Updating my joblist, woop.

FLASH: Tittypunchan

A very simple little collab flash between me and Mittsies.
It wont be very long, but it'll have dicks, everywhere!!
Probably going to start animating at it tomorrow.

PROJECT ZA(working title)

Currently paused until I and Mittsies has less shit to do and we can make a good script for platforman. It'll be a huge project. I don't want anything to interrupt the work on this, but to keep me from being bored with it, I also have these two other flashes to work on:

FLASH: Roliga Saker

This here is an "Our Sense of Humor" styled flash, which will be pretty long. Hopefully it'll be fun to work, seeing as it is pretty random.

FLASH: My Face When

This, basically, will just be a flash full of shorts based on Touhou.
It'll be fun to make. Probably.

But don't worry, I prioritze the ZA project.


I barely have time to draw anymore! It takes a lot of time and I am lazy. It's sad, really.

Zu sprites for Project X.

Zu sprites done, for now!!

Mmya. I have a lot of sketches to scan for next update, so look forward that. It may also contain some fanfiction+art.

Posted 9th of June 2011 - 20:02 by Rock Candy | 2 comments.
Out of all the people who wanted to test play, only three of them could do it D:

Those were:
and Wilizin.

Ampere, Suka and Kald has not logged on to MSN yet, I dunno if you guys not are used to it or don't use it very often, so meh.

Danielu Yoshikoto got butthurt and said he hated me because I didn't like the "Photosharing" thingy on MSN.
He blocked me D: Makes me sad ;3;

Well, anyway, that means that two more people can testplay ZuBound! Unless Ampere, Suka or Kald decides to log on to MSN, that is.


Oh ya, I got an awesome story (I dunno what ya call them, "fan fic" or something maybe?) from a guy! :3

It is an adult story, so if ya don't wanna read about rape n' stuff, I suggest you to not read it.
... Why you would be here if you didn't like rape, I dunno D:

If you wanna download it and read it on your computer, here's a MegaUpload link!

Otherwise, I'm pasting it here:

A Day at the beach

Written By: RyaKun
For: Rock Candy.

Written: June 30, 2010

Authors Note:
I haven't written a story in some time so I hope people like this, I enjoyed writing it.
We'll see how it turns out!
I tried to make it as descriptive as possible so that people can fully imagine the action in the story
to make it erotic.



A Day At the Beach

Early Saturday morning Zu opened her eyes, she pounced up out of her bed and gazed out her window wearing nothing but her panties. The sun was just beginning to rise and she smiled. She knew today her, Ellie, Za and Zoo were going to the beach, she had never been to the beach with her friends before and she was trembling with excitement. She dove under her bed and found her blue and white two piece bikini and quickly changed and climbed out from under the bed and admired herself in the mirror. She meowed happily and went to see if Za was awake yet.

Za was sleeping soundly in her bed, a pillow in her arms for something to hug while she slept, the curtains were drawn and the room was pretty dark. Zu cracked the door open slightly so she could peek inside, she giggled with excitement and burst in the room, hopping on the bed. "Wake up Za!! Time for the beach!!" Zu yelled while hopping on Za's bed. Za jumped out of bed in shock breathing heavily. "Zu! Do you know what time it is?" Za shouted, aggravated. Zu tilted her head in confusion and Za pointed at the clock. "It's 7:00 AM! We aren't leaving until 12!" Zu looked down at Za's bedsheets before looking back at her, still confused. Za sighed and patted Zu's head. "It's not time to go yet honey... go back to bed for awhile." Zu got up and ran out of the room and ran outside to play for awhile. Za looked out the window and watched Zu outside running about in her bikini. "That girl..." Za said quietly with a smile and climbed back into bed.

4 hours pass...

