It felt like recently I wanted to start over with Butt Bus, but it's been like a month already. Urgh. I've been struggling with getting my Paypal to work so that I could get some art assets for Butt Bus, and just now they managed to get my account to work. So now that I finally could make my payment go through, I hope I'll get what I want soon. And since it has really been a while since I made anything flash, I should probably do something that wont take forever to make. Sound good? I hope so!

I spent this week sketching a lot, but not really finishing anything. I'll have to be a good boy and finish 'em all for next update, ye? I've also been having trouble drawing some stuff for Psycho Girl's costumes, which really put me off. I'll have to find an audio book or something so that I can draw and don't feel the need to go get distracted by something.

However, I found two images I forgot to post last update, eheh. So there's at least an illusion of new content!

Zoo ready for Payday!
I drew this 'cause I've been playing a lot of Payday 2 lately. I think Sofi would be a pretty fun heister. She'd probably bring a few stealthy heists with her, and her loud weapons of preference would be firebased; she's holding a flare gun here. One can dream, ya?

Haunted Kimono.
Ellie bought a kimono at a second hand store, but what she didn't know is that a spirit haunts the kimono! The spirit will only accept japanese people, so since Ellie is swedish, it decides to expose Ellie's goods to the world! Such naughtyness.

That reindeer drawing I made a while ago seemed to be quite popular, too. I'm thinking maybe I should make a set with each reindeer giving Zu a good dicking. Might be fun!

So ye, basically, my shit luck continues to be shit, and I'll try to make up for it somehow. If I don't give you all a bunch of drawings next sunday, you'll have to think of a suitful punishment for me.
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Due to some net fluctuations over Kristianstad, where our server is located, there was some downtime for two days or so. But it could be worse, I heard in Göteborg and nearby, an internet mast was sawed down by some hooligans. How terrible that must be. Or maybe it'll make people actually go out and interact with each others, instead of with their phones.

Anyway, here's the remaining Zu drawings, and Ellie's birthday drawing!
Donut Box Tentacle Loves Zu's Donut
Mean Maid
Sleeping Birthday Girl

Thank you for your ideas, by the way! Most of them was difficult to implement in a birthday scenario, but yeah. Always fun to hear 'em anyway! I'm sure Ellie had a great night, even though she slept through all of it, haw haw.

For a while now, I've attempted to make a new version of Psycho Girl's profile image, with little success. However, I think I've finally made something I'm happy with. Tell me what ya think of it, ya?
Psycho Girl 1
Psycho Girl 2
Psycho Girl 3

Her coming costumes are going to be a bit unique, I'm sure you're gonna like them though!
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Ya! I'm finally happy with all of her now! Here's all of them, I'm holding off posting them in the gallery, in case I find any errors in them. It's happened before!

Half clothed
Fully clothed

Toyed around a bit with her haircolor n' stuff, what do ya think?
Pretty gut, ya?

And last update I promised you all some Zu, yes? Well I did finish two drawings! I wanted to finish the third, but due to good weather and wasting effort on redoing Psycho Girl's profile image made that impossible! But they're pretty, me thinks! A little complicated for being me, if I say so myself.

First one's kind of a follow up to Rudolf's Revenge.
Reindeer Games.
Second one's a fun demonic threesome! With Zu, Beleth and Aiyoku!
Lack of Foresight.

11th of May is Ellie's birthday. What do ya say we all put our perverted minds together and suggest ideas of how to celebrate it? I'll choose one of 'em, or combine some, draw it up and have it ready for next update! Sounds good, ye?

Well, go! I'll look forward to reading your ideas!
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It's good to hear a lot of questions and thoughts about the Butt Bus project! I'll try to consider any ideas that I hear, as long as they can fit what I've got in mind with this project. I don't want to spoil too much of it... Not that there is much to spoil, but that just makes it harder to talk about it, I guess!

I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of interest in Sofi's bio, but I can't blame ya. It's quite a lengthy backstory!

