Welcome to another sunday night! Have a screenshot again!

While working on it, I noticed that the assets had been resized. So I enlarged them so they're their original size, this image shows how large the characters are for real. In doing so I had to make a completely new background. Which I decided would be Lollo's house, instead of some cavern like in the original.

I've also made 7 different skins for the flash. I plan on having different voices for each! There are a few dudes and a few dickgirls from friends of mine! That way you can choose a favorite, hoahoa. Gonna start doing the blowjob animation tomorrow!

Other than that, I've got some fanart to show today!
First, two from Absented Tangent!
Ellie Paizuri
Ellie and Tentacles
Nice Ellie-centric arts, heh heh!

Chibi Lollo Buttsex
Cute buttsex, very fun!

I don't really know how describe it, but it's very Rock n' Raz-ish!

I tried to draw a bunch of Sofi's today, but... Most of my work was for nothing because I failed miserably. Pretty frustrating. Better luck next time, I guess. Some days you just can't get things to look like you want 'em to.
The best cure is sleep. So that's what I'm going to do!
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Sorry about that, but I was away during the weekend and got very little sleep. I was too exhausted to attempt to type something of value up while also trying to finish a thing.

And I did finish the thing too, here it is: Space Kitty. A short flash loop commission thingy. Hooray!

And here's a drawing I made for the RC.se discord server:
The Unwilling Happy Host. Some mindfuck.

Well that's it for me today. Gotta get back to the Lollo flash now.
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I've been thinking of what to add to my patreon thingy over the past week. I'm pretty sure I could probably do some sort of lighthearted art stream doing doodle requests or make some monthly drawings poll, although I'll have to look into how to one sets up both of those things. I've been trying to talk to people about it, but most are hyped up for the new upcoming flash, hoahoa! So I'm doing another attmempt at trying to make the ball rolling! What are some things you'd like to see or do with the Patreon reward kinda stuff?

I'm making good progress with the Lollo flash too. I've yet to decide on a context for it, which I'll have to do soon... Hauf. Anyway, better post some progress screenshots so you don't go hatin' me.

Like this, you'll see the gist of the cumshots animation. Without actually seeing it in motion!
Being done with the cumshot, I can soon move on to making the new blowjob animation as well. I just need to figure out and tweak a few things first...

Well, I also have some other arts stuff to show before I go to bed!
Fanart from Cinndrie!

Art Challenge Doodle.
Fan colored Zu & Tsal!

Yeah, that's pretty much it for today! Let's see where this takes us. Good night!
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Before you start hatin', I just want to clarify that this won't change anything. I'll be posting things as usual and I won't hide anything behind paywalls. Being a patreon is completely optional, as I say in the video.
However, I'm not sure what sorta goals n' stuff I should have there, so feel free to discuss that kinda stuff if you want. I'm up for suggestions n' shit.

Flash progress, tho!

Ye, I've pretty much taken a break from the horse project, to finish up this. I found it to be pretty fun to work with, actually. I don't think it'll take too long to finish, but you know me. I'll try to be speedy.
I'm including a bunch of different skins for the male in this flash, and this particular one is Friday from old fanfiction called "Ellie and Zu Get Lost". Written by Guodzilla. I think his hard work should be rewarded with a cameo in here!

And for those who want a shaved Sofi, I made this: Wish Granted!
I have the power to make it optional though, so don't you worry about that. Our pussy's pussy-crown will be toggable.

I also made this some time ago but forgot about it, which was what bothered me last week, huff.
Sofi Dicked Forever.
It's an edit of an already existing GIF, if you're interested in seeing the original, I linked it in the description of the animation.

So well, yeah. I think that's it for me tonight. Let me know what ya all think of all this, OK?
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Since it's been a while now, I think it's time to show off some stuff.
Let's start with this:
A preview of Sofi's flash scene.
It's one of the animation loops in the Zoo-phobia flash part. It might not look very lively right now since there are no facial animations yet, but still. It's something! I've still got a bit to do with her part, but it's starting to shape up at least. I've got a bunch of other shit to take care of right now though so it'll be on hold for a short while.

Next, is another reskin-type flash thing I'm doing. I found an old project from 2012 that looked pretty good, though I'm reskinning it to be Lollo. It's also part of the reason I'm putting Zoo-phobia on hold, this will be easy to finish up.
Lollo's gonna work that dick.
This ain't the final look, I'm going to shade and add colored outlines to it. I'm afraid there will be no sounds or music though... Unless there's a lot of want for that.

Well, before I go to bed, I gotta share some drawings I've got in store too.

Fat Ass Zara, some butt expansion I guess, it was a request from the RC.se discord server!

Hypnotized Dicked Doctor, a sort of spiritual sequel. Miles and I worked out a story for this thing!
Read how Ellie becomes hypnotized and taken advantage off here!

Feels live I've forgotten to mention something once again... But I'm tired so I'm just gonna drop it, bleh.
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Hey, remember the Music Tab? Yeah, me neither. But it's actually finished now! Wow, right? Only a few years late, hoahoa! I've uploaded the character themes so far, but I will update it with original flash scores later. I only have edited loops for flash purposes, so I need to see if there are originals anywhere within my music makers' archives. Might take a while. But hey, I've wanted this for some time, and now you can finally enjoy the tracks!

Thanks to the fans who joined the discord server, I've managed to get a bunch of great ideas that I might possibly add to the project. I've made up a working story and name for it now, but I'll keep that secret for now. Wouldn't want to spoil it all. The progess on the Sofi part is going well. I'm actually close to finishing her main animations. Which is pretty huge. What's left after those are the cum/fluid animation, facial expressions, and various other visual stuff that I'm going to need coded in. I'm going to need to find a voiceactress for Sofi really soon to be able to animate her mouth and eyes well, too.

