I drew a new head for Zara's profile image. I've been bothered by it for a while, so I decided to redraw it from scratch. This results I'm much more satisfied with: Zara's new head!

I'm going to make some improvements to other characters too. I also feel the need to redo Zu's profile image from scratch, 'cause I really want to show her from the front instead. The issue now is to come up with a good enough pose for her, haw haw. Not as easy as it sounds!

Zu's being taken as a slave again, this time by a merciless kinky kitty. With a dick and huge tits. I wanted to finish some drawings today, but I just wound up making more sketches instead. I really need to finish some of them up, I've made myself a rather large backlog...

And uh, flash is going fine. Guess I have to mention that as well. It's a little tricky at times, but I'll sort it through. I wonder if I can finish it by the end of the year at this point though. The harddrive failure set me back further than I thought. Or I just overestimated how quick I thought this would go.

By the way, I and Raz might stream at some point tomorrow. Not entirely sure, since Raz wont give me a straight answer, but if we end up doing so, our place for streaming is at Hitbox, RocknRaz. I suppose I'll be typing up a tweet right before we start, so be on the lookout for that too. We'll be playing Paper Mario Color Splash. Yeh...
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Sorry for the late update. I had a friend over and afterwards I was struck with an odd tiredness. But now I'm alive again!

Let's start off with more spooctober stuff, ya?
Lollo's updated bio!
Now completely finished, until somebody points out some error I made! Her bio has needed an update for a really, really long time now. I hope it's better than before, hoahoa. Why don't ya give it a read? After all, I've been drawing and working with Lollo under these new facts and rules for some time. Maybe you'll get a better understanding of her?

I'm going to try to make some more spooctober drawings with Lollo later!
For now, have this: Re-drawn Zu for ZZZZ.
It didn't turn out exactly the same, and I thought the previous version was a tad cuter. But, it's probably something only I notice. Oh, and ye, I tried to add some option face things. We'll see how that work out in the final thing.

Now, I've made some fanarts for DM DOKURO. Who remembers Pomsy? Probably not many, it's been like 5 years or something since I last drew her...
Pomsy 2016, a slight redesign of her! She's real cute for being a sorceress.
Pomsy Naked Dancing, because I cannot let a cute girl get away without showing herself in the skin!
All throught Pomsy. Been a while since I did something like this.

I've got a bunch of other things I've sketched up but haven't finished yet. We'll see if I can get those done sometimes soon. I also received some fanart myself. It's more of that anime stuff that I don't comprehend.
Something Sofi-ish, I think! By Shrapnel.
Something I don't even know by LeatherIceCream.

That's all! See ya on sunday!
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My harddrive is unsalvageable by any conventional means. Only way to maybe get back my lots files is to send it to some HHD specialist service for a very expensive sum. I'm not sure it's worth it though. Here's a little list of my most important, or rather most saddening, losses:

Several recent art project files, specifically all of Sixten's Profile Images were lost.
4 hours of funny gameplay videos I planned on making a highlight reel out of. Mostly Payday 2 stuff.
My recent organizing of my music folder, and many of my difficult to find music files.

Is it worth up to 6000 kr to get these back, as well as having some nerds go through all the bizarre things I've made and saved onto this harddrive? I'm not sure. It's sad to lose the stuff and it sucks to have to redo a lot of work, but the thing I had worked most on I had put in my dropbox folder, so I was lucky this thing didn't happen a week earlier. Otherwise I'd probably never recover from a crippling depression of losing all that stuff. Blurf.

What this means for ZZZZ is that... I'll have to redo some very basic animation and redraw the new Zu. It's not going to be fun, but tomorrow I'll have to begin with that all over again. At least I took several screenshots and stuff so I can trace them. I was really satisfied with that Zu!

Now, I've received a lot of comments telling me get a patreon or something so that you can support me or just be nice. I've had it looked into it, and I don't think it's a very good solution. After taxes and various cuts, I'll only be left with like maybe 50% of the actual amount donated. That feels like such a huge waste of money, and I wouldn't want that. An alternative site we found was Flattr, a swedish site more suited for people from europe. The % cut when using this site is smaller, but I'm not sure if people would be willing to sign up there. Patreon seems to be more popular.

