with magic to create a confusing maze to put her monsters in. By then luring innocent people into the area, she acts as an audience as the confused and scared victims try to find their way out of the maze without perishing. It’s a very magic consuming project, and she might be left with little to no magic to use after making one. But it’s worth it to her though.

•If You Could Have Three Wishes?:
Wish 1: "I wish I had technology and equipment like these when I was alive!"
Wish 2: "I wish to see you try to escape my maze!"
Wish 3: "I wish you could see your own face after I'm done with you! Oh wait! YOU CAN!"

•Random & Miscellaneous Facts:
1. Originally, Louise was simply an evil magician. I found the concept boring and misfit, so I discarded her pretty quickly. She was later rediscovered and remade into a ghost for reasons I can not remember.
2. Louise was also supposed to be a direct antagonist for the four main catgirls. Seeing as all of them are normal people rather than heroes, Louise was reworked into the indirect villain we have today.
3. Louise originally also had a little cathead symbol attached to her tail.
4. Louise's underwear were originally just a bunch of scarf-like clothes tied around her body. She also had goofy loafer shoes.
5. Louise's biggest turn on is spanking. Can't be easy to be the receiver considering the circumstances. A spank can turn her from bloodthirsty to lust filled.
6. Louise's remains have yet to be found.

Louise was born and raised on a farm near a small town in northern Sweden. She was the only child in her working-class family and lived near a forest where she would often play, either alone, with the animals on the farm or with other kids. Louise was much more interested in exploring than the other kids, so she would often talk them into going deeper into the woods. Sometimes accidents would happen, and she would get scolded and beaten if she got home late, but it never discouraged her from continuing to explore the world around her.

Her best explorer friend turned out to be a girl named Britta, who's face and chest had been scarred from an accident where she wound up under a horse's hoof. Louise pitied her as she saw her being left out and sometimes bullied, and decided to befriend her. Britta was very timid, and would follow most of Louise's orders and actions.

She went to school like everyone else. While her grades were nothing to brag about, she was by no means stupid. Her mind was just elsewhere most of the time. Louise mostly accompanied the local boys' gang, as she thought the girls were too boring. While at first she had a hard time being accepted by them, receiving many harsh words and often being used as a scapegoat, she managed to get a place in their group after being deemed worthy.

When she was old enough, Louise found a job as a cashier at a local tobacconists. While she didn't smoke herself, it was a decent job with decent pay. This also turned out to be where she first met Hjalmar a few years later, who was visiting Louise's hometown on a business trip.

Louise was in her early twenties when Hjalmar walked into the store. He thought Louise was very beautiful, so he attempted to charm her into going on a date with him. Normally, Louise would decline, but there was something about this man that made her think twice. So when Louise got off work, they went to a restaurant. They got along very well, and continued to see each other during his stay. The day before he had to leave, he pleaded for Louise to move with him to his hometown of Granköping. Seeing this as her chance to see the world and hook up with a nice looking man, she accepted his offer.

She said goodbye to her parents and friends, and left the next day. At first, Louise didn't feel comfortable with the lifestyle and rules that came with the upper class that Hjalmar was belonged to, but it slowly grew on her. She kept in contact with her friends and family through letters and telegraph.

At age 26, Louise and Hjalmar married. A year later, Louise birthed their first and only daughter. Hjalmar hired a housemaid, Doris, to help out with chores and babysitting. Louise felt very restricted taking care of her baby all day long, so Doris' help was needed. With a bigger budget, Louise could now travel further across Sweden and sometimes even travel to other countries with Hjalmar.

This only helped to strengthen Louise's interest in hiking and climbing, as she could explore new places in these foreign countries, although often with a guide and another group of tourists. While this was good enough on its own, Louise felt like it took away from the experience of finding things on her own.

This was the main reason why she decided to climb Kebnekaise without a guide. The other was because people laughed at the idea of a woman climbing a mountain without the assistance of a man.

