That flash that I mentioned last week, is almost finished! I'm surprised, usually flashmaking by me takes months. But not this time, apparently. So if nothing goes terribly wrong, it should be up by the next news post! There's only the smaller details left.

That also means that I can play LM2 without being too guilty of delaying the flash work! Wah ha ha!

As for the T-shirts, it's still pretty cold here in Sweden, so I can't tell any interesting stories about them yet. You'll have to wait for summer, I'm afraid.

Also, for you who have me as a contact on MSN:
As MSN is dying, I have switched to skype now. It's a different from my MSN account, so go look for "crystallizedsugar" if ya still want me around.
I know there's some hard-to-contact people on my list, that I can't tell on MSN directly, so I'm just sayin' this here. This is especially important for potential collab-people! You know who you are! I hope!
And if you're just someone who wants to yell at me I guess you can add me as well. Then we can have a 1 minute conversation and never speak again, like most of the contacts I get lately turn out like. Bah.

... Shiet, I can't say "Bah" anymore without thinking of The Ranboobs.

Egh, I better head to bed. WE shall meet again next week! Hopefully I'll bring a new swf file with heavily tweened erotic shapes and forms that you can please yourselfes to. Hoahoa.
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Hi hi.
Today I have... Worked on flash. Like every other day of last week.
Surprisingly I'm nearing the end of the flash I posted screenshots of last news post! Unfortunately, I must move my attention to something else real quick... So it has to wait a week or two, nyuff.

Anyway, I'll show off some T-shirts I bought instead.

They are a bit cheesy, but I like 'em!
Now that I think of it, I shoulda really bought underwear instead of T-shirts, as I have an endless amount of them. Oh well...

Incase you missed it, the latest demo of Project X is now out. There's still no bugfixes for Zu, so I'm assuming Zeta's being lazy >:C

But yeah, there's a new stage this time, so have fun with that or something. Mmh.

I guess that was everything I had to say today.

Well, actually, there' Luigi's Mansion 2 coming out in 10 days!!
I'm so gonna play the shit out of that, Luigi's Mansion is one of my all time favorite games!

uhm. Yes. That was all for me, thank you for visiting, and please come by next sunday (and the following ones as well!) for more updates and talkings.
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Hello... And goodbye!

It's by this point I have expected you to teleport to some other part of this website, I guess.

I don't really have much to say today.
I have put all my focus onto a single project this week, and I have been making sweet, sweet progress. It's the sequel to Our Sense of Humor, and I guess I can show a couple of screenshots.

It's about halfway done... And is crazy as shit.

And for the hell of it, I'll upload a shitty sketch I made recently.

Well, hopefully that'll make you a little bit satisfied...! I'm gonna go to sleep now...

Actually that's a lie, I think I'm gonna watch an episode of GameCenter CX before that. Hoahoa.
Well good night anyway!!
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Yes yes, I think I have something today. Mostly fan stuff, but whatever.

The awaited part 15 of Ellie and Zu Get Lost is finally here!
Download it here!
Just for how long has it been running now anyway?

And the second is a fan flash! Well, more like a fan edit of a flash that I made... None the less, here it is:

Watch it now!! Now!!!
As usual, it's from FlashMasterXD.

I wish I had some fun things to share, as it feels like I should have... But I don't! I have been making lots of progress on my various flash projects lately! Which means writing of character bios is on hold once again, sigh. Well, the flashes are still not near being finished, but it feels very good to have made a lot of progress on them! Maybe next week I'll share a couple of screenshots.

As for my boardgame, it has also taken a backseat for now. I need some help from my colorist Yulia to finish the backgrounds, as my colorblindness will make it look rough and horrible.

Oh, oh! I almost forgot!
I've got a nice danish guy working on early stages of a re-design, so please leave comments in this topic in the forum, where you can also visit a Work-in-Progress site to see what it looks like:
Any ideas and comments are nice! Specially from you people who browse, as I mostly focus on the functions rather than the design n' so.

See ya all next week!
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Today, I got nothing...

Not that I have done nothing, I've been working on many various projects! As always, they're pretty far from finish, but eh.

I've started to make a board game! I'm not sure if it will be used frequently, as I don't have any friends or people coming over often... But at least it's fun to do! Maybe I'll show it somehow when I'm done with it.
If anyone is interested.
Probably not.

I wish I could upload a little preview of what I'm working on right now, but it's too early in the making to show anything! I'll wait until I get a bit further, which should probably be after I finish a little trade I got myself involved in.

