Yesh, today's update is also lacking content from me. Luckily, Guodzilla made some stuff, so have at it!

Part 14 of Ellie and Zu Get Lost is finally here for your reading pleasure! Go ahead and download!

Not only that, but there's also two fan arts as well:
A little extra "La VS Lollo" picture for halloween!
And a Halloween Party picture for 2012!

Nice stuff, check it out, shake it out!

As for me, I "finished" a part of the trade with Besped. That flash with the furries in the cave, if you remember that screenshot from some while ago. It was... An interesting experience, I guess, the flash wasn't that hard to make, though it was a bit hard for me to keep focus on it, as I'm not that interested in furry work. But I did it!

But of course, mine and Besped's ever-changing minds decided to make us two collabs, one exclusively for his character, and one for mine. We'll be doing his first, which'll be... Something most people on this site probably wont enjoy very much, while mine will probably be liked more, due to the content.

So for now, I'm doing various work on other projects until Besped finishes his part of the trade... Then we'll post our flashes at the same time.
(When we do, it's probably gonna look really unfair, but we worked it out!)

As for now, I'm gonna go to bed. I wrote a bit on Psycho Girl's (Now named Mikaela) bio, and I hope it wont take very long to have it up to date. She's not as complicated as the rest of my characters, she's got no friends or relationships or job or anything like that. I just gotta take a day and dedicate it to writing... I have not done that in quite a while, and I believe that is very needed if I want to get somewhere with them. I have all this time, and I waste it on stupid shit, it makes me feel really bad about myself.


Well, good night all. I hope I'll dream about butts. I have not in a while...
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Damn, I've been forgetful lately... I have so much on my mind right now. I'm going to move very soon, and there's so much that needs to be done. I'm not used to all this stuff going on, so I've been a bit absentminded lately. So yeah...

Don't really have much to say today either.

Well, there's been this contest for Project X this month, which is almost over by this point... But it's supposed to be people making boy-versions of the characters in the game for some genderbending stuff or whatever, and as most of them are sonic fans and probably don't give a shit about Zu, I doubt she'll get any suggestion-pictures. Now, I'm not a guy who finds boys sexy, so I do not know how to make a boy-Zu look good and such... So if anyone's up for it, draw a quickie of boy-Zu, and I'll have some to choose from. Even a single picture would help, actually...

Well, enough about that. I'm going to continue work on Besped's flash soon, so I'll be out for now! Got any questions, just leave a comment and I'll reply if I can.

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I finished that.

The weeks after I finish a flash are usually pretty content-less. So yeah, don't really have anything to show today either. I'll talk instead, as some people enjoy reading about me and my pathetic life. But first, have a look at this fan art!
Picture of Zu, made by Pinkarina!
Many thanks.

I finished the Zu sprites for stage 3 in Project X! I got the honor to re-design the two~ years old Eel rapes to make 'em look better. I like to think that I did a pretty good job with them. To think of it, I had to design the Mermaid enemy and the Squid enemy and make rapes for those too. So I pretty much set the base for all the enemies in stage 3 except for the Dolphin, which is one of those strong enemies that has a different rape for each character. Most people like the rapes to just be good 'ol fucking, so I made sure to include one in each enemy's rape! One old fashioned and one gimmicky, you could say. So the rest of the spriters are probably busy editing the rapes for the rest of the cast now. I wonder when the next demo will come out.

And I wonder if I'll ever find a good voice actress for Zu. The current voice is recorded with such an awful mic that it hurts your ears when listening to it. I don't know where to find girls that would like to voice act, and even if I did, I would be too retarded to even succeed in asking. Ugh. So if you happen to be a female browsing this site and doesn't mind lending her voice out for my flashes, or Project X, send me an email!

You should all know by now that I'm working on the trade with Besped, and that's going pretty well, except for the fact that I've been slacking off an awful lot lately... But it's coming along, at least. He and I have not yet decided what to do with our upcoming collab, but it's leaning towards two sluts and a bunch of aliens. It should be fun to attempt to make something that isn't rape or heavy inflation, as I've been making that... Far too much lately. Eugh.