But hey, I finished some drawings! Both happen to feature Zara!
Triple Penetration and Failed Fun!
The latter was supposed to be made before my trip to Japan, but I didn't have the time to make it. But I made it now, with a slightly different outcome. Haw haw. It's really fun to draw her!

I've also recieved some neat fan art from GBlastman! I'm sure fans of Zu will like them! I know I do, hoahoa!
Sticky Cummy Zu
Stickier Cummy Zu

I should really stop writing these just before going to bed... I'm so tired my brain is drawing a blank.
Anyway, next sunday's update is probably going to be a few drawings of Zu, and hopefully the last batch of costumes for Sofi. I'm drawing her wearing a pair of inlines, and that's not the easiest thing to draw I found out. Egh.
With that, I'm out for today!
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Today, I bring you Sofi's new bio!
I got my butt together this week and finished this up, feels good I tell ya! Please enjoy!
And while you're at it, have Zoo in a swimsuit!

I've also got two fan arts to show off!
Loose-bellied Zu, by Francyszz3, and one of the best things I've witnessed this year, by KingHime!

Thanks for all the comments about the Butt Bus!
I feel like I've made the right decision by starting over with it, since a lot of ya liked the new position over the old!
I've asked an artist friend of mine to collab with the base art, to make sure it becomes as good as possible! Only set back is that he's had surgery and is recovering from that now, nyuh. Well, in the meantime, I'll just work on the bios and whatever!

Next up is Ellie! I'm going to have think hard and long about how to fix her shoddy backstory and make it more interesting as well as sensical.
I've also got some sketches to finish up, which I may or may not work on the coming week. We'll find out!

Enjoy Sofi's new bio, I hope it makes you understand her as a character a bit more!
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Time to write some stuff about my trip! But before that, I just wanna say a few more words about that Butt Bus thing.

First, I'm glad that it seems to be appreciated. A lot of work went into it!
Second, the flash is only going to star Zara as the girl. The flash is built around her, it wouldn't work with any other character without breaking their personalities and such. Zara's the only girl of mine that doesn't go in a rapey kind of way, and I felt like doing some consensual stuff for once. Maybe you'll end up appreciating her character when you play it, but I guess it's a long way until then. Why do you not like her to begin with?
And third, emotions is the last thing I make when it comes to projects like these. Since they're usually added by code and play randomly or at set places. It's why I cannot do much frame by frame with the face, haw haw.

Anyway, I'm thinking to pose Zara like this instead. What do you think? Should I try some other poses? I feel like I should have her face up, even though I'd just like to flip her around and have her fucked hard doggystyle. I mean, I'll get to use her breasts more if she's facing up. And her arms and hands, too, like in the video shown.

But enough about that! Time to talk about the trip to Japan, ya? OK!

My first impressions of Japan were... It's like Zu's butthole, cramped and crowdy. Haw haw!
Jokes aside, there aren't many places where there's a lot of space, at least in Tokyo, where I went. Most stores have very thin isles, so if you have a bag with you you'll barely manage to squeeze through. And it's even more difficult when there's people everywhere!

The absolute first thing I got to experience was the japanese train and subway stations. Mazelike, crowded and noisy structures that confuses the hell out of you!

After we got out of there, we went to where we were supposed to stay. Which was with a friend of Raz's who shared an apartment with a japanese TV chef. The view from the balcony on the 14th floor. The room we stayed in wasn't that large. It was enough for one guy to stay in, but we were four guys! After we put up our matresses, it was almost impossible to open the door!

I didn't take many photos until the second week or so, because I kinda forgot. But after we went out to get our portable internet, we went into the big city to walk around various stores. And that's when I started to feel my feet beginning to die. I had gotten myself some new shoes right before the trip. They felt gut when I tried them in the store, but after lots of walking around, it became obvious that they were some sort of torture tools. And we pretty much walked around all day, so my feet were pretty much covered in blisters when I came back home. They stayed like that for like 3 days after that. At some point I had to buy myself some sort of soft slippers that I wore the rest of the trip. I'm pretty sure I looked like an idiot, but I'd take looking like an idiot over having my feet feeling like I'm walking on burning coal each step.

