I have now finished all of the baby assets, which means I now have to set how likely it will be for each one to show up on each girl and for each dick type and skin. Something which will take... a lot of effort. I'm hoping Fallow will make some improvements I suggested to the editor to speed up the process by a whole lot. Gotta wait til next weekend for that though. Until then, I'll have to find something else to do. And there's plenty, I just gotta pick. The baby calculator itself is working though; but it's not yet in a presentable state. I gotta apply skin tone, eye and hair colors first, right now they're all the same template color I used.

I'm still awaiting confirmation from the stand-in VA, which is slightly worrisome, but I guess I can't do much else but to wait.

I also don't think I remembered to mention last week, but now all the Rock n' Raz episodes (1 to 18) are all on my NewGrounds Page, subbed and everything! The reception has been quite mixed there, but that's to be expected.

Now I should probably do some drawing, I need to catch up on that again.
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Been working on making new poses and animations for the results screen. Zu & Jo are both done, gonna finish up Sofi this week. The other two can wait until later.
Here's what they look like now:

Once I'm done with these, I can actually move on to finish all those baby assets so I can show an example of what the results screen would look like in full.

I also have some fan art to show today! Does it count as fan art if it is commissioned...? Well, either way, got some good stuff today!

A little something I commissioned from K3MaMi, came with a lot of alts! Check out her art, it's very cute and colorful!
Babysitter Zu - Clean Version
Babysitter Zu - Sweat Version
Babysitter Zu - Graffiti Version
Babysitter Zu - Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Sweat & Graffiti Version
Babysitter Zu - Sweat & Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Graffiti & Cum
Babysitter Zu - Sweat, Graffiti & Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Sweat Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Graffiti Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Cum Version
Babysitter Zu - Happy Sweat, Graffiti & Cum Version
Came out really nice, I like 'em a lot!

Got a really funny piece from rollaby, too! Based on the profile pic I use on Discord;
Thumb Up Lollo

I'll leave you with that for now, I got a bunch of stuff to get to today!
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I have finally found a temporary solution for Rock n' Raz. I've made subtitles for all of them and have planned for them to be on NewGrounds shortly. Until new RC.se comes out, that's how it will have to be. The upload limit on NewGrounds is 2 per day, so I'll have to release them in pairs over a week. I've scheduled them to automatically publish, so I hope that works out. I wonder what reaction they'll get from the crowd over there.

You can visit my NewGrounds account here: Rock Candy on NewGrounds

The VA I contacted says she's recovering from sickness right now, but will contact me once she's feeling better again. I'll have to hurry and finish all the baby assets in time for that.

So that's what I'm gonna get to now!
Posted 11th of September 2023 - 05:51 by | 2 comments.
I've found a good stand-in for Dorn, I'm just awaiting confirmation. I'm really hype for that. If I can get 'em soon, I'll put the baby stuff on hold and focus on getting the main game stuff ready for an update ASAP. All this waiting has been weighing me down.

Well, I've been doing some drawing too. I want to get through my commission list as well, next time I make one, I shouldn't take on as many things at once probably. Oh well.

Scotty & Ellie Makes Babies, For ScottyKat!
A Cat Character, drawn for HentaiCore!

So ye, until I hear back from the VA, I'll do more drawing and baby related assets. The next commission will have a bunch of Ran & Chen stuff, so look forward to that.
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Hey, short update once again! Been doing a bit of this and that, trying to make progress on a little bit of everything.

Here we have the final part of the parasite set.
Parasite Finale, now they're stuck in a wall...
It's been so rainy and humid, my papers have turned difficult to draw on. I hope it doesn't show too much, but it really held me back on this drawing in particular.

Been rushing forward with the baby results screen, at least I only need to do Zu, Jo and Sofi for now. Still gotta do facial animations for all of 'em, but hopefully that won't be too painful! I still haven't finished all the baby assets yet, either...

Getting the results screen into something solid also isn't as easy as you'd think... So many things to consider and design! I'm working it out as I go!
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Sorry for the late update, I just had a couple of extremely shitty days in a row and I was both tired, angry and frustrated. I won't bother you with the details.

I finally, finally finished this comic I've been talking about. It's conception started about a year ago, if not more... And it's hardly even recogniseable from that original script. It's changed a lot! I'm just happy to be done with it at this point.
Zu's Butt Examination 2
I'm sure there'll be further followups to it.

So, some updates on the game!
I've recieved some more voice updates for Sofi, which I'll be getting to at some point this or next week. She's gonna sound way more livelier!

Begun work on results screen for babies and such.

Hired a guy to do these, but it didn't come through, so I gotta do it myself... Why is it always like this? I hoped to save some time, but no such luck.

Waiting to hear from VAs I've contacted about being stand-ins for Jo. There are a few potential good ones, I hope they get back to me soon.