So uhm... I'll try to have something for next week.

I'd also like to say that I read every comment and I'm glad that you suggest stuff and say nice things. I'm just too lazy to reply to all of them.
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Due to more renovations and stuff, server was down for quite a while. We could have had it back up by last friday, but I and Raz was away for the weekend on a playdate.

But we're back now!!
And I brought some pictures of what I did during that time as well!

Zara's Valentine's Day...!
Drawing made for a trade.
Drawing made when in sleep-deprivation mode.
And another, but more sketchy.

While I was away, nothing spectacular happened, flashes were being worked at, bios were being written at, etc. Stuff went as usual, and they'll keep doing from now on.

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I forgot to update again. I had too much fun with re-discovering the fun and frustration of Double Spoiler yesterday.

Anyway, I have mostly been trying to sprite stuff this week, as Zeta wants to release a new demo of Project X this month. Therefore, I'm uploading gif formats of the two swf's I uploaded a while ago for convenience.
The enemies don't have the correct colors, but eh, I'm too lazy to re-color them.


And this one apparently doesn't loop, which I just noticed now. Just refresh if you want to see it again, I guess.


Anyway, today I have a new flash to show; "Miaka".
It's made by Mittsies, rather than me. Usually it's Mittsies helping me out with my flashes, but this time I helped out with his.

Go go shake it out on Mittsies' tumblr!

So yeh, have fun with that! I'll go back to sprites now...
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The site is not closed down, we only had server downtime due to renovations. Mhh.

Well, I have some drawings to show today.
The first one is a train drawing! We've not had some for a while now, and this one, seems to be a bit... Odd.

The other drawing is fan art!
Zu and Sixten has lots of butt fun, hooray!
I like it a lot, it's not too often I get fan art like this!

Nyeah, so lately, I've been working on sprites again as well as miscellaneous flashes. Hmmm... I really need to make one of those "job-lists" again.

Also, for the ones who are curious, my head is now nude. :C
I lost big in the game contest, and we'll be releasing a video of highlights soon, as well as the video of my hair being cut. Meh.

See ya next week!
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Don't have a lot to update with today...

I and Raz streamed some more games, and I lost badly. The score is now 7-3 to Raz. It seems like my hair is a goner :C

So yeh... Next time is probably gonna be next weekend, and then we'll see if I can make a supercomeback. The best parts will end up on youtube, for those who are interested.

And when we're done, maybe I'll continue streaming stuff... If people are interested enough.

But we'll see about that. I'm going back to work!!
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Hi, all! Todays update has lots of fan content! So let's start out with them!

First: Tempest
This is a collaboration fanfiction between The Storyteller and Dragon Soul. It's 78 pages long. Set in the medieval times, it has most of my characters plus original ones, and is fullpacked with action and twists that'll keep you on your toes.

A lot of effort went into this, and I highly recommend reading it~!

Along with the story came a picture of one of the characters in it; Soldat:

Have a nice read!

A very nice picture of Zu's butt!

Aand thirdly:
Made by FlashMasterXD and edited by me, it is a very intense battle between the two magical beings La and Louise. A must see!

Some of you may noticed the streaming I and Raz did, with our little contest thingy. I don't think many of ya cared or noticed, because the max amount of watchers were liek 8. I might force the job of editing the highlights onto some poor friend of mine so that I can upload it to youtube, so stay tuned for that.

Next time we stream will be... No idea, hopefully sometimes soon!

As for our game list, these are the games we have and can play:
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour - RC
Mario Power Tennis - Raz
Super Mario Strikers -
Mario Baseball -
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! -
Super Smash Bros. Melee - RC
F-Zero GX -
SSX TRICKY (some sort of skiing game) - Raz
Micro Machines - Raz
Wrestlemania -
Rocky - Raz

Wii Sports -
Mario Kart Wii -
Super Smash Bros. Brawl -
Pikmin 2 -
Mario Sports Mix -

Super Mario Bros. U -
Nintendo Land -

So far it's 2 - 4 to Raz. I guess I can expect my hair to get shaved off at the end of this competition. :C

Otherwise... Eh.
I'm thinking of migrating to sites like HentaiFoundry or FurAffinity for the time being. There's too much haxstuff going on, and I feel like it isn't good for either me or the visitors. Until I can find someone who's great at sitemaking that's not too expensive, I might shut down for the time being.

That's it for today. Maybe I'll see ya next week again!
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