I've been making some good progress with the Lollo flash, working on various expressions for the thing. It's pretty much the only thing I've been doing, so have a few images of some examples for today's update:

Definitely feels like I'm getting close to the end here. I'll probably have the animations needed done by the end of january, the rest is finding some girls for voiceacting the remaining two female characters and coding.
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Sorry about the late update. I forgot what day it was, my sleep pattern has turned pretty bad as of late.

I'm getting closer to finishing up the lipsync stuff though! Only a few things left to lipsync, then I can go ahead and animate the remaining eye animations. Feels good!

Have a Zu butt, before I leave you for today.
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What a great start of the year. After our New Year's fun times, I got sick. I still am, but am at least recovering. Not really how I imagined 2018 to begin, I was hoping to jump into it being productive but apparently I am not allowed to have such luck, huff.

Here's something I drew though, Zara's Lovely Belly!

I really hope I get over this soon, I'm a walking snotfaucet right now. Terrible.
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Sorry for updating so late, I was spending New Year's and the day after that at Raz's place. My sleeping habits became worse than usual, and I've been pretty tired. Gotta get me some rest before I start up my drawing and animating again. I've got a funeral to attend to on friday too, which needs me to be up early in the morning, so perhaps that'll set me back on track again.

I wonder what my first drawing of the year shall be? Anyone got any ideas?! I'm thinking maybe a row of catgirl butts...

Oh ye, I spent the days before New Year's to finish up some drawings I've had laying around for way too long. So check 'em out, ya?

Continious Revengeing
Dick Experiments
Ghost Strawberry Ghost
What a Steal
Butt Betrayed
Tentacle Pit
Mating with Zu

Oh, and I almost forgot! Check out some of these mouth animations I've been making for the Lollo flash! Tell me what you think of them, ya?

Anyhow, I hope you all had a great New Year's!
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Sorry for being late, I took the holiday off. I wanted to do something for christmas though, and I discovered how rusty I was at drawing stuff, huff! I stayed up real late to finish this, so I hope you like it!

For A Good Cause, an image with an attached story! Be sure to read it for some greater context!

It's also not christmas without one of these!

I hope you had a great christmas and will have an enjoyable New Year's. Like I said last week, I'm going to try to finish up a bunch of drawings I've got laying around. The next update will probably not be on the next sunday since I'll most likely be out doing New Year's stuff, but I'll update soon after.

I've actually almost finished batch 2 out of 3 in my Lollo lipsyncing thing too. Just one more, which I'll finish tomorrow. Then january will be spent doing the last voiceclips, animating the eyes and then finally coding all of it together. Oh, and finding some voices for the remaining two girl characters, since those who volunteered never came back to me... Bleh.

Anyway, I'm real tired now, so I'mma head to bed, hoahoa!
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I doubt I'll manage to finish the flash this year, hoahoa. Since this is an oral themed flash, I wanted to put a lot of emphasis on the mouth movement. So far I've made 10 lines out of I think around 35 or something. So it'll be a little while before I've finished them all. I also gotta make some fitting eye animations to them as well, but that shouldn't take too long.

I'll do my best though. If it isn't done in january, then I don't know what.

I've received some christmas themed fan art from Uxdragon!
Sixth Day of Ux-Mas!
Starring Zu and a character of his, which I didn't catch the name of.

Well, it's just more focus on flash work from here on, so I probably won't have a lot to show off until I manage to finish all those mouth animations. Maybe I'll do a push to finish a lot of sketches I've got laying around for new year's, though. Sounds like a nice thing to do.
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I have managed to get the voicelines from Lollo's voiceactress, so I've started back up work on the Lollo flash again!

Oh yeah, here we go!

I'm putting the Ellie thing on hold instead, since this takes top priority.

Can't tell how long all of this will take, but at least I'm back on track with it! I'll do my best to finish it as soon as possible and still making it look good!
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I thought I said I wasn't going to do these anymore. But here we are.

Guess I'm doing it.

After this, I'm returning to my horse project. I just want to release something of value this year. And we'll see when the Lollo thing comes out.

Mh, well I managed to finish a drawing too: Bad Boy VS Good Girl
Little bit of fan art crossover stuff.

Think that's all I've got to say today. I was away for most of the week, so ye.
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So I made something I planned on doing after I finished the Lollo flash.

Yeah, Rock n' Raz 7! On youtube there's subtitles for you non-swedish speaking people. Flash version is here!

Here's the full image of Nana! I asked Guillotine Gorilla to make it, and he did a great job with it! Even under such tight time constraints, he is a true hero.

Well, since all of that is over and done with... I suppose I'll have to do something else. The sketch I showed last week of Zu and the jackal hasn't been fixed yet, but I think I know another thing I could do... But I think I'll keep it a surprise for the time being.

Anyway, I also got some fanart this week!
Megumi Zoo, drawn by Shrapnel!
Thanks much!

Now it is high time for bed. Let's hope our voiceactress gets back to us this year.
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And November has already almost passed? What the fuck? I thought it had just begun. All of this waiting is making me feel a bit down, I guess. I got a date to record new lines, but it was canceled last second. Now I don't know when I can get another chance. Bleh. I said I was going to make another loop too, ya? Well, I was going to use another artist's work as reference, but I wasn't really happy with how the Zu turned out. I tried to fix it myself, but I'm really shit with digital arts, and was unable to fix it myself. This is what the sketch looks like, and as you can see, Zu is very off-model.
I've asked for some help with fixing it up, but my art friends are all busy with their own stuff, so I haven't been able to start it up just yet.

My fingers can't rest when I have nothing to work on though. I've been sketching some, but haven't felt like cleaning any drawings up yet. I did however start sketching up a Rock n' Raz 7, so there's that to look forward to at least!

But enough depression, let me show off some art and a collab I've done!

Kiss the Kock, a cheeky Zara being all teasy and stuff.

You remember this old collab? Well, here's a follow up comic, Zara meets Sexecutioner!
It leads into mine and Guilliotine Gorilla's second collaboration!
Zara VS Sexecutioner!

He did most of the work though... Even so, it's a pretty big improvement over the last image! He and I will probably work together on some other stuff too in the future!

And to answer some questions about the flash and the voiceacting you've had: No, I can't release the flash without voices, since I need them to sync up animations for certain parts, and I don't want to release it in such a state. I know you might would want to see it as soon as possible without them and such, but you've got to be patient. I'm not delaying it on purpose, I'm also frustrated about not being able to finish it up. Releasing it unfinished would not make me feel good. I'm always extremely anxious when releasing a flash, so releasing it with missing parts would not help with that. And besides, if you knew what it looked like before those final things were added, I feel like it would ruin the experience of playing through the full thing. I really care about my projects, I put a lot of effort into them.

I'm not sure if my ramblings cleared anything up, I've always been pretty bad at expressing myself.
Anyway, I'm off to bed for now. We'll see what happens next week.
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