I hope that'll go smoothly. I can't wait to finally have Sofi's part finished up, hoahoa!
That's all for today. Good night!
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The discord server seems to have been a good idea. I've already had a lot of fun with the people who joined! I hope it will continue to grow, hoahoa!

Most of my computer problems have been solved except for a few things, but at least they're not hindering my work anymore. I've continued the work with Sofi's part and I think it is starting to shape up good. Maybe I'll finish the base animations in a month or so? After that I need to add fluids and stuff though. I've yet to find a good voice for Sofi though, I need a girl who can sound grumpy and annoyed, haw haw.

It's a short update today, but ya know how it is. A lot of the details doesn't make for much significant teasing material. Next update I might have something neat in store though, so I'll see you then!
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Well friends, I've formatted my computer and upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. A change that didn't go too smoothly, bleh. I've solved most of the problems I had with it, but there are still some I need to get fixed. For example, I couldn't scroll in the timeline in flash because there was some new, weird hidden away option that made it impossible somehow. That was extremely frustrating. I also need to reinstall a bunch of shit that I have not gotten around to yet as well. Nyeh.

But anyway, I have now created this Discord server I talked about earlier. Even though the interest seemed low, I made one just to see how it goes. It is rather experimental right now, so things would need to be smoothed out with feedback from people who want to use it, ya?

Click here to join!

I hope it will work out, I'll probably post various screenshots and work in progress stuff there.

Before I go, I have some fun fanart from Absented Tangent!
Ellie Booty and Fucked Sofi
Thanks a lot, man!

By the way, I suppose you could more easily show fan art (or other art!) in the discord server too, instead of having to send them by email and not fear it'll accidentally disappear into junk mail. See it as a replacement for the long-dead forums, yeh. I've gotten a guy on making a new version of RC.se too, so there's that to look forward to. Don't expect anything new in the near future though, it is probably going to take a while. Let's see if I manage to finish my horse flash project before he finishes the site, ya? I feel so far away from my goal right now, huff...
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What a week it was. So many people came and we had a great time. I'd show some pictures, but I'm way too tired now. Didn't get much sleep while staying there, heh. But if you looked at my twitter, you've got a glimpse of what went down, I think.

Anyway, I should be pretty much free from IRL stuff now. It's going to be nice to come back to flash again, haw haw. My new plan for the horse project is the following:
1. Finish Sofi's part.
2. Get voices for Sofi and Ellie.
3. Remake Zu & Zeta's part to make the animation more fluid and lively and coding process a lot simpler.
4. Get voices for Zu and Zeta.
5. Make/Get soundeffects for all the parts.
6. Have somebody who's not busy code it all together in a clever way.
7. Release Flash.
8. Feel depressed and anxious because people might find bugs or not like it.
9. Cry self to sleep.
10. Begin work on Ellie's bonus scene.

I've actually started to sketch up the bonus scene for Ellie today, since I needed a little reminder of how Flash worked after a month of not using it.
Keep in mind that this is a sketch, and I'd like feedback on it. This isn't the final version by far, and I'll most likely do it last. I guess this also makes the art contest or whatever I should call it is off too. I'm using a drawing made by a guy called "countmoxi", which I found simple and straighforward but also attractive for the purpose.

Before I left, I finished a set of drawings I made for a discord server I recently joined. They were all very eager when they heard of Zu's baby problem, so I thought it was amusing enough to draw them each a scene with her. Here they all are:
Skeptical but Curious
Zu & Vlad
Zu & Jayce
Zu & Malik
Zu & Kenko
Zu & Tsujimura
Zu & Mikey D.
Zu & Alastor
Zu & Saeem
Zu & Tsal
Zu & Epsi
The Baby
As you can see, it goes from normal people to more fantasy type characters. I made it this way since they're all supposed to bang her one after another, so she's not going to feel all loose when the next person takes his turn.

I also made a few silly drawings while I was at Riddarveckan, so here are those!
Draco Centauros from Puyo Puyo & Tetris.
Lia Mikelad, a character which my friend T_4 made up on the spot.
Biff Atlas fucks Lia. Can't have her be a buttvirgin for more than an hour since her creation, hoahoa.

Well, I think that's all I have for you tonight. Sorry I'm one day late, but I was pretty exhausted yesterday.
I wanna hear what you guys think about the stuff I've showed and told you about though. I'm always happy to get feedback.
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Ye, I'll be going away again soon. I'll be back on the 17th. So no update on the upcoming sunday. Maybe I'll post dumb stuff on our Twitter while I'm there, we'll see.

Anyway, I'm focusing on finishing drawings until I go, so here's a bunch of them already:

Bullying Zu, something which is very underrated, me thinks.
Baking Bully's Baby, this new concept that's proven to be pretty popular amongst fans.
Dragon Magic, a tentacle assault from GBlastman's Ryuujin on the main girls here on RC.se!
A Dick in the Butt, a birthday present for WhatANobody!
Morning Surprise, Zara wakes up to find something unusual about herself.
Crazy Dickgirl Zara, Zara uses her unusualness on Ellie's poor behind.
Swedish Boobs, I attempted to draw digitally a while ago, and this was the result. I also made it for Sweden's National Day.

Well then, that's all I had to say today really. My new place is starting to shape up to be habitable now, so that's nice.
I know all of ya are waiting for flash stuff, but ya. I've not really wanted to start that up with all the distractions I've had to face so far. After this last trip, I think things will calm down enough for me to start all that stuff back up again.
But yeah, bedtime for me now.
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