Which leads me to another thing I've been thinking about. I have very, VERY, limitied knowledge in scripting and coding, so I'm constantly being held back by that when I want to make a flash. I'm too fucking stupid to learn how to as well. I have many great ideas, and I get many great ideas in comments and in the request box. Mostly, it seems like people want a flash where you can screw all the girls that I have created. Raping, abusing, loving and mindbreaking them, etc. I'd love to make a flash where you could make them into your cock-loving sexslaves and such, but as it is now, I can't make it happen.

So, in the future, I'll at least try to include stories to my flashes, to get out of the usual set of flashes I make. I'm thinking of doing kind of an "Choose your own adventure" flash where you'd play as Zu and get fucked and stuff. And perhaps collaborate with other artists to make other fun flashes. With their art and my animation skills, maybe we can create something better than what I could on my own.

Hmm... Actually I remembered some stuff that DM DOKURO made a while ago that I forgot. I'll upload those real quick...


Yes, here we go:
Stuff that DM DOKURO made when he was real bored one day:
Lollo graffiti
Sixten graffiti
Ellie graffiti
Sofi graffiti
Zara graffiti
Zu graffiti

Pretty cool, I think.

Also, is it just me, but has there been a lot of talk about Psycho Girl, aka Mikaela, lately? I feel like there's been several people wanting a real flash where you can fuck her in the ass, rather than the quick halloween thingy I did last year.

Hm. Well, that's it for this week. We'll see what happens next week. Hopefully it's something fun. I'm gonna go to bed soon, so good night for now!
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I forgot it was sunday, so I forgot to update. Well, here it is now.

Don't really have a lot to say this week, other than I've been making the last sprites for Zu in Project X's stage 3 and they'll be done very soon.

Have this, it's an almost spot-on video of what happened to my several projects during the latest year.

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How was Onihole?
From the comments I recieved, it was mostly positive, at least on the actual animation part. The negative was the length and lack of options, not leading up to the "hype". Well, I warned you about not hyping it too much! It was a really troublesome project, but I'm glad it is finally over now. I can focus on other stuff now without having to bother with it. It still feels like it's there, waiting to be finished, because I'm so used to it by now... I have to get out of that feeling. Ugh.

Anyway, late update, because I forgot about it.

I have recieved a few fan arts and stuff, and even drew something myself for today's update though.

I drew a picture of Psycho Girl, because I have not done that for a while. I attempted to make her a face a bit more "realistic"-looking, but I didn't do well. It came out creepy for all the wrong reason.

The reason I drew her is because I was working on updating her biography, which is a real lackluster in every part. I gave her a name, Mikaela Blomquist, but most people will probably still call her Psycho Girl, because that's who she is originally known as. And that's fine!

Oh, but I also got a fanart from a guy who wishes to remain anonymous, so here's that!
Fanart of Zara!
With pretty colors. I like it.

Another fan thing I recieved is this:
A fanimation of Psycho Girl (western style) swinging her boobies from side to side!
Come on, do the Psycho Girl!

I agree, that was a horrible joke.
Here's a GIF version that I made of it. Maybe it is too large? It looked really bad if I tried to resize it though, and then you wouldn't be able to see the full glory of her boobs. They're just a few sizes smaller than Ellie's after all.

Oh, and you might wonder what I'm gonna do next in flash? Well, that's the trade and collab with Besped! I don't think they'll take as long as Onihole... If they do, I have no excuses, hoahoa. No, but seriously, I've upped my ways of doing animation by adding more frame by frame animations here and there, so it may take longer to finish, but on the other hand, it'll look better. The more I do it, the faster I'll get, hopefully.

Well... that's it for this week I guess. I finished all the Zu and dolphin rapes, she gets buttfucked a lot by it, so I hope you'll like it.
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Is what's holding Onihole back. I don't really want to give anything away, so I wont go into detail. It's randomized, so it creates troublesome situations and might collide with other scripts and stuff. Both I and Besped want to get it done and over with, but we can't release it as is. That would be no good. If we can't make it work, we'll have to figure out other ways to fix this troublesome piece of bits and bytes.

And hey, it's almost been a year soon too! I can't really grasp that it has been so long for an animation that I planned to do in a month! What the hell happened!? Well... After Onihole comes trades and stuff with Besped, so you have that to look forward to. My parts are furry, though, so if you're not into that, you wont like it much. I would prefer to do human, but I guess Besped would prefer furry, as he's doing human for me.