And after a few days of citywalking, we went out to the country on what was probably the coldest day of the trip to see a giant Buddha statue. It was really windy and with our loose clothing it was freezing. But you could walk inside of the giant Buddha! And that we did. I guess it'd be more interesting if I was able to understand all the stuff that was written and shown around in there, but everything was in japanese, so it was mostly like... "Eh." There was a thousand golden tiny Buddhas inside there at some point. That was kinda cool. Also at some point we went to some place with lanterns and trees. I don't remember much of what we did there...

I bought some fun candy, that tasted awful! Most of the candy in Japan was pretty nice, and I think I mostly ate candy and pizza while over there. Didn't fancy the food. It was mostly cold, raw and slimy or super sweet. There was at least this apple juice I bought that was one of the most delicious apple juices I've ever had. Kinda miss it.

My favorite part of the stores in Japan is that you could walk into a humble store and the suddenly everything's porn.
I bought some fun stuff for myself! I'll show some pictures of them out of the box later.

Raz decided that he wanted to become the sexiest man on earth. Irresistable.

We also went mountain trekking. This is us at one top, or whatever you'd call it. Raz is taking pictures of dandelions, because "Swedish joke." There was lots of Buddhas and steep stairs there, very exhausting.

And the last few days we went to some shoddy hotel in some weird part of Japan. Every room was like a dirty room with a mattress on the floor. And a moldy public bath that we used, haw haw.
I found a larger butt there than the one I bought in Tokyo, but I did not have enough bag space to buy it, sadly. I also found this amusing sign, that reminded me of Rear Guard a little. No analraping the catgirl sluts, I guess!

After that, we found out that the hotel we lived in was like right next to one of the largest red light districts in west Japan. Naturally we walked those streets. It was bizarre to see! Girls dressed up in weird clothes waving at people to come inside their "resturants." Everywhere. One girl even greeted us in swedish, which was kinda funny. At least I thought so.

Then we went home. I'm not good at telling stories, so hopefully this wasn't too horrible of a read. Let me show you some of the stuff I managed to get my claws at, though!

Tits! They came with a bunch of posters, which now sits on my wall.
And a butt! It came with panties as well!
Lots of figurines! I also bought some music CDs, OST of the MOTHER games, ya. But the best thing I got was definitely the butt!

And uh. That's pretty much all I had to say, I think.

Don't forget to comment on Butt Bus, I want feedback on this!
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I've been back for a few days actually, but I've really tired! Didn't get much sleep over there, sadly. I'm really tired right now as well, and I should probably go to bed and catch up on lost sleep. So I'll keep it short for now, but if you check back tomorrow, I'll update with some photos and stories of what I thought of my trip to Japan. Sounds good, ya?

I have however looked at Butt Bus again! And I've decided to kinda start over on it. I just don't like how the art looks. So I'll be redoing it from scratch and hopefully I'll change it for the better. Here's what I made so far, which isn't really all that much.
Butt Bus animation

If you've got anything to say about any improvements you'd like to see, now is the time to speak up. I'm going to start to sketch up the new scene tomorrow and forward. Feedback of any would be appreciated!

But ya, I'll add more to this update tomorrow at some point. So good night for now!
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Off to Japan I go, in like less than 24 hours. I don't have the time to write a very long update, and I don't think I'll be able to update from overseas. I might shitpost some on the twitter account of mine, but ye. When I come back, I want to start up Butt Bus again.

Anyway, I managed to draw some stuff at least!

Zara's Gape Quest
Not as fun when she's loose
Luckily she's got a big dong
And now Zu's got a big belly

And I also wanted to upload a flash, but that damn filesize limit is still here. Egh.
So, you'll have to look at it over at Hentai Foundry.
I made it as a gift for this guy, and to help me get back into doing flash stuff after the depression hit. It wasn't a full success, but it did help at least.

