The voiceactress got a bit delayed, so it'll be a little while longer til the damn flash can be fully finished. Don't worry, I'll post it as soon as it is done, but I cannot make things exist out of nowhere! I just hope the quality of the clips are OK, 'cause I don't want to dwindle with the flash for much longer! I tell ya, it's always the sound that delays things!

Anyway, I found one of my old sketches of Zara, and I thought it looked interesting. So I tried to redraw it with mixed results. It's up to you to decide which version you like the most, I guess!

More progress on Sofi's profile image! I'm getting there, but I'm not so sure her hat looks very good... And I might make the hearts on her stockings a bit more red, so they don't blend in with the shoes so much. Let me know what you think, ya? It's good to hear what people think.

But I also got some neat fan arts from GBLastMan! He got a demo of the flash, and liked it a lot, so he drew some more things for me! Such a nice guy!
Zara and Mimi! (User from our forums)
Ghetto Sofi!
Girl Sixten?
Awesome stuff! Apparently, he has a lot more drawings in progress, so we can only wait and see what those will look like!

And last, but not least, something that made my heart skip when I saw it. I was lurking the frontpage of Hentai Foundry, when this suspicious title catched my eye:
"Failed Bi-Zu-ness Venture"
Only to find a quite humorous and naughty picture of Zu, drawn by Sparrow himself! I was quite shocked, I have to say... It was probably the last thing I expected to see.
It's amazing~! I dunno how he does it, he managed to nail everything I like with this single image!

Maybe I'm overreacting, but Sparrow is like one of the most known porn artists out there, or at least one of the most efficient ones! So if you think talking to me is like talking to a celebrity, this is kind of the same thing to me.

Anyway, it's really late and I should go to sleep! I'll try to whip the voiceactress into hurrying up, but I also need to go and find some soundeffects myself. Sorry to make you wait for so long. You should know the drill by now, it's always something that needs to drag out on the time. I hate it as much as you guys do.

Good night~!

Small update:
I forgot to add this, but I'm doing another short trade alongside of besped's now. In return, I'll get a comic around 8~12 pages long. The artist in question who would make the comic would be mamabliss, but it's not who I am trading with. So I guess it's more like a commission type of thing. It's a one time thing, so don't come ask me to do more of that, OK?

Anyway, I have no idea what I want this comic to be about. I don't really like making desicions. So, instead, I'd like to know what my fans want the comic to be about. Content, character, story, etc. Give me your ideas and we'll see what can be made out of it. It cannot be too long, since it's all gotta fit within a few pages, but mamabliss doesn't really care what kind of content is put in. I'll try to pitch and put together the most popular ideas. This is your chance!

Keep in mind, I don't want my characters to act like somebody they're not, so no going and making sluts out of them, ya? Gut!

Posted 15th of February 2015 - 19:33 by Rock Candy | 44 comments.
But probably not the one you're looking for! Sorry to disappoint! But it's come a long way. All that is left are adjustment to the code, add sound effects, voice clips and a few other things. I asked the girl who did the voices for Zu in the Rudolf flash to record some clips, 'cause the volunteers are non existant! Ya gotta help an ol' flash maker out sometimes, my dear female fans! :c
Also, gotta run it by GBlastMan first, to see if he likes it. Maybe he tells me it's shit and I have to redo it, who knows. But yeah, it really should be done around next sunday.

And hey! Look, I drew something again! It has the same sort of theme the recent one did.
Sleepover Surprise! Zu's sporting something extra, which she decides to show off when they're under the covers.
Poor Sofi's butt. Maybe she'll take another girl's dick up her arse next week, hoahoa.

Anyway, about that other flash... It's Rock n' Raz 4!
Yeah, I got some time over, so I decided to do this. Because why not? Somebody will like it, I'm sure. Looking up old artwork for it was pretty nice. I've got a whole scanned notebook full of drawings and shitty ideas for stupid flashes that would have been all out of character for my characters today. I did find a pretty hot outfit for Zara in there though. I should probably redraw it and see how it comes out today. And make a side by side comparison. Hmhm, that might be something. Some day I might share the whole thing if the interest is high enough.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this for today. Let Sofi's butt take care of your horny dicks until the flash is ready, OK?
Posted 8th of February 2015 - 20:05 by | 8 comments.
Time flies by so fast. It's scary. At least it does to me. I'm very close to finishing GBlastMan's trade now. I think I'll keep working on it the coming week as well, then I'll probably finish all the art parts. Then it's up to the brave coders to put it together! Who it is, I don't know yet. I'll have to ask around and see if any is availible!