In the summer of 1921, Louise and her friend Britta traveled to Kebnekaise where they spent a night in a cottage built for curious and experienced mountain hikers. The next morning while they double checked their equipment and provisions, they got ridiculed and laughed at by the men in the cabin. Upset, Louise and Britta left the cottage, hoping to make history as the first two female mountain hikers to successfully climb Kebnekaise alone.

The beautiful scenery and sunrise soon lifted the duos spirits, and they were laughing and conversing heartily as they made their way up the mountain. Perhaps due to this, they at some point drifted off their planned path and didn't notice until it was too late. They were lost. Louise wasn't too bothered though, she'd been lost before. With the weather looking good and with the equipment they had, they should be able to find their way back easily. For now, they took a break and ate some food.

Whilst the two women munched on some cold roast beef, a couple of boiled eggs and drank some red wine, they started to open up to each other a bit. They became more relaxed, and once they were done, they attempted to get back on track again. However, Louise felt like something was calling out to her as they wandered around the vast mountain, a feeling that only grew stronger as they continued on. Britta noticed Louise kept going off track, and finally confronted her and asked what was wrong.

Louise explained the feeling she was getting, but Britta felt nothing at all. With some persuasion, Louise managed to get Britta follow her to the location she felt the calling coming from. They didn't walk far before they wound up near a small crevasse. Louise, burning with desire to what was making her feel this way, stepped a bit too close to the edge and lost her footing on loose rocks. Britta jumped forward to grab onto Louise's arms, but it only resulted in both of them falling down the crevasse.

Louise hit a rock sticking out of the wall, sending her tumbling and spinning down until she hit the ground with a sickening thump. Britta on the other hand, managed to catch the side of the crevasse and slid to the bottom with only a few bruises. Quickly getting her bearings, Britta dashed to Louise, who was lying on her side, writhing in pain. She could only gasp sharply when Britta asked where she was hurt. Britta removed Louise's backpack as carefully as she could so that Louise could lay down on her back, but Louise screamed out in pain as she did.

Britta fumbled to unbutton Louise's coat and remove her clothing to see how bad her injuries were and to help ease her breathing. However, the most serious damage was all internal and Britta couldn’t do a thing to help. A few hours later, Louise eventually suffocated to death as her blood filled her lungs. Britta used what limited medical knowledge she had to try and revive her, but to no avail. Louise was gone. Britta collapsed in a heap next to her friend’s now still body and cried.

Louise initially didn’t realise that she was dead, her spirit clung to Britta’s sorrow and the burning desire for them to make it out of this quickly freezing hell. However, the calling that had led them into this situation now felt stronger than ever.

As night closed in, the temperature dropped, and dropped fast. Undressing Louise, Britta wrapped herself in her dead friend’s clothing to keep warm the best she could. A short while later, she attempted to dig down into the snow to make a makeshift shelter she could sleep in. Instead, she found a rusty little chest. Louise’s spirit felt the calling even stronger now, it was coming from the chest.
She couldn’t focus on anything else, the desire to know what was in the chest was overwhelming. But she couldn’t open it herself.

Britta broke open the chest with a rock, hoping the contents were some form of supplies or resources that would help her survive or escape, however only a stick with what looked like a cat's head on one end fell out. The eyes on the cat’s head struck Britta with an overwhelming feeling of dread and fear, she couldn’t stand being anywhere near it. Picking it up between finger and thumb she threw it away from her. Still the object called out to Louise. Her spirit drifted closer to where it had landed. Reaching out and touching it, she felt a surge of power. It felt good.

Britta’s several attempts to escape the crevasse failed and she seriously hurt herself doing so. Her cries for help were unheard and a few days later she succumbed to the falling temperatures, hypothermia taking hold, she froze to death.
Neither of them were aware of the search party that had been dispatched from the cottage a number of days ago to locate those two silly women that thought they could climb a mountain without a man, and had not returned.
Their bodies were never found.

