The Zu & Jo part is available on Patreon for $20!
Patreon post is here if you're interested!

If you'd rather wait til Friday to play, that's fine too. It's only a few days away after all.
To those who did become patrons though, I'm very grateful! It'll help me hire voice talents and artists to help out with the project to make it even better!

We've already received a lot of feedback and I look forward to seeing what you guys will think once it's available for all. Unlike older projects, we can go in and change things relatively easily now, so feedback actually matters now.

While I'm awaiting reactions and such, I've started up work on Rock n' Raz 17!

SyncedUp redrew his Virgin Killer Zara from a while back, to show how he's improved since then!
Virgin Killer Zara Remake
Had to give him a but of pointers on the butt, but otherwise I'd say it's looking a lot better!
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The second page of The Maiden Devourer is done!
The Maiden Devourer Page 2, in which I dug real deep into the lore to find fitting yokai to make use of.

I and Fallow have decided on a release date now; Friday the 14th this October.

It will be available exclusively for patrons the first week, then released publically at Friday the 21st, possibly with changes and fixes made depending on patron feedback.

I've spent most of the day upgrading my PC with the help of Raz; I've had bluescreens every morning for like a month or longer and I hope this will solve whatever issue it was that made 'em happen. Now I'm quite tired, so I'll probably spend the rest of the day doing something mindless.
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September sure went by fast. We're still having some issues with some bugs, but they're getting fewer and fewer. I'm optimistic.

So, I have been working on some drawings while I wait for Fallow to get through the buglist, hoping to have the second page of "The Maiden Devourer" done by next update. For now, have the continuation of Trixie's training:
Rape Training

SyncedUp made some Ellie fan art for us this week!
Ellie Pose 1
Ellie Pose 2
Ellie Pose 2 (Lingerie)
Gorgeous stuff, ya?

Don't have a lot else to say, I think... Well, the Halloween themed art contest is still on-going, so if you're interested in winning some cash prizes, check out the simple rules here: Halloween Contest Rules.
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While there are still some features that are missing and will need to wait til later updates to be added in, we've gotten this thing to be almost ship ready, there are just some few bugs that need to be looked at now. If things hold up, we're probably looking at a October release probably.

Since I'm now mostly waiting for Fallow to look at the things on the buglist, I'm gonna do some drawing again, been a while now.
And once the game is released, I'm gonna try to see if I can make a new Rock n' Raz episode happen too.
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Apparently the html5 player was still broken, along with some other things, but they should now be functional again. Let us know if you run into any other problems, ya?

Since the previous update was sort of recent, I don't have all that much to show off today. So if you feel this update is on the short side, I recommend looking back on the previous one - especially if you didn't see it, it has a lot of content in it!

I did recieve a piece of fan art though, by Dinodile, so check that out!
Annoyed Sofi

Currently I'm working on some cock grime to contextualize some of the functions in the game, and I'm almost done with that.
The worst part is that I constantly have new ideas of fun things to add, but at some point I gotta stop. Leave it for a later update.
Buuuut maybe I want to add in a buttplug option? Even though it might look kinda weird if it gets deformed, the option to have it but sometimes looking a bit wonk will probably weigh in more than having none at all, does it? Mmmmmmmh, isn't that something I want to include before the release rather than after?

I'll finish what I'm doing first and see then.
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Oh boy, what a disaster. The server the site is on got a massive upgrade, and such around 10 TB of data had to be transferred. That's why there was a lot of downtime. Unfortunately, after that was done, a lot of things needed to be updated and repaired for to function again, so I was locked out of writing any updates or posting images and such.

But now things seem to be back to normal again, finally!

So much stuff has happened since last time, I barely know what to mention and not... Ah, well, I'll just go with the flow and see what pops out.

Let's start with a couple of drawings I've managed to finish:

Turned On!, the follow up to "Hooked Up".
The Maiden Devourer Page 1, Page 1 out of 3, a comic that features primarily Ran Yakumo.

Next, some fan art!
Dancing Zu, I commissioned this from OverSleeperGirl!
Jacket-wearing Sofi, TheGreatAvv drew Sofi wearing his OC's jacket.

The second round of Thirst Games are also out.
Thirst Games Round 2 on Youtube
If you wanna give it a shot, use this link: Thirst Games Simulator.

I've updated Johanna's summary and her bio a little, I've been fleshing her out a lot since she's appearing in the flash and people have caught interest in her.
Read updated bio here: Johanna's Bio

You're probably also wondering about the game, and with all right!
Game progress is going pretty well, we've made a lot of progress. I've attempted to be a sound designer and spent a few days looking for useable sounds and then attempting to make it sound good. ... I can't say I'm cut out for the job after listening to the results, but maybe I can make improvements to the sound in the future.

We're fine tuning the UI and menues and such things right now, and getting that to be initiutive and looking good has turned out to be a challenge! But we're getting there.

There's also a lot of other small things we're fixing and tweaking, and it might just be me being a perfectionist, but there's always something that could just be sliiightly better. Luckily we're running out of things to improve soon, which I'm really glad for.

Wanna see what it looks like so far?
Here's a small preview video I posted on twitter!
(it's actually a small video I recorded to show off a bug to Fallow, but it works as that too.)