By the way, is there any girl out there who could record a few lines of moan n' stuff for this lass? I've not been able to find anybody willing in my circles...!

It'd feel so great to finish something soon. Well, at least have a drawing before I go for the day.
Once again, Sofi's butt is attacked by those darn penises. Lollo needs to stop doin' that all the time, bluh.
Fun fact: It was supposed to be Zara at first, but I couldn't get the hair to look any good. Probably because I was too tired when I drew it.

Actually, have a bit of an update on Sofi's profile image, now with underwear! Yeah, she doesn't wear bras n' shit, obviously. Except for when going to the beach or something, then she wears those full body swimsuit sort of swimwear. 'cause fack off, you're not getting to see much of her skin! Hoahoa. She'd be so pissed if she was aware that I drew so much porn of her...

Anyway, yes. If everything goes smooth, expect that trade to be done in like one or two weeks. No promises, but that's what I feel at the moment. If I can't find a voiceactress in time, I guess I'll have to find some stock ones or leave them out completely. Meh. See ya next sunday!
Posted 1st of February 2015 - 16:27 by | 10 comments.
Well well, It looks like I've reached the point where I'm about to add semen and fluids on the besped trade flash. That surely is a sign of that it's close to being finished, right? (please say it is so!)
It feels like it was an eternity ago I started working on it. I don't think it'll have sound, though... At least, I've not planned on adding sound. I guess it'd be quite empty-sounding if there was none? Should I add sound? I'd need a spanish voice actress or somethin' for the female. Hm, at least I've got sounds effects to re-use. The soundeffects in the Rudolf's Revenge flash was good, wasn't it? I felt like they were good, at least.

That also means I'll be working on the GBlastman trade this week, which I think might be close to finishing, but I'm not gonna promise anything. It's a bit more simple than besped's trade. I hope to get it done soon, it'd feel great.

As for this week, I felt pretty inspiration-less, I don't know why. I kinda couldn't get myself to draw anything. I did however get some work done on Sofi's and Ellie's profile images, so here's the WIPs of them:
Unless there's some really bad errors that I have not noticed, I think they're pretty much done, they just lack a few details.

I'm glad you liked my Zara drawing from last week. It woulda been great as a flash, wouldn't it? Zara gettin' egged, tentaclefucked and then left in the nest until the hero (the player) arrives to either help her out or fuck her some more. Hoahoa, I always get ideas like these, but it's a lot of work to actually make all of it! Sadly, many ideas will just be that, ideas. Baw~.

I played my Zu stage online with some people too, we found out that you could somehow fall through the dick where it connects to Zu's arse for some reason. Very odd, but amusing too. As for anybody who'd like to try to beat my Ness, my Nintendo ID on Wii U is "RockCandy". I'll try to be more active than on the 3DS. Tomodachi Life is always running on that.

Oh, Zara. Whatever should I do with you.

Anyway, that's it for this update. Let's see what next week brings us, ya? I'll see ya all then!
Posted 25th of January 2015 - 18:16 by | 18 comments.
Postponed the update again. I wanted to finish a drawing before posting, so it wouldn't be all empty n' stuff.

Butt-breeding Zara, it's actually three drawings of her in different scenarios during a single "storyline" so to say. I wanted to draw Zara with some other facial expressions than the happy and smug ones she's usually seen with. Zara's not all that, hoahoa. Well I hope ya'll liked it.

We streamed that Metro 2033 game while the site was dead, sadly, but here's the whole thing if anybody is interested in seeing how it went. It's actually my first time playing a FPS like this, so don't expect me to be too good.
Rock n' Raz plays Metro 2033 (and also TF2)
Next stream we'll be doing is most likely one of those N64 games, called "Glover". Might also be some Smash, Sonic & Mario at the Olympics multiplayer and whatever else we can find. Haw haw.