Getting that comic outta the way is one step to getting caught up on my huge backlog, so I'm feeling slightly lighter.
We'll see what comes up next.
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I forgot to mention last week, but I was away during the weekend, and just came back yesterday. That's the last of my summer activities done, so now I can get back into things again fully. It's been fun, but I feel bad for letting so many things pile up... There are so many different things to get through, I barely even know where to start.

I gotta keep this update short, because I'm pretty exhausted.

Only thing I got for show is this piece of an art trade I got from HentaiCore. I've yet to make my part yet, but it'll come... Eventually.
Ellie Skewered

I've already started sketching on that comic that's been delayed for like over a year, so... Maybe we'll see that soon.
Gonna go through the game more and weed out what's fixed and what needs fixing. Gotta make new assets for the baby function.
Also been getting into contact with a few VAs to see if anyone can do some stand-in work for Jo's VA. I've got a few positive replies, so I just gotta get 'em to record some test lines to see if they can imitate her well for the new voice lines. I'm very excited.

But ya, I'll write again on sunday!
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Aaah, there's so much to catch up on! It's hard to know where to even begin! I started small just to get back into the mindset proper... Let's just take things one time at a time.

First, Rock n' Raz 18 is finished! It got my youtube channel terminated, so you know it's good!
For now, I've uploaded it on MEGA, you should be able to embed there. I even went ahead and made a version with hardcoded subs!
Watch Rock n' Raz 18 here!

I'll have to upload the rest on Newgrounds later, I guess. Since I can't upload videos to RC.se in its current state... And the swf versions keep desyncing, which is really frustrating. Gotta sub all of the episodes via my video editing program too, so it'll take a while before I get to that. I'll let you know how it goes when the time comes.

So, I gotta get back into drawing and commissions too... Starting off with this:
Tera Tied
Tera Tied (Vag version)
Colored images in the style of HHHW. Drawings gotta take a step back though, because I gotta do some work on HHHW. Especially the VA stand in hunt. I was hoping a few more suggestions would drop in, but I shall definitely take a look at the people you suggested! Hopefully if they can do a good job as a stand in, they're fine with the content... Surprisingly difficult to find VAs fine with doing certain types of content.

Lastly, something I've been working to and fro on for a while; updated character stories. I did some major changes in Zu's story, which resulted in me having to edit other characters' stories as well. Even introducing a new side character! Elias is his name, and he's very close to Zu. Take a look if you're interested!

Zu's bio!
(Changes to mainly the mid-section of her story, regarding her and Simon.)
Elias' bio
(New character!)
Zara's bio
(Changes mainly to the end of her story.)
Sofi's bio
(Changes mainly to the end of her story. Changed her rollerskates to a skateboard and gave her an aquarium with pet fish.)
Sixten's bio
(Changes to his story overall.)
Simon's bio
(Changes to his story overall.)

And here's the full versions of Elias' bio pics. I'll work on making and updating their summary images later. I should also post them on the character pages themselves, huh?
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Only gotta animate the mouths now, then it's pretty much done. It's been very refreshing for the brain to work on, once I'm done it'll be nice to get back to usual business. I took some screenshots to, I dunno, hype it up? It's usually only entertaining for people who are really close fans, or have that weird sort of humor, I know. I wanted to finish it in time for me and my buddies' get-together later this august, so they can watch it together live for the first time. And it looks like I will! I consider this my little summer break.

Anyway, here are those screen shots:

Still open for suggestions for a Jo VA stand in. And musicians.
If you are gonna suggest, do check if they're fine with bestiality and such. So many say no to anything fun, which makes it pointless for me to check them out.
Posted 31st of July 2023 - 15:21 by | 10 comments.
If we want a stand in for Jo, we need someone who can match her energy and voice! It's a very unique voice, sort of raspy, and I've yet to find anyone that doesn't use the generic anime-ish voice for almost everything. It would be best to have someone who can match her energy and voice, so if you know of anyone who sounds similar or could do a similar type of voice, send them my way or give me their name or info so I can listen to their demo or contact them.

Another thing, if any musician is around; I'm looking to hire someone to make music, jingles and such for my projects. Most people that I've gotten into contact with just disappear for whatever reasons. Even if they've created a track or two. It's weird. Well, if you are a musician, or know someone who is, that is interested in doing commissions, let me know! Discord or twitter DMs work best, I suppose. You can find links to both on the home page.

Myself, I've been basically been doing Rock n' Raz 18 the entire week. I was just gonna do a little, but I got so engrossed in it that I'll probably just marathon it til it's done. It's always refreshing to do something different for a while.
Once that's done, I'll be trying to finish up the baby stuff for HHHW. I hired a guy to do the art for that, but that didn't really work out so... Gotta do it myself. Was hoping to speed it up, but that rarely works out, huh?
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