"Are you ready yet Zu?" Za shouted out to Zu. "Do you have your toys?" Zu ran into Za's room holding up a bag full of beach toys. "Good!" Za said with a smile. "Go keep a lookout for Ellie, she said she'd be coming early." Zu ran out of the room and stuck her nose to the window with a huge smile on her face. Za shut the door behind her. She pulled down her panties and took off her bra, exposing her nice firm breasts. "I hope my bikini still fits!" she said to herself. She dug out a red two piece swimsuit and pulls it up over her legs and ties her bikini top over her breasts. She turns around and looks at her ass and smiles and gives it a slap. "Mmmm... Guys will notice my ass with this on for sure..." Za said with a cheeky smile, imagining the people that would want to fuck her. Za grabbed a towel and walked out of her bedroom and saw Zu waiting by the door with her sneakers on. "Is Ellie outside?" said Za with a smile. Zu nodded her head and opened the door, grabbed her toys and ran outside. Za went outside, turned and locked the door behind her.

"Hi Za!!" Ellie shouted from her car.

Za turned and looked back. "Hi Ellie. Beautiful morning isn't it?" Za walked down the stairs and got into the car. "Sit in the back with Zoo," Za said to Zu and Zu climbed into the car and they set out for the open road!

1 hour later...

"Are we there yet?" Zoo speaks up annoyed. "Almost. Sit back and relax Zoo." Ellie spoke while keeping her eyes on the road. Zoo crossed her arms, bored and getting restless. She looks over at Zu who was staring out the window at the passing trees and bushes. Zoo smiled mischieviously and gave Zu a poke in her side.

"Eep!" Zu squealed and looked over at Zoo who was staring out the window. Confused, Zu turned back and looked back out the window. Zoo giggled softly and poked Zu in her side again. "Eee!" Zu squealed and looked over at Zoo who was still staring outside. Zu gave her an annoyed look but turned around again. Zoo giggled louder and poked Zu again, but this time Zu saw her and pounced on Zoo and poked her back over and over.

"Heeeyy! Get off me!" Zoo shouted trying to push Zu off her as she giggled and poked her.

"Calm down you two! We're there!" Ellie said as she stopped the car. Zu opened the door and rushed outside and looked down at the beach. The beach was huge, lots of pale sand stretching on for a long time before ending at cool, calm blue water. The beach was fairly crowded as well. Zu gazed down and saw the spot she wanted and ran and sat down in the sand. "Eep!" Zu hopped up and rubbed her butt.

"Is the sand hot?" Za said with a laugh as she walked up behind her with Ellie and Zoo following. Zu continued rubbing her butt and sat back down slowly. Za laid out her towel and sat down and looked around. Mmmm... lots of hot looking guys around here... she thought to herself. Ellie sat down next to her and looked out to sea.

"It's been awhile since I was here," Ellie said while smiling. "I'm glad I could bring you girls here!" Za smiled. "It's beautiful here!" Zu filled her pail with sand and began making a sand castle. Za laid back, trying to make herself look super sexy as she stretched and pulled her bikini up her ass a bit so that guys would stare. Zoo snuck over to a cooler belonging to a family, opened it and snuck a soda from it. She giggled and ran away drinking the soda. She saw a table with a sandwich on it and giggled again, adding some sand to it.

"It sure is a sandwich now... hehe..." Zoo said to herself and ran back to Ellie and Za giggling and slurping her soda.

"Where did you get that?" Ellie said with a stare.

"I... bought it?" Zoo said nervously.

"Where?" Ellie said suspiciously.

"Oh... they left..." Zoo said as she turned and jogged down the beach.

"What am I gonna do with her?" Ellie looked down and back out to sea. "Hey Za? I'm going for a swim. Wanna come with?" Za was looking over at a neaby horse ranch licking her lips.

"I wonder... hmmm..." Za giggled to herself and stood up. "I'm going for a walk, back in a bit!" Za said as she walked away.

Ellie sighed. "I'll go swimming alone then."

