Agh! I have no content for this week's update! I don't even remember what happened the last seven days... Ugh. Oh right, I got myself the New Super Mario Bros. 2 game, so I played through that. Quite fun, but a bit on the short side.

I wanted to scan two awful train drawings, but unfortunately dad decided it was a good idea to stay up all night and watch women playing tennis. I should really not wait until the last minute to do the scanning... I have not drawn shit for months, so I'm a bit rusty. Nyugh. I guess I've just been to busy with writing and flashing and whatever else I can find to do instead of drawing.

Just a little fun fact, I had to go see a psychiatrist and he said I might get an early retirement. Then I don't have to bother with finding a job and stuff and I can do flash and art and writing all day every day. That sounds quite nice to me.

As for now though, I must really focus on getting to work on my trade with Besped. I was hoping I could get it done at the beginning of this month, but as usual with me, things tend to get in the way, or it becomes more complicated than I expected and I have to delay. And I really don't want Besped to think I half-assed the flash, so I'm trying my best to make it look well, even though it was supposed to be made quickly. Tricky to find a balance there...

Umm... so yeah. I don't really have much else to say today. I'm gonna head to bed and hope next week wont be as stuffed and distracting.

May the butt of Zu please all of you.
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Today I have a few flashes to show ya all, so I hope you will enjoy them.

First, I got this cool flash animation that around 3~4 years old, but I decided to finish it today.
The Ranboobs!
It's a little flash about... Ranboobs.

I also got a fan flash, by FlashMasterXD, called Zu ate a Jellyfish, so go shake it out.

And, two more, made by me and Raz, because we were bored and we did weird stuff.
Wart rapes Birdo & Peach fucks Luigi!

I hope you'll have fun with them, because I certainly had.

Now I'm gonna go do some other things while Raz is still here.
May we see Onihole finished in the near future. Besped offered his help, so we'll see if we can get it done together.
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Was hacked AGAIN. What's the point of switching out the latest newspost to a stupid flag, I don't get it.

Anyway, have the screenshot again:

Now wait for Onihole like everyone else.
Posted 19th of August 2012 - 16:59 by Rock Candy | 25 comments.
Today will be quick update, because quick is good.

Flash: RC Advantures

Fan Fiction: Ellie and Zu Get Lost: Part 13

Fan Video thing:

Man, you guys are whiny. Do you really think I do not want to give Onihole to ya? If I could, I'd finish it right now, but I can't. Everything's finished but the coding, which is something I cannot help. I wasn't teasing anyone, morons, I was making fun of how long time this shit takes. Don't think I'm doing nothing while I wait for Onihole to be coded, I have already started up other flashes in the mean time.

I mean fuck. Koopa's got this right, you should all become like him.

Leave if you want, it wont affect the time it takes for Onihole to get finished or me in any way.
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Hi hi, this week has been pretty messy. I have been fixing and poking around with my new computer, trying to get used to the new keyboard, and I and Raz has been looking all over the internet for EarthBound/MOTHER music to create a giant collection torrent some day, maybe. We have found a lot of rare music, yup yup.

I and Mittsies also made some progress on Onihole, though we ran into some stupid glitch that I have to fix up before we can continue.

I did however finish a non-adult flash. I have quite a few of those in queue, so I should try to finish those up soon. Gyah, I have a lot of things waiting to be finished, gah.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, here's the stuff:
Turdy's Temporary Insanity,with a script not originally written by me... But by FlashMasterXD.
He also made fanart: Knify Zu

There's also fanart from Devin Jones:
Zu in a lake of tentacles, in her maid dress.
Zu in the same situation, but naked.
Personally, I always love me some Zu.

Fanart from Guodzilla as well!
Game of Pool!

Hopefully I will get back on track soon, with flashes and writing and so on. Mmh.
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Mittsies hasn't been free for a while now... Nyurp. I hate waiting.

Well, I scanned some pictures for today's update at least.
Ellie tentacle sketch. Made by me and Yulia.

Raccons can't play tennis. Based off of a conversation I had on the 3DS. Huhu.

Irritated Sixten, another train drawing...

Yeah, I've been jumping back and forth with other projects while Onihole's waiting to be coded. There isn't really anything I can do to speed up the process. I really wanna see it done...

Oh well, it's time for bed. Next week it'll already be august...
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Today I learnt that Sixten, the cat that I thought was dead and based Sixten off of, came back to my old home. Six years after he suddenly went missing, he comes back just like that. I wonder what he's been up to... How did he survive for 6 years in the wild, on his own? I don't even remember what he looks like... I've seen Charlie's face too much.
I have not met him yet, and I'm not sure if I can either. I wonder if he will stay at home or go away again?

Huff... Anyway...

So Mittsies finished his project, and is now able to code Onihole, when his parents aren't around and I'm awake. It has at least started, and I hope it'll be finished soon. I noticed I had forgot to find sound effects, so I might have to go look for some. I just recently discovered that my Mp3 player had a microphone for some reason, that was actully decent, so I might use it, huhu.

As for anything else, I have been stuck playing Pikmin for the last couple of days. I played too much and now I have a headache... Who knew it was going to be that much fun? I did not expect that.

I've started working on a flash trade with Besped. It shouldn't be too long, but it can't be crappy either, so it's tricky to find a balance. Nyorp.

Anyway, Charlie is staring instensively at me. I think he wants to go outside. I'll let him out and then I'll sleep off my headache...

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My friends have left. We had a lot of fun, but now it's time to get back to work again. I heard from Mittsies that he's about to finish his dumb project, so soon we can probably see Onihole starting to get scripted soon. I hope.

I don't have any material today, but luckily I have this fan fiction!
"Second Chance" part 2, by SuperShark88! He put lots of effort into it, so take a moment and enjoy this fine fiction!

I'm really tired though. I've been sleeping in a trailer for two weeks, so it shall be very nice to go to bed in my own bed.

I have already started up work on other flashes, which I hope wont take as long to finish.

Well, I'm off to bed. Good night, and see ya next week!
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I've had a lot of fun with friends this week. Only one week left, then I'm back in business again... And the projects I have to do is just piling up... Egh.

Anyway, I at least made an effort to scan and cut out some art today.
These are pictures from a friend of mine's character named "Rose".
Rose 1!
Rose 2!
Rose 3!

I also got a fan art from a guy called Hank!
Sixten jogging.

Now I really have to go to sleep though, it is late and I am tired...
See ya next week again.
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Raz & some other friends came over yesterday, and they'll stay for two weeks or so, so I wont be here a lot during that time.

Until then, take care or something.

See ya when I get back.

oh, and I also had to change my email, because my other one kept getting spammails and shit, really annoying.

Find me at: [email protected]
Hopefully I wont have to change it again...
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