Since Fallow is on vacation for a couple of weeks, I've been trying to get the last remaining commissions done. I'm also just waiting for more Sofi voice stuff to arrive, so this downtime has been perfect for catching up on drawings. I've only got two things left on the current list! Woohoo!

This is the one thing I finished this week! I gotta admit, I have little idea of how to draw water well... Especially when someone's just flailing around in it.
The Deep End of the Pool, Pool pranks. Sort of?

Also, some... fan art-ish thing. Drawn by egg!
Sofi Explains Dragon Anatomy 1
Sofi Explains Dragon Anatomy 2

Hoping I'll get the remaining two things done quick enough! Last one's a comic, so it might take a while.
I'm expecting the Sofi voices some time next week as well, and once I get that stuff sorted out, I'll be streaming the last of the lipsyncing stuff. After that it's mostly just... Bug fixes and stuff. I'll probably wait adding some extra flair stuff together with the baby update.

Oh yea, and I got some audio recordings from Yulia for the contest prize winners, so I gotta go through that as well.
Winner basically won a little bonus Rock n' Raz animation, which I'll have to do some time after the update release.
But ya, we'll see what the situation looks like next sunday!!
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So it looks like we might be aiming for a December release, without any baby stuff. Fallow's going on a trip so he won't be able to do any work on the project for the next two weeks, and during that time, I'm hoping to get some more Sofi clips I ordered. Turns out mixing the old clips with the new ones didn't work out at all; the difference in quality and personality are too stark. And, I added some additional voice lines for specific conditions and the naming schemes got all messed up, so that's something I gotta look in to as well. Bleh.

Well, I'll keep you updated on that as well. Let's check some art work that was done by both me and others.

Dick-Milking Party Continued, Dickgirl Zu's dick and balls are teased further.
And here are a set of images that're a bit different:
Zu's Sex Diary 1
Zu's Sex Diary 2
Zu's Sex Diary 3

I've got some fan art piled up as well!
First, some Zu graffiti made by Ris!
Zu Graffiti

And here is a funny drawing made by Avv based on our Worms Armageddon sessions:
Crowned Sofi
Crowned Sofi (Clean)

And finally, an art trade with Sinsigat, here's his part!
Sofi in Hell
My part will have to be done after I'm done with my commission list...

Well, I have a couple of screenshots of some things that I posted on the discord server.

First, here's what the subtitles look like currently. Somebody that has full color vision could tell me if they are readable or not. I tried to use colors from their character design to make 'em a bit more personal, not sure if it turned out all that great.

I don't know if this was in the previous update, but you can make the girls piss themselves. I recently updated the graphics for it, it used to consist of just circles before, but I didn't think that looked so good, so I changed it to a more consistent stream type.
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Was gonna write an update this morning, but I did some work on the game and forgot to do it. I finished the task and now I'm typing though!

Let's see, what happened since last week's update? I finished Jo's lipsync for the time being and transcribed all of her voicelines into text for the subtitles.

Added an experimental option; Mascara trails.

As you can see, it's kinda difficult to line up, since their eyes change shape so much! I'm not sure if I should keep this in or not yet.

I still have Sofi stuff to lipsync and subtitle, which I'll do as soon as I get the last voice clips from her VA, should get 'em today.
Other than that, I don't really think there's... All that much left to do? At least, if we're doing the baby update separately. Which is probably what I'm gonna aim for. Fallow's going on a little break for two weeks in december, so if we don't manage to push out an update by then, I might be able to make some more progress on the baby stuff during that time. A lot of it is mainly coding stuff though, so I guess we'll see. Aiming for the baby update to come next, at least.

I'll know more by next week, obviously.
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I finally finished up the Chen & Ran commission, sure am relieved to finally have that done. Of course the next things on the list are more comics...
Chen Kidnapped by Goblins Part 3, the meat of the story.
Chen Kidnapped by Goblins Part 4, the ending.
The Plushie Holder, a little bonus I drew for rollie.

I promised to show a preview of the baby thing a while ago, but I kinda forgot. There is still a few things left to get through before it is complete, but here's a little sneak peek I suppose.

Not all that amazing right now, but I imagine it'll be real fun once it works.

I'm also streaming the lipsync progress again on Picarto; Rock Candy on Picarto - of you're interested in seeing and hearing the process. I don't really have a schedule for it, so you'll have to hope you're free when I decide to start I suppose.

That's really all for now!
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I got the voice files from the stand-in VA, finally! Now let's see if we can crank out an update before 2024.
I may or may not save the baby stuff for a later update depending on how quick things go. There's still quite a lot of things to do to finish all that up. Gotta make different facial expressions for the girls and some basic mouth animations and also make sure that there's no wonk with the system in general.

But for now, it's a lot of lipsync that I gotta do.
The OG Jo VA said she wants to do the rest of the script when she recovers too, so that's good news for the future! Means a bunch of additional lipsync in the future, but it'll be worth it I think.

Well then, I gots lot of lipsync to get through, some Zu lines that I put on hold, half of Jo's script and a lot of Sofi of lines as well, I've almost replaced all of her old voice clips with new ones at this point.

What's left after that? I don't know, not much I think. It'll come up when I get there, but I'll keep you updated.
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I've got some art to dump on you today! I've been focusing on that basically the whole week. And I'm still not done yet. But I'm getting closer at least.

