I forgot to update again, eh? Well, things are going at the same rate, animate cum and draw some stuff.
I'm trying to get a stream in once a day, although I have not been completely successful with that so far. Been a lot of going out and doin' stuff lately.

Well, anyway, I've got a drawing to show for last week at least!
Winners of the Poll, where people on the discord server voted who to get dicked by a horse and where. I added on a bunch of other stuff surrounding it because it was fun.
I always keep up a poll on what I should draw next on the server, so if you're interested in more stuff like this, do join in. It was fun to do something like this, so I'll probably do it again some time. The link is on the home page.

That's it, see ya next week!
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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had to go get up early to go to the dentist, which consisted of a 30 minute hilly bike ride to a from the dentist place, putting me into basically a zombie state for the first half of the week. Only to find out that the pain that I've been feeling in my jaw isn't related to my teeth apparently. But I hadn't been to the dentist in like 10 years anyway, so at least I got a checkup... Even if it turned out to be a very expensive such.

I couldn't get into the flash groove for whatever reason, so I spent the week drawing instead. Here's the results of that:
Happy Blackedday, I took the opportunity to turn an Ellie related request into her birthday pic.
Scotty n' Scarlets, a request of Scotty and his sister dicking the Scarlet sisters.
Basement Bestiality Bash, the follow up to the previous drawing!

The upcoming week I have nothing that'll distract me, so I'm actually gonna stream progress now. Heck ye?

Updated the Zara a little as well, adding basic color as well.

I think she's looking pretty good. What do you think?

I've got some fan art to show before I go to bed; from ChaosCat!

A Crazy Comeback Page 1
A Crazy Comeback Page 2
A Crazy Comeback Page 3

Now, I'm gonna have a good night's rest! Yey!
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I had a news post all written up, but apparently I forgot to post it and then just closed down the tab.

So I'm speedrunning this update, since I gotta go to the dentist shortly.

Beleth Summary, The finished Beleth ref, Beleth is actually not my character. It's Pyreaus' character and he's the one who wrote the info here!

Fan art:
Traditional Lollo Drawing, made by SyncedUp. You gotta show the full screen version for it to be upright, I assume it's something to do with phone camera which makes it do spooky things like this.
Yoga?, cute Zu butt drawn by egg chan!

I'm trying to improve Zara's ref pic, give me some feedback on it, if you can!
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Ah, I delayed the update again because I wanted to finish a drawing... This one was a full page comic, so it took a while. But, I'm pretty satisfied with the result!

Zoo at the Zoo, it finally happened.

Been making some good progress on the Zu&Jo part as well. Gotta start making those darn cum animations again next. I plan on beginning with that tomorrow, and I'll probably be streaming it. So keep me company then, I'll need it.

I tried out making a crude Johanna edit last time, this is how she turned out:

Yeah, it's a bit rough, but I'll fix her up later, I just made this one for testing. Even if it's this crude, it was exciting to see how it turned out!
Making her even thinner and skinnier than Zu is, absolute yum. I love thin girls.

Well, that's all I had for today. Didn't sleep a lot today, so I'm a bit drowsy right now...
We'll see what I got for you next time!
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I don't have much to add, sorry for being late. I finished up a drawing for today's update, I really wanted to finish it already!

Kit & Kat Urinals Part 4, which turned out tamer than I wanted.

Ya... Really don't have a lot to say today, so... See ya next time!
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I have now finished up all of the graphical stuff in Sofi's part... I think. After everything has been coded together and properly tested, I think you all will enjoy the changes made to it. It took some time, sure, but I hope it has been worth it.
Next up, I'm going to continue with the Zu&Jo part. There's quite a lot of details to be added in their part too, but I'm going to stream a lot of it, so if you're interested, check me out on Picarto.

I was hoping to get a drawing done today, but I got stuck in the sketching phase... Trying to draw a pig, which isn't easy, as it turned out. But, I've got some fan art to share instead. Both relating to Sofi and Beleth!

Birthday Girl Dickings, belated birthday drawings for Sofi! Drawn by SlimeDrippy!
Belofi, something really funny drawn by CaioDeBoca!

Sofi has been on a real fan art streak lately... Most popular character, perhaps? Hm.
At some point, it would be fun to do some sort of all encompassing poll to find out, but it might be difficult to put together, hoahoa.
Well, I'm off for today, see you next time!
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Not only am I late again for the update, but I also forgot to post some art last week.
Guess I was too focused on getting all the character summaries ready. Not that the art I forgot to post was any good or anything, but still.

Birthday Girl Feeding, I've always hated to draw digitally. But here, I tried anyway.
Cat VS Mouse, something which I struggled to finish, but finally did!

I also started to draw a new ref for Beleth, since why not. Here's the WIP of that:

I've finished up all of the mouth and eye work needed for Sofi (I think), so what remains now is... mostly sound stuff and coding. There are still some small details I'm gonna have to go through, though. I'm gonna stream some of that shortly, so check that out on Picarto.
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Yeah, I'm late again, but I really wanted to finish up my new character summaries. And now that I have, I've got this update for you all!

I've now added all the new side characters to the Characters page.
Hampus, Sixten's younger brother.
Malin, Sixten's older sister.
Matilda, Zu's boss.
Lotta, resident at Zu's workplace.
Felix, resodent at Zu's workplace.
Simon, Zu's bully.

I've also made summary images for them, so it's easy to keep track of 'em.
Hampus Summary
Malin Summary
Matilda Summary
Lotta Summary
Felix Summary
Simon Summary

Along with these, I also worked on a new Ellie pic. I was never really satisfied with her look in the previous version.
I'm much more happy with this one!

Ellie Nude
Ellie Underwear
Ellie Doctor's Uniform
Ellie Casual Wear
Ellie Gardening Outfit
Ellie Winter Wear
Ellie Swimsuit
Ellie Painting Outfit

I updated Ellie's summary as well.

As for flash progress, I'm still working on Sofi's mouth. I finished all that's required for spoken lines, but I gotta go through some of the other noises and make some animations that fit the longer ones that wouldn't look good with just phonemes.
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My sleep cycle is fucked again, so days blend together...
Well, I'm currently working on making phonemes for Sofi. It's basically the last thing we need to do, graphically. We still need to match them up with each voice clip, manually though... But it's faster than animating a custom animation for each one! And Fallow will try to make a tool to streamline the process as much as possible, so hopefully it won't take forever! After that, it's just coding and sound left for Sofi's part.

I attempted to get some drawing done, but I couldn't make it look like I wanted to...
Instead, I received fan art from Oversleeper which we can admire!
Another Sofi drawing!
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Other things came up, so I've yet to finish the last one. I'll see to that it happens til next time though. I also gotta cross check all the current bios, so I might have to update them as well a little. Huff.

I've got a bit of a headache today, so I'm keeping this update short.
I finished a drawing, here's what that looks like:
The Bin King, Cerberus' Samson having fun with Zara.

I also took your advice on Ellie last post and made some changes. Here's how it looks like now:
Ellie Nude
Ellie Underwear
Ellie Clothes

Is it looking any better? I made adjustments to the waist, ankles and face.
I think it's an improvement myself, at least.
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