I'm not sure what else to say! I have somme stuff to take care of, so I'll see you in about two weeks! Perhaps with some stories, and perhaps with some drawings. Who knows. Bye for now!
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I had since long lost hope. I guess you're all curious what happened? Well, it's not very complicated. The server needed to be upgraded, but it broke at some point in december last year. I was told that the downtime would only last a week or so. But time went on without hearing anything about anything. It was very annoying, and I became somewhat depressed during the downtime and just felt like I couldn't do anything. But then in the middle of february, I hear that the guy who's taking care of the server became severly depressed and that's why the server was still down.

So this last week I guess he overcame it, because it's all working now! But it sure took its toll on me too. I wanted to do all sorts of things this year, but it started out like this. And I've made little to no progress on anything flash related. I know a lot of ya were interested in the Butt Bus project. I wanted to say this was the year of Butt Bus, but since things turned out like they did, it's certainly a disappointment. And I can understand if a lot of you is mad because of that.

However, I did draw a bunch of stuff during the downtime. I updated that Twitter of mine during that time as well, so those who were there got some small updates at least. OKay, so let's see. Time to list all the new stuff, I guess!

Let's start with drawings!

Cat and Dog
Crazy Cat Lady
Sofi the Boobcat (minus boobs)
Sofi the Boobcat (with booba)
Lollo Boxtesting
Anal Orgasm
Reluctant Titjob
Princess Buttsex
Ghostly Buttsex
Possessed 3
Desperate Measures
Teasing the Poor Girl 1
Teasing the Poor Girl 2
Unimpressive Remilia Scarlet sketch
Nurse Sofi
Nurse Sofi Colored
Bottomless Bikini Sofi
Odd Groupsex
Nightmares of Girldicks
Zu with MetalClone
Nurse Sofi 2
VR sex
VR sex Colored
Ellie meets Dragon
The Mansion Ladies
Masked Mommy
Rear Guard Buddies
Rebecka Self Suck
Zu's Birthday Party
Visions of the Crystal Ball
Possessed Finale
Dickgirl Zu Colored

Whew. I hope you like at least ONE of these. There's a lot of fan art, requests and crossovers in there, because doing requests really helped me get back into drawing again. I still got a bunch of sketches to finish, but I'll get those done soon! And ye, I heard ya, more of Zara. And more gaping assholes. I'll draw Zara's gaping anus til next time!

Anyway! I also worked a lot on the profile/reference images of my characters for a while, since I felt like I had nothing better to do.

What do you think of these?
Mikaela 1
Mikaela 2
Mikaela 3

I think that maybe her feet are too big? I might go back and change those.

Next up is Zara! She's got a bunch of different costumes and outfits now! All to give her a but more depth as a character!
Zara Nude
Zara Underwear
Zara Normal wear
Zara Alternate Classic
Zara Cowgirl
Zara Business
Zara Summer
Zara Teacher

Looking good? I sure hope so! It was fun to work on this!

Zu's also got some small changes made, and also a few new costumes.
Zu Nude
Zu Underwear
Zu Normal wear
Zu Maid
Zu Yellow Dress
Zu Halloween Costume

Most of ya probably didn't notice, but I made her nipples pointy instead flat and nubby. I've started drawing Zu with nipples like that since a time back, perhaps you'll notice in the new drawings of mine if you re-check the ones who star Zu!
And of course, I added Zu in her maid dress. I really like that one, it makes at least me want to grab her and molest her butt til I faint. Haw haw. And also the dress that Zu wore in the earlier versions of her backstory! But hey, it's still a nice school dress, so why not keep it?

And yo, look who got herself a 90% completely new profile image! Ya, it's Sofi! I wanted to touch up her image, but I got frustrated with both tiny details and how atrocious it was built due to her pose. So I decided to just draw a whole new pose! And I think it turned out really well! Shake her out!
Sofi Nude
Sofi Underwear
Sofi T-Shirt
Sofi Normal wear
Sofi Boyish
Sofi Bonus

Isn't she cute? I made a slight re-design to her skirt. It was really wonky to draw, so I figured I could just make it easier to see how it fits on her. The boyish version is what Sofi would look like when she's trying to stay out of people's sight.