Ellie approached the waters edge and stuck her toes in. "Brrr! Cold!" she said smiling, she then realized she forgot her swimsuit. "What can I..." she said curiously and smiled. She simply took off her nurses outfit which left her in her white bra and panties. "I'll swim in this!" Ellie walked into the water and waded out to the deeper waters and dove under. She looked at all the sea life under the water and smiled and kept swimming into deeper and deeper water. Ellie looked down and her eyes widened. It was the biggest octopus she had ever seen in her life, swimming just below her. I better get out of here it might want to... Ellie's thoughts were halted abruptly as her leg was wrapped by a tentacle. Another wrapped around her torso and lifted her out of the water. "Oh my-!! Put me down!!" Ellie screamed. She wiggled and thrashed, trying to get free. The deep yellow eyes looking up at her from the water glanced at her breasts and moved its tentacles towards them. "Oh please no..." Ellie said softly. Two tentacles ran under her bra and Ellie's body thrusted forward as the tentacles ripped her bra clean off her body, letting her huge breasts fall and bounce about. "Aaaaaahhhhh!!!" Ellie screamed and a tentacle rushed into her mouth and began face fucking her. "Mmmmppphhh!" Ellie mumbled with the tentacle in her mouth. The two tentacles began slapping her tits and wrapped themselves around her breasts, squeezing them hard and molesting them. Ellie flinched and screamed with the tentacle in her mouth. Another tentacle gave her ass a hard slap and moved into her panties. Her body jerked backwards as her panties were ripped off and sank into the water. Tears filled Ellies eyes as she gently started to suck the tentacle in her mouth. The other tentacle began to prod her anus and pushed itself deep into her ass. Ellie's eyes rolled back and she screamed again. The tentacle buried itself deep in her tight, warm ass and start fucking her harder and harder. Ellie screamed out again and the tentacle in her mouth moved down her throat even farther. "Augh... Someone please save me..." Ellie thought to herself.

Meanwhile... Back at the beach...

Za walked up to the horse ranch and looked around. "The rancher isnt here... hehe," she said to herself as she walked along the fence and saw a beautiful horse. She smirked and stepped through the fence and around the horse. She saw the horse was male and she smiled. "Hey sexy... How are you?" Za said softly. She stopped in front of the horse and hiked her bikini bottom up her ass giving it a loud slap. "You want this?" Za said seductively as she wiggled her ass. The horse whinnyed and moved around excitedly. "Mmmm... You need some excitement..." Za said as she moved to the side of the horse and took its penis in her hand and began stroking it gently. "Mmmm... So big..." she said softly, the horse moved around, shifting back and forth to the rhythm of Za's delicate hand. "Hmmm, I wonder how this tastes..." Za said with a smile as she began to lick the horse's erect cock. "Mmm! Tastes good! You have a yummy cock, Mr. Horse!" Za took the penis into her mouth and began slowly sucking on the horse's member. It didn't take too long for the horse to explode a huge loud of slimey, goopy cum into Za's mouth. Za swallowed the huge load and smiled. "You're really tasty, Mr. Horse!" She got a kinky idea and untied the horse from where he was and let the rope on the ground, so that he could roam around freely. Za went over to a rock, untied her bikini bottom and bent over it. "Oh no! My bikini fell off! I hope something doesn't come along and stick it in mmmeeeeeeee!" The horse mounted Za, it's penis penetrated her anus and began thrusting in and out really fast. "Oh! Oh! Oh!!" Za moaned. "Not too fast, Mr. Horse! You'll cum too quick!" Za moved her hips with the speed of the horses pumps. The horse let out a loud whinny as Za's anus was filled with hot cum. It retracted it's penis and walked away. "Ugh... You disappoint me, Mr. Horse!" Za pulled up her bikini as semen leaked from her anus and made her way back to the beach. "I wonder if any guys down there would like to finish me off?" Za giggled at her own kinky thought and continued down the trail.

Zoo was looking out to sea and her ears twitched. "What's that sound?" she said to herself. Zoo looked over her shoulder and saw a pair of binoculars hanging on someones chair. She quickly swiped them and looked out to sea, and what she saw baffled her. Ellie was getting raped hard by an octopus! Her anus and mouth were leaking semen and she couldn't escape! Zoo threw down the binoculars and hopped in the water. "I'll save you Ellie!!" Zoo screamed out and started to swim as fast as she could. As Zoo grew closer, the moans became louder but she kept swimming.

