Ah~yo, people!
I finished that short flashloop I was talking about! I based it off of one of KingHime's sketches... He used to be on the forums sometimes, but since I added him on Skype it seems the forum was forgotten, haw haw!
Anyway, it's a short thingy for a quick fap!

And since it was sort of requested, here's Ellie in a Bubbles costume. There's not really much costume to hide behind for poor Ellie. And her birthday's tomorrow, so I gotta make sure to remember to draw something about that..... Well, technically it is monday already, but whatever! You know what I mean.

And it seems somebody has finally listened to the requests for Zu taking horse cock in her arse. It's not animated, but it still counts! Yay!

It was nice to hear what you guys wanted back for Butt Bus. The different and somewhat randomized dialog and different moods will return for sure. I think I've got some great ideas of what it could become. Now that I don't need to be pushed by any deadlines, the animation can probably be better than before too. I've got a good feeling about what can be done with it! If you got anything else to say about it that isn't fetish related, a la "All-the-way-thru" and "Belly inflation", do speak up, I'm listening.

On thursday this week, I'll go to one of those infamous playdates again. So don't expect an update on sunday/monday, since I'll probably be pretty beat when I come home.

By the way, you guys who wanted to assist me with the character bios, where did ya run off to? I haven't heard from you in a while, did you give up? Haw haw. I still need some assistance to speed up the process, I'm afraid!

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed today's update! I'll see you... Sometime next week, yah.
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Wow, time just flies. These days, I feel like I've accomplished nothing. Sometime soon, I really need to get working on my Butt Bus for real. These flash trades I've been working on seems to always come to a standstill for some reason or another. Bleh.
Speaking of the Butt Bus... Butt Bus Zara's fixed face! I always though the previous face looked a bit smurfy, but I just couldn't figure out what was wrong. With the help from KingHime, I think it finally looks good! Now it's time to plan out what I want in the flash. From a technical stand point, is there something from previous flashes that you'd like to see return? Or something that should be removed? Or just improvements? Some new idea in general? I'll take that into consideration, if it is something I deem possible.
But, no asking for extra fetish stuff, I just want to know about features. Like, the dialog from Rudolf's Revenge, for example.

Here's the loot I got through Raz from Japan! Some neat figurines, I'll cherish them always!

I was asked to draw Zu in a Powerpuff Girl costume, so here it is! I think I am unable to draw not pervy stuff at this point... I don't know if that's a good thing or not.

I'm afraid I did not manage to finish that loop I was talking about last week. I kind of want to include a little cumscene too. I'll try to make it til next sunday.

May 11th is the birthday of Ellie. I need to come up with some similiar birthday picture like I did with, Zara, Zu and Zoo. She'll probably get something around the likes of Sofi's, since she ain't really sexually active. Haw haw.

And with that, I say good night!
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I drew Zu getting spitroasted!
Long time since that last happened! This time, it's with the two "new" characters from Zu's new workplace in her new bio! Don't worry though, it's not a canon scenario. But I think it is an interesting one! I really like how it came out, too.

During this week I started thinking about going back and touching up old flashes. I looked back at some of the work files, but they were so outdated that the only thing that I could do to touch 'em up is to totally rework them. I'm not sure if I want to take up such projects, though! I have so many different ideas of what I want to do, but I'm limited by my inability to write and learn coding. Bleh.
Here's a re-imagination of Gooper Blooper Returns!
I thought about what kind of plot would fit this scenario, but I just couldn't come up with something interesting that kept the giant squid in there. So I replaced him with generic alien tentacles. The aliens would want to distract humanity by hacking into our waves and livestreaming a celebrity being fucked. They know humans like that. Sadly, they mistake Ellie's butt for her frontbutt, and so they alienate most of the viewerbase and their plan ultimately fails, but several people got to jack off. And Ellie gets loadsa alien sperm shot up her arse. Instead of ink.
But don't expect this thing to become reality! It was just a thing I did for fun!

I've been working on this and that this week. I feel like I want to make a short loop of something, so I started out on a little thing. We'll see if I can do it til next sunday, perhaps. It's been so long since I actually did something in flash. Or at least, I feel like that.

I know I said I would focus more on what was in front of me, but sadly Mario Kart DLC got my attention this time. I spent a few hours being mad at the horrible hitstun that makes it impossible to catch up if you get hit more than once. What happened to the hitstun in Double Dash and MKWii?! Those worked great! And I'm not fond of the new item system either. And mushrooms and the star feels so nerfed. Blah! At least the new stages were fun this time around.