And that's all I've made so far. After I finished the "Sofi Bonus", I started doing those drawing requests. I plan on giving Sofi a few more costumes, then I'm going to redo Ellie's. There are just some things that bother me about that one, too...

Uh, next thing. Rock n' Raz 5 was also made, I almost forgot. Some sort of filesize limit that wasn't here before stops me from posting it on the site, but luckily it's been posted on youtube while we wait for that to be removed.

And I think that was everything that I have made. Yeah. So, it's time for stuff made by the fans! Ya, some people sent me stuff even when the site was down! Altough some was made before the site died... But anyway.

Let's start out with some fan fiction, ya? You like to read, yeah? I believe you do, especially if it involves Zu's cute little ass!

Joseph wrote these three short stories about "Zu's Special Place!" I'll have to recommend y'all to read it, it's both funny and sexy at the same time! It's certainly an original take on Zu, at least!
Zu's Special Place, Part I
Zu's Special Place, Part II
Zu's Special Place, Part III

And then, the fan art!
Zara Commission
Sofi Blowjob 1
Sofi Blowjob 2
Festive Double-Stuffed Zu
Booty Zara

Thank you guys for the stuff, it's all very nice!

So, that should cover everything up to now. What's next, you might wonder? Well... At the end of the month, I'm going on my first out-of-country trip without family. I'm going to Japan! I'll stay there for two weeks. Maybe I'll meet some japanese fans of mine. If I have any. I doubt so, Japan's really big on porn... Even though those stupid censor laws.

After my trip to Japan, I do plan on starting up Butt Bus again, seeing as the site is back and all that. I want to discuss Butt Bus with you, my fans, as well before I start it up again. So that's what you can look forward to when it comes to that.

And before I leave, I might be able to squeeze out a short thing I've been working on to and fro for a while. What it is, you'll have to see when it's done.

Well, I think I've ran out of things to say. I guess now it's your turn to say things to me, I'm curious about what you think! I'll try to answer any questions you guys have.
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For a while now my CPU fan has made really a loud noise. So I and Raz went to have it replaced last friday. But due to the store not having the model in stock even though it said it had online, I got another slight more expensive model instead. It was a real hassle to install, I tell ya. But no matter what I did, I could not make it work, even though I followed the instructions. So I could not use my computer over the weekend, until Raz came and fixed with his precense alone yesterday. Seriously all he did was plug it in and it worked. I don't know what I did wrong, I guess electronics just hate me.

While we were at the store getting the replacement fan, which was located in a big mall, I also got some other things.
Purchase 1, two games for us to stream!
Snoopy, because it was apparently multiplayer and Mass Effect 3 'cause it was like 100 kr. I don't know the first thing about any of these games, so they're going to be complete surprises when we do stream them.

I should totally draw a Snoopy/Sofi crossover. I made a shitty joke sketch once, I should try to make a real drawing based off of it at some point.

Purchase 2, cars. Because why not. I plan on giving one of them away.

Purchase 3, the new fan I got and some underwear with santa hat skulldeaths on them.

And yea, I and Raz will definately try to stream a few times during december. Raz told me to get a strawpoll up to see which game you all are most interested in seeing!
Vote for the game you wanna see!
Any single player game on this list are unplayed by us, and we don't know much about them, except for Mario Maker.
Mario Kart 8 and SSB4 will probably be online shenanigans. Maybe we'll play some of ya if you're able to watch and play at the same time, if that happens. We'll be announcing when the stream starts on that twitter I made. That'll make it easier to catch, haw haw.
Gotta wait for Raz's schedule to see which days we'll be able to stream at!

Here's a drawing for ya as well!
Wet dreams about Ellie

There was something else I was going to say...
Oh ye, I've been commissioned to make some art for commercial purposes. Hoahoa, let's see how that goes. I probably wont show it on here, haw haw. That's what I'm going to start working on right now, so see ya again on sunday! Or earlier, if we manage to squeeze a stream in before.
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