And since I decided to postpone the update, I also recieved a few cool images from Cinndrie, who sent them just before I went to bed.
3D Lollo's Wand!
3D Lollo's Wand!!
3D Lollo's Wand!!!
That's pretty awesome, yo.

Now I gotta go do dishes. So boring.
And after that, more flashworks.
One last thing before I go: It's a Smash 4 custom stage!
Posted 19th of January 2015 - 09:55 by | 9 comments.
Due to me having a headache yesterday, I postponed this update to right now. Haw haw. Didn't really get much done yesterday because of it, sadly.

Either way, I did finish another two drawings and sketched a whole lot more during the week. As well as obligatory flash work, but bluh. That takes forever.

I drew a dragon having fun with Ellie!
And some dicks having fun with Sofi.

If you're interested in the unfinished sketches, go check the forum. I post them there sometimes.

I don't really have a loy else to share this week, but I and Raz might stream some today and tomorrow, depending on our moods. Can't really put a time at the moment, but I'll update with one if I find one out.

UPDATE: Well, what do ya know. Instead of Metro, we played Superman 64. I've never experienced a worse video game than that, ever. And Raz forced us to play the whole thing. Agh.

next time, definately metro, though.
Posted 12th of January 2015 - 04:04 by Rock Candy | 9 comments.
Guh, it's really annoying, isn't it? I was going to buy a spacier HDD for this shit, but it was out of stock. I think our current one has like a measly 40 GB or something. Maybe even less than that? So whenever the store gets new ones in stock, I'll be there to buy one to prevent this shit again. I hope none of you missed that delicious Tomodachi Dick pic in the last update.

Like I said last week, I finished up some drawings.
Sofi sookin off that priest.
Ellie is clumsy with her drinks.
Zara's butt may be warm, but she is cold as ice!
Zu's asking for something ~special~ this year.
A scenario featuring 3 girls with strap-ons, one girl without one and a Sixten on the side!

For being me, that's a lot in just a few days! Hoahoa! I hope ya like these drawings, 'cause I feel like I did a real good job on these.

I also recieved some fan arts! Wohoo!
Zu Sprite Drawing 3 by francyszz3, and
Rock Candy Dragon Balls Z by Daniel!

How has 2015 been for all of ya so far?
For me, nothing much different... I don't know if that's good or bad! Hoahoa!

Before I go, I wanna ask you what game you want to see me, Raz and Haplo stream next since we finished Paper Mario. It's gotta be a Nintendo platform game, 'cause that's what we have availible. Please let me know, because we're unsure of what to play~! Raz keeps insisting Luigi's Mansion All-Money run, but we've already done that and it takes a loooong time, hoahoa.

Anyway, I hope my drawings will make you fap some!
Sometimes, I imagine... What if all the seed spilled on my characters would actually wind up inside of them? I wonder how much each one would get, and how it'd affect their looks... haw haw! Have a good week!
Posted 4th of January 2015 - 16:51 by | 18 comments.
Before I start writing shit, there's something very important I have to show you. Something that occured in Tomodachi Life.

This isn't edited. There's actually a penis in a Nintendo game. I can't believe it. The odds for this muts be incredibly low. I feel extremely lucky to have this happen. Make sure to show this shit to your friends, yo!

Soooo~. I hope you had a nice buttsmas. I can tell you mine wasn't very interesting. I played some games, watched some nice movies (Sadly, the Rudolf the Reindeer: The Movie movie as well.) and played scrabble on the phone with my dad. I hope yours was way more interesting than mine, hoahoa!

Mine and Mittsies short little collab has gone nowhere, due to both of us being busy with holidays and other projects. Hoahoa. Such bad luck. I'm pretty sure it wont be abandoned though, he seemed to like the arts in it. I think some friend of his drew it.

As for that Butt Bus flash (, KingHime from our forums decided to take it up and work on it! I've not actually seen him do any flash works, but he seems to know quite a but of it, so it shall be interesting to see if he can do anything with it! I promised to help him out as well, hoahoa. So maybe it wont be a dead flash after all!

I did actually finish one flash for christmas, but it is not a porn flash, just a bit suggestive. I present to you: Mental Struggles of Cape-Men!
It's an animation based on a comic that our favorite scapegoat Shrapnel made a few years ago when he was new to! It was pretty fun to make. Hopefully it is fun to watch too.