And I also saw that there's a new Touhou game coming out this summer! Very exciting!
Speaking of which, Raz comes back from Japan today. He brought some loot over for me that I'm going to show off next update! Look forward to that, my dear buttloving friends!
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It's sunday! I didn't forget this time! Haw haw! Let's see what I got for us today!
I have...
Ellie's Profile Picture! 1
Ellie's Profile Picture! 2
Ellie's Profile Picture! 3
I hope this looks good. I've spent some time on her...

I also drew something for this update as well. I don't want it to be too empty.
More Belethey things!
It's been a while since we cuminflated Sofi, I believe. So this is a welcome... Change? I dunno, bluh.

There's also this fan art from Cinndrie! It's a sketch that he found and decided to send me, I heard it was quite dated.

Well, that's pretty much it. I found myself engrossed into the third Ace Attorney game. It was fantastic. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! I don't regret playing them! Hopefully I'll be able to focus on what I should be doing now!

Uhmm... Yeah. I'mma head off to bed now. See ya!
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Well, would ya look at that! I forgot to update again!

Though, I was pretty stumped about what to do last week. I was kinda stuck on everything, huff.
So I decided that I should perhaps try out some new, interesting game. Unfortunately, I chose "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney". When I start playing some sort of game with a mystery in it, I often find myself engrossed in it. And that's what happened to me. I stayed up til 8 in the morning to finish one of these cases. Mh.

Well, I at least managed to make some improvements on the screenshot I showed a while ago.
I still think the face looks a bit smurfy, so I'll have that looked at...

And I think I've come close to a finished version of Ellie's Profile Picture!
At least I hope so!

But yeah. I'll have to try to be more active this week, haw haw!
I'm just gonna finish another case first...
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I look back at this week, and all I see is myself being held back waiting for other people to finish their stuff. It has filled me with an unique feeling of blarf; that feeling of having no idea what the hell to do. Here's hope that next week will be better!

Anyway, I did manage to draw some stuff, amazingly.
Zu showing off her tits!
It just keeps happening, damnet!
Sofi's birthday gift!
Beleth doing Belethey things.

Shake it out and what not! There's also fanart this week! Yay!

First, two pictures of an Ellie figurine! This is made by Guodzilla, who used to write that ol fanfiction series named "Ellie and Zu Get Lost", if ya remember!
Photo 1
Photo 2
Pretty impressive, I say! Though, the semi-realistic style makes it a bit uncanny, at least to me...

And something by Cinndrie too! Featuring this Ellie doing some typical weird Ellie things.
"Nyuh, something weird!"
"Nyuh, I'm done!"

I also got this photo of a drawing by a guy calling himself BLaZe!
It's Zu!
A bit walleyed perhaps, but at least there's nice tits! And I'm sure anybody would go walleyed after being porked as much as she does. Haw haw!

Since my trades became a bit problematic with the progression, I did some work on the Butt Bus project, and sat down and decided what I should put in it. As usual, I want to try out some sort of new thing. I think this one might be fun. The concept is similiar to A Blonde in the Dark, I'd say. But with less knifes. Updates on this project will probably be very slow for a while, so don't expect to hear much of it in the near future.

I also wanted to post a really funny replay of a match I had on For Glory (Smash 4), but my Hauppauge device needs to be a shitface, of course. If I can get that shit to work tonight, I might edit with a youtube link, otherwise it'll have to wait.

That's all for this tiem. Good night and good faps!
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That lil' Sofi is gonna turn XX April 1st, better think up something fun for that!

Sorry for bein' late with the update again, I had a friend over for the weekend, he left today. So yah, I had to wait!

Anyway, here's four drawings I did for various people throughout the week!
Q.Pid Stuff! for Seirryuga.
Warty Peaches! for KingHime.
Chubby Roses! for Absented Tangent.
Split Dragonian Buns! for Spazman.

I'm pretty happy with these! I hope the people who they are for will be too!
Still got a few left to do, though. Maybe tonight I'll draw some more.

Last week, since I had nothing valuable to do, I worked on my secret project! I'm thinking a few more weeks of work on it, and the animation will be all done! I'm pretty sure everybody's gonna hate it, since it's not porn related, haw haw. But it is quite nice to work on something where you don't have to go into such detail with everything all the time!
It's made me get renewed motivation for my old half-scrapped Butt Bus project. KingHime on our forums was willing to work on it, and has a bit, but he's apparently very busy! So if there are any other flash artists out there with some skills to share to this project, I think it'd be fun to collaborate this into completion!