I've also decided to take your advice on using some sort of cloud service to store my projects on. I've looked into Dropbox Pro/Business. A terrabyte of space for 100 kr a month seems like a very reasonable price.

Anyway, since I've not really felt like working with flash during the week, I did some other things instead. Let me begin with this funny thing I saw while browsing the webs; Link to the tweet I made about it!
I'll be interested in seeing if anybody else sees something similiar!

For real though, I've spent the last days sketching and drawing. Here are some things that I managed to get done!
Dicked Doctor, a collage of Ellie getting dicked in the ass!
And since it's the beginning of spooctober, here's a bunch of Lollo drawings!
Let's have it! In the mouth!
Dickgirl Lollo is a somebody you don't want to get too close to if you enjoy your butthole intact.
No tricks involved, or are there? You'll never know until you stick it in.
Exercise Routine. It's not Lollo who's going to exercise, it's probably going to be you.
Lollo Throatfuck, a tad unrealistic perhaps, but I can't ALWAYS be expected to follow my own rules...
One at a Time, Please! It's most likely going to feel better if you don't cram both of them in at the same time!
And the last piece is a colored piece of fanart I made.
Princess Buttsex Colored! Colored by the person who received it!

Other than drawing, I've tried my best to finish Ellie's backstory. I think I've made enough progress to consider it somewhat finished, but I'm still waiting on the final touches to be made. However, I can probably show it to you at this point, since it is fully readable and all.
Have a read and tell me what you all think!
Ellie's Backstory
Ellie has received a lot of changes through the course of writing this. The most important points being how her healing ability works, her age and profession and her fertility. But perhaps the most noticable part for those of you who don't particurarly care about the story behind her, is that she's going to lose her little hat from now on.

And since Lollo came up, I also typed up a little something that explains how her magic wand came to be. I don't remember if I actually showed Lollo's updated backstory before, but it's part of the document, so you can enjoy that too if you have not read it yet.
Lollo's Backstory + Wand Backstory
Nothing too drastic here, I think. But I'd still like to hear what you all think.

Another thing I had lying about since last week is this finished image of Sixten's fully clothed profile image:
Sixten Profile Image 3
I didn't post it since I was a bit upset at the time. Now I still have to redraw the whole thing from scratch, which is a little discouraging. But at least there's tracing aspect... Now's the perfect time to tell me if anything looks off though, since I'll have an easier time making any changes from scratch instead of editing the image.

Lastly, I received a piece of fanart! The only thing that cheered me up while I was moping during the week; Lollo with a dick made by Hamster-Gax. Thank you.

This newspost got a bit longwinded, eh? I didn't mean for it to be. It's nearing 8 in the morning, and I should go to bed soon, or what do you say? Hoahoa.
I realize I asked you all to respond to a lot of different things in today's update, but I like hearing feedback from the fans. I feel it is necessary to make the right decisions. So please do, even if it's only about one of the subjects!

Good nights and I wish you a happy spooctober!
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What was supposed to be a good update today quickly turned into an awful one. Somehow both my main harddrives failed at the same time, like an hour ago or something. I can't access either of them at this point. I'm going to have it looked at tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be able to salvage all of my stuff!

Anyway, like I promised, have the new and updated Zu!

Stuff was looked at, and it's completely dead. I've put the HDD in the freezer, so maybe I'll be able to save the most important things in the morning.
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I've finally finished that one part of the flash I've been talking about lately. Now I just gotta get somebody to code the thing to see if it actually works like I want it to. In the mean time, I'll work on making a new Zu pose, since I was not too happy with the current one. It's going to be my goal for next sunday, to have it in a completed enough state to show off!

Since I've been working on the flash only, I don't have anything to show, sadly. So this newspost is going to be a little short.

If it wasn't for this piece of fan art, I'd have to end the post here, but since I do have it, here's some more Shrapnel stuff!
The least sexy face imagineable
For some reason, Shraps cannot phantom how Zu's hairdo works in 3D, and thus cannot draw it correctly. That's what he told me at least. I don't think it's too difficult, but I'm the one who came up with it, so... Perhaps other people who've attempted to draw it could shred some light on the subject?

