Yeah, I'm slow at updating, I know. But there's not really that much you can show when you work with flashes and sprites and whatever.

Anyway. Let's start out with two (Actually three) new fan fictions!

Part 2 of 'The Black Light', written by Dragon Soul!
Download! (Old Format)

Remembering to Forget part 1, 2, 3 & 4.
This is all the parts of Remembering to Forget in one single file, so prepare for a long read!
Download! (Old Format)
Written by Triple Dots.

This is also the first story (That is made in parts) that is finished!
Contragutlations, Triple Dots!! :3

What else... Oh yeah.
New fanart made by DM DOKURO!

And now, for my work...

The new Zu made for Project X!

I've finished all animations for Stage 1 and recently started at Stage 2.
I uploaded two previews for you all so you know what you can expect~.


Tell me what you think~ :3
Zeta allowed me to change some of the animations to anal for Zu, so when the game comes out, you can enjoy watching Zu getting her ass plowed by the various enemies in the game!

Download link to game soon; a version with the new Zu implemented in it does not exist yet... :V
Although, the next version will (probably) be out soon, and the old Zu will be in that one. Unless I finish all of new Zu's animation, which is most unlikely.


Oh yeah, I scanned a picture too. Forgot about it for a long time, but finished it recently.

Katherine. A picture I drew for Wilizin.

I think that was all. ...Yeah.

Oh, and also check this topic in the forums for my Job List.
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Hai, sorry for not updating for a long time. I write in the forum a lot, so I forget to update here as well s:

Anyway, I'll be posting my job list here, so that you guys know what I'm up to. The higher a project is on the list, the higher priority it has.

Zu sprites for Project X.

I'm remaking all of Zu's sprites for Project X. This will take a while, though I have finished a lot of them by now. I only have rapes left to do.
It is all made in paint, so it can be a bit difficult to make it look good, but it is very simple to work with, so it still goes pretty fast.

This project has top pritority right now. I want to finish all of it before I start the Za project.

FLASH: Tittypunchan

A very simple little collab flash between me and Mittsies.
It wont be very long, but it'll have dicks, everywhere!!

FLASH: Roliga Saker

This here is an "Our Sense of Humor" styled flash, which will be pretty long. Hopefully it'll be fun to work, seeing as it is pretty random.

FLASH: My Face When

This, basically, will just be a flash full of shorts based on Touhou.
It'll be fun to make. Probably.


I barely have time to draw anymore! It takes a lot of time and I am lazy. It's sad, really.


Currently paused until I and Mittsies has less shit to do and we can make a good script for platforman. It'll be a huge project. I don't want anything to interrupt the work on this and therefore I want to finish all the other crap that I have to do.

That was everything, I think. Sorry for having no real content to post, but I've been working nonstop on the sprites for a week or something now.
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It's a new flash!

Also; just putting this up again, seeing as it was only up for like 2 days.
"The Black Light" written by 'Dragon Soul'. It's pretty cool, give it a read!
Download! (Old Format)

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I shall be going away later today to a game-meetup or whatever it is called, so I will probably not be around a lot the next coming days. I'll be back on sunday.

Also, my computer have started to act up, programs freeze randomly and shit's being slow... I think I'll have to buy a new one again soon :C I don't want to lose a lot of work because of flash freezing....

I also have a new fan fiction for you guys to read while I am away.
"The Black Light" written by 'Dragon Soul'. It's pretty cool, give it a read!
Download! (Old Format)
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DM DOKURO finished Lollo's Theme; The Red Skies of Thunder! (Youtube link)
It's pretty awesome, so go shake it out~.

We also got a fan art of Ellie getting titfucked!
So sexy...
And part 9 of WSPDFL!
Download link!
As well as another ministory.
Download link!
Should be read after WSPDFL 9, or else you will be mindfukt.

And last, we got a colored picture of Peach!
Look at it here!
Exhörder decided to color it, 'cause he likes Peach being a slut.