I'mma gonna get myself something to eat now, so I'll leave ya be for now! See ya around!
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What a week. I didn't get anything done at all. That's pretty bad. I've got a long list of stuff to draw for people, I think I'll get those done during the coming week.

And I might have to draw up some of the side characters that appears in Zu's new bio. I'm sure some of you are curious of what they look like. Here are some I sketched up a while ago, I don't think they're gonna be the final look for all of them. Maybe some.
The Nyqvist family, which Zu now works for.
Matilda, the head maid. And an unfinished sketch of Zu with the giant dildo.
I'm sure it'll be a blast to work with all this in the future. I was supposed to start Zara's new bio up yesterday, but I was kidnapped out on adventures, so I couldn't. During the adventure I met up with Charlie, my cat who's now a fatty. 9 kg. It was pretty weird to hold him, hoahoa.

I got a fourth Zu sprite drawing from francyszz3. Apparently something for her birthday, altough a bit late! I can't read spanish, so yeah. Haw haw!

Well, that's it for today. I'm gonna see if I can find anything to do before going to bed. See ya all later~.
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Whoops, seems like I forgot to write an update... I dunno what I was thinking! Sorry~. Anyway, to the important stuff!

Ellie in her underwear! It's still being worked on! There's gonna be patterns in those see-through places, just so you know. It's looking neat, though, isn't it?

Zu's new backstory has been updated to what I hope is its final form! If you missed out reading it a few weeks ago, now is your chance to read it!
There was some guy who wanted to make some improvements to it, but I've not heard from him in a while... I wonder what happened. A third writer would really help speed up getting them all done!
Anyway, let me know what you think of it, you who didn't read it. Or, you who read it but chose not to comment!

I got a piece of fanart from Leather IceCream! Apparently he's moving away from flash to some other artsy program! Good on him, I can't imagine leaving flash and its vectors any time soon. I'm too dependent on them now, but I also think I'm doing a pretty swell job at it, hawhaw!
Also, it seems there's 4 images of Zu in a row on the fanart page now. I can't say I'm complaining~.

I'm feeling pretty reliefed at the moment, 'cause I've finished the main animation of besped's trade flash. Only stuff like menus, options, music and such things left to add. However, since besped doesn't want me to post it until he's done with his part, I can take it easy for now. And just work on whatever I feel like~. Kinda. Still got one more trade to finish off before I can be totally free and start up one of my slightly more larger projects. I'm thinking something game-ish. I'd like to try that out. Something game-ish with lots of buttsex. Sounds like it could be fun.

Well, anyway, I should head off to bed and get some sleep. I've been pretty drowzy today, for some reason.
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There sure was lots of mixed reactions to Reluctant Rectal Reprogramming! I found most people who enjoyed it was outside of RC.se. Over at Hentai-Foundry, to be more exact, since that was the only place that allowed a filesize over 10 MB. Stupid FA and /f/. But the most important part was that the G-Man himself liked it! Which he did! Wooh!

So, now I'm gonna continue finishing up besped's trade. And this other one. Hmhm.

Last week... I spent working on something completely unrelated. It feels good to have something that you don't need to do superwell on to just let loose at sometimes. I tried to draw something for Zu's birthday, but I felt rather uninspired, sadly.

This was all I could come up with. I guess I can't be mean to the poor girl all the time, eh?
I also drew this, for some reason.
And a somewhat late Valentine's Day drawing. With the Valentine themes removed. Hoahoa!

I also recieved a bit of fan art from Daniel! You know, that guy who made that Robot that did unspeakable things to Zu in that flash from recently.
Zu's waiting...
That's not enough, give her more!

I recently bought this game called Shantae and the Pirate's Curse or something along those lines, out of pure boredom and lack of motivation a few days ago. It sure gots lots of boobies in it. It just lacks bein' raped by the enemies when you get hurt, and it would be a lot better. Haw haw. Can't really think of anything else when playing, I guess it's just my perverted mind. But if you're gonna have scantily clad women, you should at least go all the way!

Well, I don't think there's anything else I have to say. I hope you jerked it to Zu on her birthday. And if you didn't, it's never too late! Hoahoa! Anyway, I'm off to bed. See ya next sunday with whatever I manage to finish! I hope it's the Zu bio. It got delayed two weeks in a row, I really wanna finish that thing! So I can start on Zara's!

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