I tried to draw some christmas drawings for some people I know, but I couldn't find the muse for it when I did. I did try again yesterday and today, and I think I made a few decent sketches! I'll definately try to clean em up in time for next update. Hopefully new years and comiket stuff wont keep me too busy.
(Rock Candy is eagerly awaiting ふたつの子午線 Orthogonal parallel line. That Merry, the Magician arrangement, hngh, I've waited so long for this. Thank you, dBu music!!)

I wish you all a continued nice fap-holiday, even though I have nothing to offer this year~.
Posted 28th of December 2014 - 17:55 by | 3 comments.
It's almost that time again! Unfortunately, I don't have any christmasey flashes to put out this year. Mostly because last years turned out to be a fiasco. I was holding off this update to finish and post a little sideproject I've been working on, but since flash decided to crash when I finished and I lost lots of progress, that'll have to wait. Meh. I'll do that shit tomorrow.

I wanted to draw some christmasey images as well, but they're probably going to be a little delayed, since Mittsies decided to hook me up on some short project he was making. Something about pizza and horsedicks I believe. So we'll see how that goes. He and I can usually put out something fappable in a short amount of time.

Speaking of flashes, I've had this thing laying around for quite some time:
I don't think I'll have the time to ever finish this shit up. It still looks pretty good, so I was wondering if there was anyone out there who'd like to take over or maybe collab on it or something. I mean look at that dick, I think it's the best dick I've ever drawn. Zara's ass and frontbutt look pretty good too, altough not visible here. So ya, if there's anybody who's curious or interested do tell! Dun wanna let this go to waste.

I'm gonna hold off this Patreon thing for a while though, so let's not worry too much about it yet.

I wish Zu could give you all a christmas blowjob, but I don't think she could suck fast enough. And she'd have to work even harder for the girls. Hoahoa. Well, you can always imagine it! I'm gonna head off to bed for now, I hope to see ya all next week, and then I should have something to show, hopefully. If not, shame on me.
Posted 22nd of December 2014 - 16:37 by | 15 comments.
Ack, this week has been so crazy, I don't even know what to write. I'll try anyway!

I've made some good progress on the besped flash. I now only have the cumscene left of the main animations, but then there's a lot of details left to add. It feels as if it is starting to get finished though, and that's always nice. It might still take a couple of weeks or so, since I am switching between projects a lot. This week I hope I'll make good progress on GBlastman's trade.

I started flashifying Sofi's new profile picture.
Any comments on it would be nice. I personally think the eyes came out really great. But I'm not so sure about the nipples, I have a hard time drawing small ones with no breasts.

We streamed some Paper Mario on friday, it was quite spontaneous, so I don't think many of you catched it. To the ones who did, I hope it was entertaining, 'cause it was the last Paper Mario stream. Next game will be Metro, I hope. We'll also have to dig up some other console game to stream.

I've gotten quite a few different opinions on this Patreon thing.
For you who say we should use PayPal; we tried that out when we started up the site, but we kind of got banned because PayPal does not support porn. Patreon does, apparently. Since I might not get welfare moneys anymore starting from 2016, I'd either have to get a job and become even slower at what I'm doing, or have to stop completely. I wouldn't like that! I also wouldn't want to put my work behind a paywall. So it would be more like a monthly donation thing, to me, so that I can pay rents and shit. I don't want to disappoint any of ya, working on porn is the only thing I can! But I'm still not sure what to do here. I always become so awkward when money is involved...

Speaking of which, I bought myself a new tablet, since my current one is starting to get worn out, and the underside of it has smelt like dill for the longest of time. It is the most confusing thing ever, because I don't eat dill or anything like it.

And today, a guy emailed me saying he wanted to make a 3D model of Zu and maybe other characters and do 3D porn animations or something. I'm not really sure what to do anymore, there's just so much things on my mind right now, it's hard to sit down and focus on a single thing. Gah. Multitasking is pain, I tell ya! But it's also nice to switch it up when you get tired of working on one thing.

Look at me, rambling. Clearly I should stop writing and go do something else. Like sleep.

Again, I'd like to hear what you have to say about everything and anything, so leave a comment before you go!
Posted 14th of December 2014 - 17:34 by | 24 comments.