Louise still didn’t quite fathom what had happened to her. Her spirit remained in the crevasse for some time, not that she noticed, her perception of time was gone. However, every time she touched the wand she felt a surge of power and found herself able to yell out for help. Her voice, however, remained unheard. Nobody ever ventured close enough to the crevasse to be able to hear her cries.
Several years passed and her perception of self slowly started to return. Emotions; upset, pain, anger…. Rage… It didn’t take long for her to realise that her returning feeling of self, and the rage she felt were a direct result of her contact with the wand.

Over time, she gained the ability to interact with the wand for longer periods. Every time she did a fresh surge of energy and understanding washed over her. She was “alive”, for the want of a better word, and she started remembering snippets of her life. Whilst her thoughts were still clouded, the rage inside her was stronger than ever for the situation she was in. Then it hit her, she had a daughter, and a husband! She had to get back to them!

Grabbing the wand and a new sense of strength and determination filled her. Attempting to make her way out of the crevasse she wished for nothing more than to have a ladder to climb out with ease. Without quite understanding why, there was suddenly a rope ladder leading up to the top. Not thinking anything of it she grabbed hold and climbed to the top.

Louise stood on the edge of the crevasse for a moment and looked at her surroundings, memories of walking the path with Britta came flooding back, losing her footing, falling. She shook her head and thought about the task at hand. Setting foot she backtracked over the path that she and Britta had taken to get there.

It didn’t take long for her to get tired, still thinking with the mind of a mortal, she felt the limitations of her old body creeping up on her. Cold and tired, she closed her eyes and thought back to times in her youth, riding horses on her parent’s farmland. As she opened her eyes, just ahead of her was one of those horses, clear as day, all saddled up and ready to ride. Not even pausing to think she lept on and set off down the mountain.

It didn’t take long for her to reach the Kebnekaise mountain station, although it wasn’t quite as she remembered. It was bigger, cleaner, and there were people milling about everywhere.
In the years that she’d been in that crevasse, climbing Kebnekaise had become a bit of a national pastime, and the mountain station was expanded to meet demand.
It was said that when the weather was just right, you could hear the cries of two young women who had been lost up the mountain many years ago. Most people just blamed the wind blowing through the mountain a certain way, but it certainly drew in the tourists.
Leaping from her horse she sprinted inside, and tried to get someone, anyone’s attention. Nobody even acknowledged her existence.

Frustrated and defeated, Louise left the mountain station, remounted her horse and attempted to make her way back into town.
Her memories still corrupted and cloudy, it took her several years to find her old home, but the world passed by in a blur, she didn’t even notice.
As she travelled, she became more adept at harnessing the wands power, and her memories continued to slowly return.

It took some time, but she eventually arrived at the manor where she once lived. Rushing inside, expecting to find Hjalmar waiting for her, she instead found her husband with another woman.
After Louise went missing, Hjalmar was heartbroken. He held on as long as he could, but eventually had to give up. Louise was gone, and he had to move on.
Louise didn’t see it that way, she had no idea how much time she’d been away, and to her it looked like Hjalmar had been cheating!
Filled with indescribable rage Louise wishes pain and misery on the couple, and with her recently discovered power, she trashed parts of the house and started throwing objects in an attempt to hurt them.
Over time she became powerful enough to actually start hurting them.
Hjalmar and his new wife quickly decided that the house was haunted and abandoned it.

Louise took up residence in her old room, and for a short time the house remained undisturbed.
However, attempts were soon taken to remove the spectre haunting the halls. Louise did not take kindly to this. However the repeated attempts to remove her helped her hone her powers. From throwing things at priests with alarming accuracy to communicating with spirit mediums.
It was at this point that she realised she could possess people. She took control of a spirit medium, walked her out of the house and had her punch a priest.
The more attempts that were made to communicate with her, the more the clouds in her mind lifted, and the stronger she became.

Before long, Louise realized what she was capable of, thanks to the wand she had found and brought along. Soon she was strong enough to even make the spirit mediums turn their heels and flee. As long as she extracted power from the wand, there was nobody who could stop her. Instead of extracting small amounts of power, she now extracts large amounts and a lot more frequently. She could now think clearly and even interact with objects if she wanted. However, her mind had become corrupted from the anger residing in the wand. She was able to control the anger, but now only cared about herself.