WELL, at least today I have lots of artsy stuff to show. Ugh, I have to link all of them.... Sigh. Oh well.

First things first, Zu taking dick up her ass. A waiting-room/train drawing.
Pilot Zu with Spaghetti. A request by FlashMasterXD, but I managed to make it a bit erotic. I'm no pro at making things look sexy, but this isn't too bad, me thinks.
Zara sketches. Sketches of Zara. 3, actually.
Nude Sofi, showing off her skinny-ness. Still, I think her legs are too fat.
Sixten with a Flashlight. Traindrawing stuff.
Zu jerks off Sixten, more waiting room/traindrawing stuff. Not too bad, at least Zu. Sixten looks meh.
A cover for something that I don't remember what it was. I found it lying around, so I uploaded it.
Lollo meets Extreme Brah! It's an inside joke comic, but anyone should be able to read it. It's no masterpiece.
Weird Threesome, that I made for Guoodzilla's birthday. It came out decent! I like it.
Zee-butt sketch! Dunno if you remember Zee, but her ass is asstastic and needs to be violated. So here's a picture of it.

Yaay, and almost all of these are not safe for work.
Now, some fanart.

Lotsa robots from that Touhou fortress game 2 or whatever it was called.

And one fanart from Guodzilla!!
Friday in Zoo!! Woop!

So yeah. You know the drill, if Onihole gets finished, I post it as soon as possible. I'll work on other things, yadda yadda.

Oh, and I finished that Dolphon rape, and it came out pretty good. Look out for it in Project X when the next demo is released!
.... I just remembered I have to make another one, fuck. I have no ideas left, I used most of them in this first one... I guess I'll have to use the generic "Fuck Ass -> Inflate Belly" rape then. Meh.
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But Besped got busy this week, so he was unable to finish it in time. He said there's not a lot left though, so I'm hoping next week.

As for me, I tried to draw after months of not drawing, and it went horrible.
Otherwise, it's the same stuff I always tell you, sprites and flashes and blah blah.

I'm going to see a psychitrist tomorrow so I gotta get up early, if anyone cares. I'm just trying to fill out the update so it wont look very empty, OKay?!

Really, I should start drawing again so I at least have SOME content, other than fan stuff. I guess I have been lazy lately.

Well, again, I'll post Onihole as soon as it gets finished.
While you may feel excited for it, I'm only feeling unease. I always feel uneasy when I'm releasing a bigger project, because it might have bugs or weird things in it, or people wont like it. So in one case, Onihole not being finished feels... Good and bad at the same time. If that makes any sense.

I shall now attempt to finish a sprite set of Zu getting anally raped by a dolphin. Bye.
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So Onihole isn't finished just yet, because there was some things that were glitching up and wasn't working as I wanted them to. Hopefully it'll be done during next week. I'll post it as soon as it gets done, however, not on sunday. Unless it gets done on sunday, but I don't think it should take that long.

As for people wondering what the Peach flash that got corrupted and canceled was, it wasn't Princess Peach from the Mario series I was talking about, I was talking about Besped's character with the same name.
Picture is here:

Anyway, I'm doing new projects for Besped now. One shorter and one longer.
I'm doing the shorter one first, and here's what it looks like:
I think I overdid it with the size of this...

So yeah.
Soon, there will be Oniholes. Besped is doing his best!
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This week, my Peach project with Besped got all corrupted and shit. I lost pretty much everything, after working on it for a whole day. Which sucks. I didn't feel like doing all that shit again, because it was really hard and complicated. I talked with Besped, and I could do something else instead. So I just started up a new project. Hopefully it wont die on me.
At least he liked the remaints of the betas I had left.

Speaking of which, Besped and I have been staying up for a while now, working on Onihole. It is finally coming to an end. If we are lucky, it might ACTUALLY be done by next update. There's a few things left to code, which may or may not be problematic, as well as a few graphical problems that should be pretty easy to solve.

Let's hope we don't run into any more trouble with this project!

Huff, I'm really tired now though. I'm gonna give Besped a few more instructions and then head to bed.

Sorry for yet a content-less update.
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