"Zoo! Don't! The monster will..." Ellie was stopped when another load of cum was shot into her mouth. "I'll save you Ellie!" Zoo said as she dove underwater to fight the octopus. The octopus noticed her before she could get too close and lunged two of its tentacles at her. They grabbed onto her torso and lifted her out of the water next to Ellie. "Aaaahhhhhh!!" Zoo screamed as the tentacle ripped the bottom out of her one piece swimsuit and her heart sunk. The tentacle rushed into her anus and began to fuck her. "Gaaahhh!! Nooo!! Not there!!!" Zoo screamed as her anus was being filled from the tentacle as Ellie screamed "Let us goo!! Gaahh!!" Ellie's anus was filled with another load of semen and she wasn't sure how much more she could take. Her belly had inflated and she was full of octo-cum. Zoo thrashed about, trying to get free. The tentacle ejaculated hard into her anus and Zoo screamed out "Ewwwwww!!!" Suddenly they felt a sharp jurk on the tentacles and they let go of Ellie and Zoo, letting them fall into the water. Zoo looked down and saw the giant octopus fighting with another giant octopus. "Lets get out of here!!" Ellie screamed and they began swimming for the shore. Exhausted, they hoped to get there before the octopus noticed they were gone.

Back at the beach...

Zu hummed to herself happily as she built a sand castle. She filled her pail and turned it over, she had never felt so peaceful and happy in her life. Suddenly sand flies up in her face and her sand castle was gone! She tilted her head in confusion and looked up at 2 guys standing over her. "Hey Freak! Sorry about your sand castle, I didn't mean it!" one of the guys said, the other started to snicker. Zu looked back down to her pail and refilled it and started to rebuild her sand castle. The guy kicked it down again and smiled at her. "Woops!" he said in a sarcastic tone. Zu looked up with tears in her eyes. "Awww? Gonna cry?" The guy said. "How about we actually give you something to cry about?" The guy kicked Zu on her back and he got down close to her and pulled down her bikini bottom. Zu closed her eyes and started to cry out. The other guy put his hand over Zu's mouth and went down close to her ear. "Sssssh... or this will hurt..." Zu was terrified and confused all at the same time, she didn't know how to react. The guy put his fingers in his mouth then slid them in and out of Zu's vagina. "Pretty tight in here... but I know a tigher hole I wanna try!" The guy took his penis out and stroked it. When it was fully erect, he spit on it, using his spit as lubricant and pushed himself into Zu's anus. Zu's eyes widened and she screamed through the other strangers hand. The stranger removed his hand and shoved his penis in Zu's mouth. "Shut up and suck!" he shouted. Tears went down Zu's face as she began to suck his penis. He pushed it in and out of her throat as the other stranger fucked her anus. "She's really tight! I might cum already!" He exclaimed excited. The other guy smiled as he was close to orgasm as well. "She's really good at this! She's a real slut!" They both laughed and kept fucking her holes. It wasn't long until their dicks erupted cum into her mouth and ass, nearly filling her up. "She's great! Let's call our friends over for a turn!" one of them exclaimed. "Hey guys!! Come over here and fuck this catgirl with us! She's great!" Their friends walked over and looked at her cute body. "Wow! She's hot!" they all exclaimed and began to molest her body. Tears ran down Zu's face as she got molested, touched, penetrated and cummed on. She wondered where her friends were...

Ellie and Zoo got back to shore and met up with Za who was walking off a trail and onto the beach. "What happened to you two? Where are your clothes?" Za said, worried.

"Don't wanna talk about it..." Ellie said while covering herself with her hands, Zoo doing the same. Za looked around, worried. "Where's Zu?" "I had completely forgotten about her!" Ellie said. They ran back to the beach and they saw a huge crowd around where Zu had been sitting. "Zu!! Where are you?" they all said together. They rushed over to the crowd and peeked in. Zu was being fucked hard up the ass and deep down her throat, she had semen all over her body and her face was red with tears. She was sucking gently on one of the boys' penis as he ejaculated all over her face and in her mouth. One guy noticed the three girls watching Zu in shock and shouted "More catgirls!! Get them!!" They grabbed Za, Zoo and Ellie and threw them in with Zu. "Yeah! More girls to fuck!!" they all exclaimed.