Oh, one thing before I go!
Are any of you gifted musically? I want some original music for this flash, but DM DOKURO (who I usually ask to make music) is too busy with his own projects to help me out this time. I'd like someone to create an original track (or a remix of something, if necessary) to fit the mood of a farm-like enviroment. I'm quite openminded when it comes to exactly what sort of music style it is, but some of the more... What should you call them? "core"-ish songs might not be fit for this. I'm not that great with musical terms, but I suppose I'd try to explain myself further if needed.

So if anybody think they're up for the task, do send me an email at: [email protected]

I dunno if I can offer anything in return though. Exposure, perhaps? Haw haw!

Anyway, I'm going to try to go get tired so I wont go to bed at 9 in the morning again.
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Oh dear. I've been playing that new Ace Attorney game most of the weekend. I didn't get much done, haw haw...

But here's some stuff I did make!
Sixten Profile Image 2! Turning out pretty nice, ye?

I recieved some more colored Sofi drawings, too, from SarinaNyannyan.
Demonic Sofi Colored
Demonic Sofi Colored Panties Version
I think somebody has a thing for the girl, haw haw!

And to answer that thingy that I changed in the Zu profile image...
The changed thingy is this!
Pretty minor, ye? But still a change in the way I draw things, so I have to add it.

Yea, I'll try to get more work done the coming week. I wanna finish this certain part of the flash and then see if I can make a new Zu for us. I'll give a new preview shot of her when I've made it, for sure.
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I've been working on lipsyncing animations this week. It's kinda tedious. I'm at least almost done with 'em? I'm glad I choose to only have a few spoken phrases recorded... I kinda went all out with the lipsyncing this time, and oh boy did flash not like that. It's taking like up to a minute to save the project. I'm glad I decided to work on it in a separate file, haw... Otherwise it'd be quite disastrous. Any misclicking while it's in the loading state and you can just feel that crash creeping closer. Heeee... I'm not looking forward to what it's going to be like when it's all put together.

Anyway, I finished Sixten's first profile image!
Sixten Profile Image
How's it looking, eh? Pretty cute, ya? Maybe?

I also made a tiny change to all of Zu's profile images. If any of you can tell what it is, I'll be mighty impressed. I'm not gonna give you anything to compare with, since that's going to be way too easy.
Where's that change?
Anyway, this is why it is so hard to consider these finished, since I keep making like tiny changes to how I draw certain parts, and I have to change them in these images too. At least I'm improving, little by little...

Speaking of improvement, I think I'll have to redraw Zu in the ZZZZ flash, I can't get over how weird it looks. It's sad to see so much progress go to waste, but what good is it if I'm not happy with it?

I've got some drawings of mine to share as well.
Girl of Black and White, which I noticed was missing from the gallery a while ago when I was looking for it. It's from spring this year, so it's kinda old! Was a request for a friend of mine.
Disappointment, something which I feel like I'm inducing towards all of you, all the time. Hopefully these drawings make up for some of it.
Wishful Masturbation, inspired by the conversation I had with Cunning Linguist in the Guest Book. I hope he's here to see this.
Demon VS Ghost, a fight to the last orgasm. Or something.
Popular Sofi #1, actually a left over from an early attempt of the Zoo getting gangbanged dickgirls drawing. I turned it into something else.
Popular Sofi #2, a quick little follow up.
Popular Sofi #2 Colored, not by me, but by this guy on Twitter.
The Zoo Box, where all you dreams come true! Maybe! Depends on what kinda dreams you have. Otherwise a fun little toy.
The Zoo Box Colored, by the same guy as above. Seems like he changed some of the text. That makes me question my english grammar. Did I write something incorrectly in my image?
The Zoo Box Colored (Dickgirl Version), in which he replaced Zoo's frontbutt with a dick. When you don't see the rest of her, it seems somewhat... Eh, whatever.

There's also a single Shrapsfanart for us this sunday night!!
Probably anime references, I dunno.