It's a mix of a comic and image set I guess. See for yourself, see if you like it;
Chen Kidnapped by Goblins Part 1
Chen Kidnapped by Goblins Part 2

Also, made some variations of an earlier image;
Tera Tied 2
Tera Tied 3
Tera Tied 4
Tera Tied 2 (Vag Version)
Tera Tied 3 (Vag Version)
Tera Tied 4 (Vag Version)

Some fan art I had made as well, from egg:
Nude Lollo
Graffiti Hauntings

I heard back from the stand-in VA, and she said she'd have things recorded soon, so I'm hoping I will be able to get to doing the remaining voice related stuff I've been waiting for for so long soon! Maybe we'll have both the baby stuff and the Zu&Jo stuff all together in one big update if we're lucky this year.
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The baby thing is getting better and better, soon we'll probably have a few examples to show off. I'm currently awaiting some hair color palettes (I'm colorblind) and once I've got those implemented I can start applying them to the various dicks. I really hope I get some replies from voice people soon, because I'm starting to lose my mind over here.

I had a crazy dream last week, and I sketched up something that appeared in it; Twin Dick Orin.

I have been doing a bunch of sketching last week and I will continue to do so this week as well. I drew a lot of bonus for the commission I'm doing, and I'm working on getting through all of that.

Mmh, well, looks that's all I had for today. Feels bad.
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This little silly competition we had is done, and I've posted all of the submissions here in the fan art channel! But I'll show you the first, second and third places here!

First Place: hime's Team Yulia!
Won $100 and a 30 second animation & audio recording of Yulia.

Second Place: Bibimission's Yulia in Stockholm!
Won $75 and a 20 second audio recording of Yulia.

Third Place: Vandoom's Dominatrix Yulia!
Won $50 and a 10 second audio recording of Yulia.

If you want to read Yulia's comments and ratings on each picture, check out this Yulia Art Competition Final Results Document we made!

The full size of the rest of the submissions (and some bonuses) you can find below:
Oni Garth's "Stool-Breaking Yulia"
invader_8757's "Size Queen Yulia"
Avv's "I want Yulia to kiss me and hug me guh"
v0x_Ai's "Officer Yulia"
S.H.I.D.O's "Delinquent Yulia"
Dinodile's "Strong Yulia"
Dippin's "Yulia"
JustTaylor's "Beach Yulia"
S.H.I.D.O's Bonus Submission 1
S.H.I.D.O's Bonus Submission 2
S.H.I.D.O's Bonus Submission 3
All of the submissions were great, and I and Yulia had a great time experiencing and discussing them all!
Maybe we'll do something like this in the future again.

We've also been blessed with more fan art from Fran-Chan!
Zara Pile Driver Position
Lollo's Supernatural Boobjob
The latter is even animated, gotta make sure you see it!

Finally, we've been blessed with seeing Lollo's Supernatural Boobjob in action.

I've also been slaving away at finishing up drawings. I really overdid it with the current commission I'm working on and did some bonus stuff as well. Here's three of the bonus drawings, I'm saving the rest until I've finished them all.
Chen Ass
Chen Ass Penetration
Chen Ass Plapping
I couldn't help myself.

In game related news, Fallow has made improvements to the editor and now it should actually work properly. I'm gonna have a reaaaal fun time typing in numbers now. A lot of numbers. A whole lot. Wahoo.
Still no reply from the VA's I contacted either. I'm not sure if I should hold out just a bit longer or start looking for someone else again. This stuff is pretty frustrating.
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I was hoping to have the results of the Yulia art contest we held during September, but Yulia got delayed so it'll have to wait til later. That's why I'm late today. Once we've got the results, I'll post the submissions we got!

Spent the week doing a lot of sketching. I did a lot but I felt like I didn't get anywhere! I still have parts left of the commission on hand to draw, but if I can sketch those up soon I can get to cleaning them up and it'll feel like I actually make progress.

Fallow made the improvements to the editor that I asked for, so I'll possibly also have some WIP screenshots of the baby stuff soon. I gotta add in a bunch of colors and palettes... Not my strong suit, since I'm super colorblind, but I've asked some people to help me out with that. Hope the results look good in game. It will be really interesting to see how it will turn out.

I recieved a couple of surprise fan arts this weekend, from Fran-chan!
Thick Sofi and Building a Snowman! Cute stuff!

Oh ye, I also finished some drawings.
The Golden Ticket, a beginning of yet another story line.
Easy to Misinterpret, Zu doesn't always know what her ideas might look like in the eyes of others.

And, I updated some bios and summaries to be up to date.
Did a lot of tweaking on Lollo; especially on the latter part of her backstory. Read it here if you are interested.

Elias Summary
Simon Summary
Lotta Summary
Felix Summary
Matilda Summary
Hampus Summary
Malin Summary
Mikaela Summary
Johanna Summary
Sixten Summary
Ellie Summary
Sofi Summary
Zu Summary
Zara and Lollo are coming, I got an error trying to upload those for some reason.

Mm, and I think that was all I got for today. Hope to have some good stuff to show off on sunday, along with the Yulia submissions.
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I have now finished all of the baby assets, which means I now have to set how likely it will be for each one to show up on each girl and for each dick type and skin. Something which will take... a lot of effort. I'm hoping Fallow will make some improvements I suggested to the editor to speed up the process by a whole lot. Gotta wait til next weekend for that though. Until then, I'll have to find something else to do. And there's plenty, I just gotta pick. The baby calculator itself is working though; but it's not yet in a presentable state. I gotta apply skin tone, eye and hair colors first, right now they're all the same template color I used.

I'm still awaiting confirmation from the stand-in VA, which is slightly worrisome, but I guess I can't do much else but to wait.

I also don't think I remembered to mention last week, but now all the Rock n' Raz episodes (1 to 18) are all on my NewGrounds Page, subbed and everything! The reception has been quite mixed there, but that's to be expected.

Now I should probably do some drawing, I need to catch up on that again.
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