So the reason we've been down for such a long time is from what I understand the following;

Our host got a new internet provider, and due to some deal the new internet provider made resulted in our host being unable to have a public IP. And while we were looking for solutions, we weren't able to get in contact with the old host until recently, who had all of the up to date files of But now that we've got them, we're on a new hosting service, hopefully more stable this time around...

Quite obnoxiuos timing, considering we just released the HHHW update.

Anyway, let's get up to date with various things, starting with drawings. I actually finished my to-draw list before 2023!
So here comes a bunch of drawings!

The Maiden Devourer Page 3, the final page!
Edging Trixie, horny makes you stronger
The Payoff, Sofi gets sexed, finally
Chewy Pet, captured, but not tamed
Jungle Story 2, a very belated Shrap birthday request.
Interrupted Band Practice, requested by hime.
Johanna's X-Mas Day, also requested by hime.
Vampire Vie, Touhou vampires dicking it out, requested by GBM.
Christmas at Tera's, the usual, but christmas themed.
Britbong's Soccer Ding-dongs, an injoke between me and schmoes.
Ellie's Music Video Mishap, this one turned out so stupid it's good.
Freezing Girls, a quick winter themed drawing.
Jungle Story 3, not really connected to the other two. What if those junk mails were true?
Parasite Pilot, Zu gets to be a test subject.
Zu's Butt Close Up, take a real close look.
Zu's Creamed Butt Close up, someone got way too close.

That's a bunch, for sure. Hope at least some of 'em are to your liking.
Might as well cover the fan art next, ye?

Oujia Board Bedlam, Cinndrie's finished Halloween Comp submission!
Sub Sandwich Zu, by meekmack!
Sofi Marrying, by Sinsigat!
Pre-Cum Collecting, by Panda-Wanga!
Avv & Zara, by Avv!
Christmas Sofi, by SyncedUp!

Thanks a lot as always, guys!

Let's catch up on some flash stuff too, ya?
Currently trying to get VA stuff sorted out, I got three to deal with at the same time, and I'm terrible at multi-tasking. Hoping I can get everything done soon, but they're all busy. Lots of demand these days.

While site's been down I've finished up some additional features I wanted to have in the Zu&Jo part, Fallow's been on a bit of hiatus due to various things, but he's back on working on things again now, so hopefully we can have a small update with these new features soon. How soon depends on how many of the things we want to include in one go. Some are more solid than others.

I've also added in all of the horse skins in Sofi's part. Won't have the different stats due to how it's built (pre-custom engine), but at least it'll be consistent with the colors! Not to mention it's around 27 skins instead of just 10, that all looked pretty similar anyway.

Next step? Well, let me tell you... I'm gonna remake the Zara part from scratch. Why? I absolutely hate how the old version looks and how buggy it is. It'll be a nightmare to try and salvage it by just reskinning and what not, and I still would be stuck with pretty primitive options!

With a new start, I'll be able to possibly implement a much requested feature; cock bulge and gradual cum inflation combined!
Using Fallow's engine combined with flash, we're thinking of creating a dynamic belly that reacts to both cock and cum and moves independently from the rest of the animation. With this goal in mind, I've created this sketch:

Sacrificing visible holes for this advanced belly I think is a good option. Besides, you've already got visible holes in Sofi and Zu&Jo's parts.
Along with the belly, I really want to expand on the mood system for Zara. Unlike Sofi and Zu&Jo, who has changes in their moods, Zara has none, actually. I'm planning on changing this so that she gets her own unique mood range. What that'll be, you'll have to wait and see.

And yes, I think that's all I've got for now. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, if you've got any.
I'm gonna go do the dishes...
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I'm starting today's update with a few late stragglers for the Halloween comp!

Here's Bibimission's submission to the Halloween comp, that unfortunately wound up in my junk mail, so I never noticed it.
Sofi and the Werewolf
I feel truly sorry for this, next time I'll make it clear how and where to send the submissions so that this won't happen again.
It's a good piece though, I really like the feral look of the werewolf, you usually see the more human-like types rather than this ripped wolf version. (Forgot Sofi's tail, though!)