Was that all for today? Yes, I think so.
Just gotta tell ya all that I'll probably switch apartments sometime soon, date not known, so I'll lose a few days of activity at some point. Will move closer to Raz, so perhaps that will open a possibility of streams in the future?! I hope so, I still haven't played that one Snoopy game. I even drew a neat crossover for it!

Huff, well, I'll leave ya to it for now. See ya!
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Oh dear, am I tired today. I've been sketching a bunch, but I did not get so far with any of them that I'd start to clean them up. It sucks. So I don't have much to show off this week. I did however make a good amount of progress made flashwise! Next week I'll probably finish up one major part of the project, which will feel nice. Then I'll only have the rest left to do, haw haw... :c

Well, it's fun at least. It's always easier to work when you're having fun! So I'll try to have fun with the rest of it, too!

Also since Ellie's main profile pictures are done, I started to sketch on a new Sixten again. Here's some very basics: WIP Sixten
Is he looking good? Bad? Is too early to tell? Any feedback would be nice, anyhow.

By the way, I also got Psycho Girl's new bio up and readable on the site, so shake dat out if you're interested in her!
Psycho Girl's updated bio

Mye. I think I'm gonna head to bed and try to get some sleep in. I've been having some real weird dreams lately that have made me feel odd in the mornings. I don't know why. See ya next sunday!
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Ye, I finished that reindeer set finally!!

Donner's Done Her
Blitzen Doesn't Get Bitten
Blitzen Doesn't Get Bitten (Messy)
Rudolf Will Make Her Ass Glow Red

Feels gut to have those things made! It was fun making 'em, so I hope you liked 'em!
And if reindeers doesn't do it for you, then I've got some Zoo dickings for ya too.

Zoo is 100% Mad

I also got some fanarts during the week!

First out is a super adorable Cute Lollo made by Squid くコ:彡! I didn't know it was possible to make a Lollo look so hugable.
Second fanart is a commissioned piece by Miles, drawn by bakakitty. Miles and Zara doing some lovings! I really like the wallpaper in this image, for some reason.

Oh right, I also made some changes to Zara's profile image. Some small adjustments to her hair and face.
Why don't ya have a look and see if it is any better? Biggest change is that I poofed up her bangs a bit.
Zara Profile Image 1
Zara Profile Image 2
Zara Profile Image 3
Zara Profile Image 4
Zara Profile Image 5
Zara Profile Image 6
Zara Profile Image 7
Zara Profile Image 8

Ye, so I should've probably said this earlier, but I forgot I guess. The ZZZZ flash is going to take a little longer to finish than I initially thought, since due some weird events one morning, I was inspired to add some extra stuff to the flash that I didn't plan originally. But more content is good, ye? I think you'll like it, at least, so I hope the lengthy wait will be worth it. Of course, I don't want to say what it is, since I don't want to spoil everything about what the flash is all about.

And by the way, I recieved my CD last wednesday. Along with it came a little Aya strap. Pretty nice!!

I also watched that movie, Sausage Party at the cinemas. I thought it was eh, OK, I suppose. Too blunt with the sexjokes, and way too many. Wasn't exactly subtle or clever with much. I'm kinda disappointed. Was nicely animated though.

Mye, but that's all for today! We'll see what I've got for ya next week. Hopefully a lot of flashprogress!
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Stayed up late trying to finish some drawings, but I didn't get far enough to consider any of them finished, sadly. I got caught up in watching that Smash Con thingy... And I spent the rest of the week doing flash stuff, surprisingly, so I had no time for drawings, haw haw! One of them's a birthday present that's turning out to be real late, so I should probably get my butt on that...

I did however finalize (hopefully) Ellie's Profile Image 3, by making her titties rounded and adding some details that I carelessly forgot about.
And since I finished Ellie, I also made this! Mikaela Profile Image 7! Makes you think about what happened, eh?

That's it for me, but I recieved this too:
More Weird Shrapnel Anime Fanart Stuffs
Neat stuff, for sure!

I'mma head off to bed, but I'll try to get those drawings done for next week. Perhaps I'll even finish the Reindeer set if I'm good enough. It depends on what I feel like working on, I suppose.
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