And the last thing I've got to show you is a sequel to the Ho Jo Comp we had a while ago.
But we're doing it a bit bigger this time! It's a Halloween themed art contest!

Anyone interested could either join the discord to post their submission, or email it to me. As long as I have a way of contacting you when the winners are decided.

Hm, I think that's all. Feels good to have the site back up and running again.
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I've been sick and shit for a while, so that's why I've not made an update. It's been quite awful, but I'm basically back to normal now.

Gotta do a bunch of technical stuff for the flash, since I think (and hope) that all of the graphical stuff is done now.
I'll have a more in depth progress report done by the end of the week probably, I'm just getting back into things.
From what I understand though, Fallow's basically fixed all of the bugs and what not so I just have to control check a bunch of things and fill in a bunch of info and tweak numbers.

Here's some fan art that's been piling up!

Sofi with a Gun - Made by Kalii!

Sofi Rape Comic - Sinsigat's part of our art trade!

Paw Print Sofi - Ionshatter drew this in exchange for me to add these socks into the Sofi part. So I'll have to do that before the release.

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Here are the winners of the Ho Jo Competition, voted forward by the community!

1st Place - BigPain with his Reverse Bunny Suit Jo!

2nd Place - @Oni_Garth with his Pole Jo!

3rd Place - @Jessie with his Slutty Jo!

Congrats to the winners and thanks to all who participated! Perhaps we'll have another competition again some time!

For you who didn't know, FallowWing has been streaming almost daily lately, if you wanna see how the game is being bug fixed and coded together, check him out!

We've been working on bug catching, bug fixing, implementing UI elements and slightly feature creeping the game. It's starting to shape up though, and once it's done I think you guys will really like it.
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Today we've got all the submissions for the Ho Jo Competition to show off! Which one is your favorite?

1️⃣ destruteka's submission: Johanna Mc Oral Slut!
Johanna Mc Oral Slut
Johanna Mc Oral Slut Gangbang

2️⃣ Jessie's submission: Slutty Johanna!
Slutty Johanna
Slutty Johanna (No effects)

3️⃣ SyncedUp's submission: Jo Ghetto Bitch!
Jo Ghetto Bitch Outfit

4️⃣ CoomTooBoob's submission: Street Johanna!
Street Johanna
Street Johanna (Text)

5️⃣ BigPain's submission: Reverse Bunny Suit Jo!
Reverse Bunny Suit Jo

6️⃣ franc's submission: Bunny Suit Jo!
Bunny Suit Jo

7️⃣ -3 IQ's submission: School Slut Jo!
School Slut Jo
School Slut Jo (Flats)

8️⃣ OniGarth's submission: Pole Jo!
Pole Jo

There's also some additional Jo fan art from OversleeperGirl!
Jo Anal Rub

Not only do we have a lot of Jo related fan art, but I've also updated Jo's ref.

I've switched out the striped tank top for this crop top instead, I think it fits her better, makes her look real cute too.

Here's a little follow up on Trixie's training, too.
Hooked Up

Now, with all that out of the way... Flash progress?
Going both well and so-so. Fallow has created a plugin to make the project itself less taxing to save, work with and export, so that's all good. He also managed to implement the cock skins; they were more complicated to make work than intended due to multi-colored skins having additional layers that needed to be turned on or off depending on the skin.
Meanwhile, I've been trying to sort out how to make the eyes work as intended... And I've been running into problems. There are so many exceptions and functions now that it looks like two different systems are fighting for control over the eyes, which is... not good.
Fallow might need to do some rework on that again.
Next, I'm gonna go over the lipsync again and insert tears where necessary, and also make some custom facial expressions for certain voice lines. Riveting.

Mm, well, that's all I had to say, I believe. A juicy update for once, thanks to the people who partook in the competition!
Hopefully it's appreciated! On friday we'll see who the winner is.
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I've been superfocused on finishing up the skins, and now I have! They turned out to be quite varied and somewhat complex to actually implement, at least those with patterns on them. I've only made them for the Zu&Jo part, so I gotta go back and make 'em for the other parts later on as well. But for now, I'm at least done with 'em!

Fallow said making them work was gonna be harder than expected though, since the things with patterns need additional layers to be hidden or visible depending on the skin, which might 'cause trouble.
He was streaming the progress, but I went to bed before he finished streaming, so I don't know if he managed to solve it or not.
One way or another, I think he'll make it work though - he's pretty good at that.

I don't take in any more skins submissions for now, though. Even if the amount of skins for each cock type aren't equal, and some really have less than others (pig's 9 vs horse's 25) it'll still add a bit of variation. We're also gonna give each skin it's own set of stats... Which may or may not change up how you decide to go about playing the game!

Now, though... I've gotta go back to fixing up and adding to the expression groups; I gotta change some lipsync, add in crying and make certain facial expressions show up at specific places. I think that's the biggest hurdle left to do, for me at least.

Oh, and... I had a competition with cash prices going on, but I think I forgot to mention it on here, but the deadline for that is coming up on July 31st.
It's about drawing Johanna in a really slutty outfit for her to whore herself out in, so we'll see if some more submissions drop in soon.

Ya, well, that's all I got for today!
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