Next is The Great Avv's submission, that got delayed due to computer problems.
Sex with Zu please please please
He's not feeling too confident in his lewd art, so make sure to give him a confidence boost! I think it looks great.

I bet you're interested in hearing who won, ya? Well, here are the results!

First place: SyncedUp!

The creative slime monster, the details and hint of lore impressed all of the judges.

Second place: Jessie!

The dark moody atmosphere and Sofi's great costume and expressions made this piece climb all the way up to second place.

Third place: Cinndrie!

While this piece wasn't completely finished, the concept and art was the most horrifying submissions of them all. If it was finished on time, it probably would have snatched first place.
This wasn't posted in the batch, because Cinndrie wanted to finish the piece before uploading it, but here's the version that was submissed!

This was fun, although I clearly need to make some improvements for the next contest, if we have one. I kinda need to know how many plan on participating, and there needs to be a good way to submit pieces where I won't miss them.

So, what's next in terms of HHHW? Well, I'm thinking I should really give Zara's part an overhaul. It's kinda pathetic and boring in comparison to Sofi and Zu&Jo's parts. Plus, I wanna make it make sense in the story mode. Planning for Zara's part and making some improvements to Zu&Jo, implementing the new horse skin for Sofi's part is what I'll be doing next. Hard to decide where to begin though. Perhaps we'll see the return of semi regular streams again!

Anyway, for now I'm finishing up Rock n' Raz 17. Expect it by the next update, 'cause I'm just about done with the main animation and I just have to add lipsync after that. Shouldn't take too long, I hope.
Here's a little teaser:

Oh, and before I forget, I'm interested in knowing what cosmetic options you guys like to use for Zu&Jo, things like the body stickers and headband and snout options for Jo. Are there any stickers you feel are missing that would make things hotter or some such? I'm taking suggestions for stickers to add in the update I'm gonna make.
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Sorry for being late, but I delayed the update to get all of these contest entries in order first. Here they are:

destruteka's submission:
Halloween Exchange
Halloween Exchange (Textless)

Ionshatter's submission:
Driveby Curse
Driveby Curse (Textless)

Oni Garth's submission:
Bloodline Saviour

SyncedUp's submission:
Zu's Slimy Halloween Encounter

TioZenka's submission:
Hidden Treasure

Jessie's submission:
Pet Kitty

Dman's submission:
Sofi meets the Wolfman

franc's submission:
Protector Mr Kitten Page 1
Protector Mr Kitten Page 2

hime's submission:
Malin VS Zombo

Good stuff, everyone! There were a couple that didn't make it in time for the deadline, unfortunately, perhaps we'll see theirs later anyway. The winner has yet to be decided, but we should get to a decision tonight!

So it seems it's been a little more than a week since the Zu&Jo release, ye? I've gotten a lot of good feedback, and a lot of messages about it not working. Getting it to work on every OS and browser and with all sorts of components isn't an easy task, but we'll try to improve performance as best we can.
I've taken a lot of feedback to heart, and in the future we'll release an update with more substantial changes. If you hadn't noticed already, we released a version a few days after the release with some bugfixes and whatnot.
For now, I'm still working on Rock n' Raz 17. It's gonna be a best, I'm only around halfway done with it... Because I gotta spend more time drawing unique backgrounds in this one.

So until that's done, don't expect much else in the meantime!

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I and Fallow made an update to the Zu&Jo part! Here are some of the more noticable changes:

- Fixed the Quit button crashing the game.
- Fixed the issue where some players would only see the top 25% of the screen.
- Implemented new "Toggles" menu, where you can disable a lot of the effects, like dirt, flies and belly inflation.
- Lowered the volume of Fly SFX.
- Fixed a voiceline for Jo that was in the wrong category.
- Fixed Jo being unable to piss.
- Fixed some achievements not working.
- Fixed being unable to empty out unless at max capacity.
- Adjusted Sweat variables - it will now show up faster.
- Adjusted Love variables - Jo is now much more into Dog dick.