And that was all for now, I think...
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^This here is a "NEW" flash.

It was abandoned by me a few years ago.
Today, Raz finished it for me.

Posted 5th of April 2011 - 12:56 by Rock Candy | 3 comments.
Happy birthday, Zoo!!
Here's your birthday gift!

Today, I have lots of stuffs to upload... I was going to upload 2 flashes, but due to some shitty glitch I can't. So you'll have to wait. askfjhsaljdfh
Woop, flashes are now uploaded.
The Big Character Flash! (Version 1)
It's just a hueg flash with all the character biographies and music themes in it. For posting at other sites easily.
And Part 5 of Froboo's adventure!
I love making Froboo flashes, because you don't have to put much effort in them... Heeheehee...

Let's start off with two "new" characters!
These are villian characters, and will only be used in a non-canon way, like in flashes and such things. They do not play a part in Sixten's the 4 catgirls' canon timeline.
Say hello to Lollo!
And don't say anything to this girl, 'cause she'll stab you to death.

Yus. Enjoy these characters, if you can.

Next thing that we will look at is Fan Fictions, which I've gotten a lot of these last 2 weeks.

Let's start this with a new story from The Storyteller!
It's called 'Epoch' and it is a romance story. It is worth a read, believe me~!
Oh, and click here for a older format.

Next in line is Remembering to Forget Part 2!
I bet you've been waiting for this, so just click and download it!
Written by Triple Dotz!
Download in an older format here.

And we got three stories by Five!
What some people do for love Part 8! ^w^
Mini story 3!
Mini story 4!

Give them all a read when you got the time to do so!

And the last things I have to show you are three sketches.
Zu being humped by a dog. I learnt that I shall never ever draw dogs again when I drew this.
Another Zu sketch.
And the third and last sketch is of Peach getting it in the butt.

I've been busy remaking Zu's sprites for Project X for the last few weeks, and it will probably take a while to finish them all; I've only remade 4 animations so far. And there's like 50+ left.

So ya.

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So I found this unfinished flash in My Recieved Files folder (not made by me), and decided to finish it. I hope the guy who made the original likes it! I lost contact with him about a year ago...

Well, it's a very basic flash. But my friends still liked it, and I hope you will too.


Thought I could put this here as well; it's a short trailer for Zu in Project X.
Zeta and her friend/partner/whatever made one for each character.
Seeing as Zu doesn't really belong in a game like this, she's a bit of a joke character. She's a bit silly.
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No, not my birthday. Zu's birthday! :3

So, let's start off this update with...
Zu's art!
Zu's Art#1
Zu's Art#2

Isn't she a wonderful artist? :3

And now, my art. I only gots one picture to show, but it's colored. (Horribly.)
Zee gets Double anal'd.
Probably the first and last picture I'll color in PS. So much horrible.
I messed up Zee's face ;3;

We also got a new fan ficiton called 'Remembering to Forget', written by 'Triple Dots'.

Download! (Old Format)

Give it a read!
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I've been busy with flash works lately, so I wont be able to poop out material as fast anymore.

I got 3 pictures for ya this time at least.
First one is a picture in color zomg! Lollo, a villian character.
I use her in comics, games or other ideas when I simply need someone to be the bad guy. So I created her. Hooray!

Psycho Girl, the left handed serial killer!
Also in color!

Last picture has no color. :C Excuse the crappy quality... Still not gotten a better scanning program...
I took two requests from the request box and put them together.
The requests were...

"a follow up to this picture! where Zu's actually having to lay/push out all that stuff :P" by MilesK
"Maybe do something for my character? Small gallery of her here: Hohoho! Bunneh gurl. She's very into anal. Toys, machines, tentacles, or just a good dicking, choice is up to you."
by lunarsage.


And on the fan side, we gots the seventh part of What Some People Do For Love.
Clicks to go to download page!
Ellie and Jay are in Paris in this part!

Well... That was that.

Also did you guys see ZUN's blog entry about Touhou 13? :D
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