Zu now has around 80 different eye expressions. Neat, huh?

I'm not completely done with them yet, I have to do some eyebrow work and make some blinking frames, but that's not very troublesome. I'm not sure if I should proceed with Johanna's eyes after this or work on the mouth. But I think doing Jo's eyes first would make most sense.

Also, play testing and tweaking is being done with Sofi's part. There are so many things that need to be fixed, but we're making progress at least. The worst thing about this currently is an ugly aliasing issue. Hopefully we can get rid of all that stuff eventually.

There are still some things that are missing in this build, which will probably be added down another demo further down the line. Just trying to make this playable as it is is a challenge already! Always find something that's not working as intended or needs to be tweaked this way or that way.
But I gotta say, Sofi's face looks sooo much better, and she's way more expressive and talkative and customizable.
I'm not used to having so many customization options for my projects, so I find it fun to just play around with it. Hoahoa.

By next week, I'm aiming to have finished up that comic page I've been talking about previously and Sofi's new ref.
Hope you're looking forward to that.
Posted 17th of October 2021 - 18:29 by | 14 comments.
Been workin' on 'em.

Will continue workin' on 'em.
Sometimes I stream while workin' on 'em.
Posted 11th of October 2021 - 08:25 by | 14 comments.
I've made a lot of tweaks to this Sofi ref, but hopefully... This is good? Feedback welcome.

I recieved a nice gift; a set of pictures of Beleth fucking Sofi, a remake of an old drawing of mine!
Halloween Dicking ver 1
Halloween Dicking ver 2
Halloween Dicking ver 3
Halloween Dicking ver 4
Halloween Dicking ver 5
Halloween Dicking ver 6
Halloween Dicking ver 7
Halloween Dicking ver 8
Halloween Dicking ver 9
Halloween Dicking ver 10

Hope you enjoy!
See ya next week!
Posted 3rd of October 2021 - 20:12 by | 1 comment.
I was rendering a video all sunday night, so I kinda forgot to post an update. Sorry about that.

Here's another comic that was voted forward on discord.
The Sentencing of Lollo, a movie idea I've had for a while I turned into a comic instead.

I was relieved to see that a regular drawing won the poll of what to draw after this comic, only to find that the commissioner changed his mind and now wants his idea be a comic page too. Drat.
Oh well, it's a good idea, almost nostalgic for me. I'm going to enjoy making it.

Here's that new Sofi ref I've talked about earlier. I've been tweaking it a lot to get the proportions right and such, what do you think? Don't mind the colors being off at places, it is just placeholder shade tones.

Also got a piece of fan art to show today, part of a deal I made with a commissioner.
Pegged Sixten
(Edit: Yeah I failed to put the correct link again, tired brain just doesn't notice these things.)

Anyway, working on that previously mentioned comic and making more Zu eyes animation is what I'm gonna be doing this week. Doubt I'll actually finish the comic in time for sunday, but we'll see. Now I'm going to bed, 'cause I'm super sleepy.
Posted 27th of September 2021 - 19:42 by | 5 comments.
Been looking to get a demo out for the Sofi part in our new engine, or whatever we should call it. Since I've mostly been focusing on the customization, I haven't actually play tested it in a while... And while doing so, there was a whole lot of things to tweak and fix. Fallow said that none of the things were probably not too difficult to fix though, so there's that. Don't know when we can expect a release though; but we're at least getting close to something here.

I also had to try to design a main menu screen for the project... Luckily I've got some good people on my server that are way better at design than I am, so we managed to get something acceptable out of it. Now what's in front of me animation wise is only doing eye and mouth expressions. It's gonna be a lot of expressions... Lots of struggling with shape tweens. Bleh.

No drawings to show this week; another comic page was voted forward. So I only today finished up the sketch of it, might be able to finish it in time for next update. Been drawing up a new Sofi ref too... Not confident in it yet though, I messed up the legs royally, but I'm very satisfied with her head and hair.

I was going to post this update yesterday but... I apparently forgot to actually post it; I just wrote it up and then went to bed. Oops.
Posted 20th of September 2021 - 04:36 by | 9 comments.
I have been working my butt off finishing a commission of two comic pages worth of stuff.
Trixie's Cucking Session Part 3
Trixie's Cucking Session Part 4 (Edit: Oops, I accidentally uploaded the same pagfe twice, but I fixed it now.)
Hope there are other people out there that enjoy dickgirls with huge dicks and lots of massive cum inflated bellies.