During the following decades, Louise learned more and more about using the wand. If anybody entered the house, they'd get a scare that they wouldn’t forget. The house remains in Hjalmar’s family, passed down and down through the generations, but it can’t be sold. They hope that it will one day just fall down from disrepair, but with Louise’s willpower, that’s unlikely.

With more consciousness comes boredom, however. So Louise became curious about life outside her home. At first, she'd possess people and walk around town to see what was going on. She read papers, watched the news, attempted to use new technology and created mischief. At some point she found out that she could create a body with magic to possess instead of using other people. Although her creations always came out tinted red, it was never enough to cause people to look twice her way. She’s still not quite got round that limitation of her magic.

When some teenage wannabe “Ghost Hunters” snuck into her house, she got a fun idea. Instead of scaring people out like she usually did, she began to use magic to bend and change the layout of the house to make them get lost and separated. Louise thought it was so much fun watching those scared teens run around in circles that she decided to make a full fledged game out of it.

•Current Life:
These days, Lollo keeps mostly to herself, designing mazes. Now that her house isn't so widely popular amongst hooligans and curious teens, she feels that it's not necessary to stay and protect it. She frequently travels to other parts of Sweden, building mazes and causing mischief along the way.

•Backstory of the wand:
Some time in the middle of the 15th century a group of catpeople who were being persecuted and called monsters and witches by the simple masses decided to live up to the rumors. They formed a cult and began to hold rites towards an unknown being, a being they believed would help them out. They created a wand and a collection of necklaces with the common theme and design of a cathead. The necklaces were to be worn by anybody who was a member of their cult, and the wand was to be used by their leader.

Eventually, their efforts were noticed by a paranormal being that began to sympathise with the cult of catpeople after witnessing their struggle with fitting in. It bestowed upon them what they’d call magic by putting parts of its otherworldly powers into the wand they had created. This source of power could only be used by people born as catpeople. Similarly, their necklaces would act as a protection from those powers so that no conflict within the group could destroy them from the inside out.

In return, the cult shifted their rituals to fit more towards their new god’s will. Their leader, who had the strongest connection due to the magic wand, steered them towards the correct path. To make the people accept them as equals became a mutual goal, even though the way to achieve it was misguided. They used their magic to rebel and scare people.

The people of the local towns quickly got fed up with this behaviour from the catpeople and organised an offensive. An angry mob caught the catpeople off guard one night and raided the camp. Many were killed on both sides and the wand was stolen. The being watching over the catpeople was enraged.

In a last ditch effort to save them the being transferred all of its power to the wand sacrificing its sentience in the process. However, the wand was now an exceptionally powerful artifact that could seemingly attract catpeople close enough to it to attempt to retrieve it, should it fall into the wrong hands. Anybody who held the wand in their possession would be struck by unbelievably bad luck, hallucinations and recurring nightmares. Those that stole the wand found themselves set upon and attacked by catpeople wherever they went. There was no hiding.

However, the wand retains the hatred and rage felt by the being in it’s last moments before it sacrificed itself for the catpeople. Anyone holding the wand will be filled with an unquenchable thirst for revenge and burning fury. It will eventually corrupt anyone that remains in contact with it for too long.

The wand, impervious to any attempts to destroy it, was instead hidden in the mountain range at Kebnekaise. Such a treacherous climb over harsh terrain, nobody would ever find it again, although some members of the group still thought that it should have been thrown in the sea.
The necklaces stolen from fallen catpeople were considered useless, and sold off for a pretty penny indeed.

They still show up from time to time at estate auctions and online, their story has become fuzzy over time, but they are still highly valued by collectors.

And there we have Louise. Quite the character, is she not? I've tried my best to try to keep her abilities and magic within reasonable limits. If anything is unclear, do ask and I'll try to make sense of it and add it to the bio if needed.
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The Creep wrote:
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I guess Marik isn't the only one to watch the "Kill Your Family" channel. Huh.
s-she kiled her famly *sobing*
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