Bigger changes will have to wait until a later update; a lot of these need a lot of work to get working. I've already made notes of a lot of various feedback and ideas that you guys have came up with. I want to make clear of something though; things like double penetration or big animation changes are not feasible. Making any new animations will be a struggle, due to how the project is built. Thanks for being understanding.

Alright, I've got a picture here to show off as well before I go!
Halloween Goth Bitches, in which Zu and Ellie get some spiked tasties on Halloween.

MM, yep. That's it for now, I'm gonna work on Rock n' Raz 17. It's my little break from the HHHW project, it sure is fun to just to some shitty animation and seeing it move.
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It's here, it's here!
Play it on...

Your feedback is valuable, so leave a comment!
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The Zu & Jo part is available on Patreon for $20!
Patreon post is here if you're interested!

If you'd rather wait til Friday to play, that's fine too. It's only a few days away after all.
To those who did become patrons though, I'm very grateful! It'll help me hire voice talents and artists to help out with the project to make it even better!

We've already received a lot of feedback and I look forward to seeing what you guys will think once it's available for all. Unlike older projects, we can go in and change things relatively easily now, so feedback actually matters now.

While I'm awaiting reactions and such, I've started up work on Rock n' Raz 17!

SyncedUp redrew his Virgin Killer Zara from a while back, to show how he's improved since then!
Virgin Killer Zara Remake
Had to give him a but of pointers on the butt, but otherwise I'd say it's looking a lot better!
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The second page of The Maiden Devourer is done!
The Maiden Devourer Page 2, in which I dug real deep into the lore to find fitting yokai to make use of.

I and Fallow have decided on a release date now; Friday the 14th this October.

It will be available exclusively for patrons the first week, then released publically at Friday the 21st, possibly with changes and fixes made depending on patron feedback.

I've spent most of the day upgrading my PC with the help of Raz; I've had bluescreens every morning for like a month or longer and I hope this will solve whatever issue it was that made 'em happen. Now I'm quite tired, so I'll probably spend the rest of the day doing something mindless.
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September sure went by fast. We're still having some issues with some bugs, but they're getting fewer and fewer. I'm optimistic.

So, I have been working on some drawings while I wait for Fallow to get through the buglist, hoping to have the second page of "The Maiden Devourer" done by next update. For now, have the continuation of Trixie's training:
Rape Training

SyncedUp made some Ellie fan art for us this week!
Ellie Pose 1
Ellie Pose 2
Ellie Pose 2 (Lingerie)
Gorgeous stuff, ya?

Don't have a lot else to say, I think... Well, the Halloween themed art contest is still on-going, so if you're interested in winning some cash prizes, check out the simple rules here: Halloween Contest Rules.
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While there are still some features that are missing and will need to wait til later updates to be added in, we've gotten this thing to be almost ship ready, there are just some few bugs that need to be looked at now. If things hold up, we're probably looking at a October release probably.

Since I'm now mostly waiting for Fallow to look at the things on the buglist, I'm gonna do some drawing again, been a while now.
And once the game is released, I'm gonna try to see if I can make a new Rock n' Raz episode happen too.
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Apparently the html5 player was still broken, along with some other things, but they should now be functional again. Let us know if you run into any other problems, ya?

Since the previous update was sort of recent, I don't have all that much to show off today. So if you feel this update is on the short side, I recommend looking back on the previous one - especially if you didn't see it, it has a lot of content in it!

I did recieve a piece of fan art though, by Dinodile, so check that out!
Annoyed Sofi

Currently I'm working on some cock grime to contextualize some of the functions in the game, and I'm almost done with that.
The worst part is that I constantly have new ideas of fun things to add, but at some point I gotta stop. Leave it for a later update.
Buuuut maybe I want to add in a buttplug option? Even though it might look kinda weird if it gets deformed, the option to have it but sometimes looking a bit wonk will probably weigh in more than having none at all, does it? Mmmmmmmh, isn't that something I want to include before the release rather than after?

I'll finish what I'm doing first and see then.
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