Cinndrie has drawn something truly forbidden...
Cursed Content from a Forbidden Timeline

This is what the new summary style would look like with the stats attached. What do you think?

I didn't get that many bites on my Zu&Jo face templates, which is unfortunate... But I guess I'll have to come up with a bunch myself, then. Perhaps I'll do some streaming again next week, it's been quite a while now, eh?
Remember this link if you wanna check it out: RockCandy on Picarto
Can't really say when I'll stream, gotta do some prep work to set up and think through how to build the mouth/eye stuff. Mm. Sitting here thinking about it now, but I should go to bed and actually look at it tomorrow, so... Night!
Posted 12th of September 2021 - 17:42 by | 3 comments.
I believe I have a VA for both Zu and Jo now. I won't be able to get Jo's lines recorded til November though, since the VA was quite busy til then. Nonetheless, it feels good to have one settled. Should get Zu's recorded some time soon though, if things go as they should.

So, I'm at a stage where there's not really a lot of things I can do with the flash project right now. Waiting for coding, voices and music... Although I haven't heard from the music guy in months, so I don't think I'll have much luck there. Perhaps I need to look for an alternative.
There's one thing I can do though, and that is facial expressions.
I'm doing this thing again; draw a face for Zu & Jo that I might add in the game! I got a lot of faces done for Sofi, and it really made her become super expressive due to all the different ideas.

Unlike Sofi's faces though, happy faces are welcome along with sad ones.

While I wait for facial expressions to drop in, I've been working on drawing stuff. So far I've made... One.
Toilet Tentacles Revisited
The thing I'm working on currently is two comic pages, so it's taking some time to finish.

We've got Sofi fan art by OverSleeperGirl as well!
Sofi Blow

I also did some tweaking to Zu's winter clothes colors, but I don't know what color to give her hat and gloves, really.

Also updated the stats thing, just to see if it perhaps makes things more clear. I might tweak them slightly though.

Tell me what you think, ya?
Posted 5th of September 2021 - 15:54 by | 14 comments.
From sickness and what not. Being sick directly after a trip really threw me off my game. Feels like I lost all of my drawing experience and I'm starting over from zero. Also been struggling with giving Zu new facial expressions in her new refs. Very frustrating.

Here's what I got currently, outside of the facial expressions, I think they're pretty much done.

I was also toying with the idea of adding some character attribute ratings to perhaps help with getting a good grasp of them. But it has also been quite difficult, with deciding what categories to include and what each term actually represents... Here's my first draft of them, I'm not sure if it is a good idea or not. But if it seems interesting, I'm all for ideas on how to improve it.

Well, I shall continue to try to get myself back in the game again. Hopefully I have something more worthwhile to share next week.
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I'm sick with a cold right now, so I'm gonna keep this short.
I've been traveling a bit, so I was away from friday until yesterday, but I managed to catch a cold during it. It was constantly raining, utterly terrible.

So I'm just gonna dump some art and fan art without much fanfare here.

The Yakumo Anal Incident

Fan art from Cinndrie:
Zoo's Revenge
Sad Girl

Fan art from other:
Scary Murder Lady
Scary Murder Lady 2

Just sitting upright makes me feel light headed, so I'll go back to resting now...
Posted 20th of August 2021 - 02:07 by | 8 comments.
Finding a VA that don't chicken out on bestiality and rape themes is very difficult, which makes it really difficult to also get one that fits the voice I'm imagining Zu would have. I've got only a handful that have auditioned, but none that really sticks the role so far. Bleh.

Well, I'm late this week because I wanted to finish a drawing in time for the update, but then as I uploaded it I realised that I already had one to post. So whatever, here's two drawings!

Hungry Succubus, a "custom" drawing that was voted forward by the discord community.
Should've Used the Web, Ellie gets a nasty surprised in the old library archives.

Also got a piece of commissioned fan art!
Zara & Dickgirl Ellie
Pretty interesting to see how my characters were adapted into this anime style!
Good piece overall, too!
Posted 10th of August 2021 - 06:10 by | 12 comments.