"Nooo!" Ellie screamed which was quickly silenced by a cock in her mouth. Zoo was turned over on her back and a penis drove deep into her anus and down her throat. Za wasn't worried at all. She had a penis in both her hands, one up her ass and was deepthroating another. They were all constantly raped for hours. Their assholes were sore and their mouths were filled to the brim with sperm. They were coated in the cum of hundreds of guys (and even some animals!). They passed out one by one, but the sex never stopped.

Hours later Ellie woke up. The sun had gone down and they were still on the beach. Ellie spit the cum out of her mouth and wiped her face off. "Zoo? Za? Zu? Are you all ok?" Ellie said softly, about to break into tears.

Za woke up and looked at Ellie. "I'm ok..." She looked over at Zu and Zoo. "Zu and Zoo might be out for the rest of the night... Let's get them into the car." Za said while picking up Zu. Ellie picked up Zoo and they carried them to the car and laid them in the back seat. Ellie got into the drivers seat and sighed. She started to cry as she started the car. "This was the worst day ever..."

Za stared out the window at the beach and licked her lips. Speak for yourself.. she thought to herself and smiled.

The end!!
Posted 3rd of July 2010 - 12:35 by Rock Candy | 23 comments.
Yesh, I got another story written for me, or "fan fic" as it is called!

It was written by a guy who wanted to be called "The Storyteller", and it is called "Influence".

It has some adult scenes, but it is mostly a normal story! It is not a pornstory :3

It is pretty long, 30 pages, so you'll have to download it at MegaUpload!

And here it is in an older filetyp, just in case you don't have this modern new word stuff.

Please leave a comment and tell him, and me, what you thought of the story :3
Posted 4th of August 2010 - 03:46 by Rock Candy | 14 comments.
I hope you enjoyed the Rear Guard flash! Most people seemed to like it, though felt a bit disappointed that there wasn't enough fap material! Well, it's not really supposed to be! It's a funny and sexy flash at the same time, yo!

Anyway, I don't usually have a lot to say the week after I released a flash, and this is true today too.

I drew an Ellie, trying to get back into drawing again... Decent, I think?

And I also got a nice piece of fanart!
It's a bit gay, so don't look if you're afraid of that stuff!

So yash... That was it for this week. Hmhm.

Well, no stream this weekend, due to mud... Sorry bout that.
Posted 2nd of March 2014 - 17:27 by Rock Candy | 8 comments.
Once again we are back, suffering yet another lengthy downtime. I don't even know what the problem was, but I was close to giving up this time. Therefore, I was spending most of my downtime doing... Mostly shit. I managed to finally clear out and sort through all that music I started downloading sometimes in january this year, which is pretty sweet. And I streamed some games and stuff too.

But I'll dig up what I mustered to do while the site was down!

I drew one drawing!

I made some sprites for LeatherIcecream's Spelunky Mod. You can now enjoy exploring dangerous caves as Sixten!

And also, Zu became a prostitute.

Download here!
There are a few graphical glitches and some such, but I hope they'll be fixed in future versions of this.

I also participated in a Spelunky "race" prior to this mod.

It's best to just listen, as awful videoediting made all but one video totally unsynced with the audio! It's a hour and a half long, so if you're bored go watch me suffer.

I made a shitty flash, that only swedish people (if even they) will find funny!

I'd add some kind of youtube-ish subtitles to this if I knew how to.

And I guess I can post a screenshot of that flashy flash... That I was working on. (I have not touched it in a week... :c )

It's not a normal flash by any means!

I have a few... That I want to start up! But I'm waiting for a voiceactress for that girl up there! I had some potential girl that was willing, but my contact guy got busy and I've not gotten ahold of him in a while, which is annoying! So, in the meantime, I shall make up with Besped and finally made my part of that trade we made like... A year or two ago. Sounds good, because whenever the hell am I gonna do that anyway? Better now, or it might become never! I don't know what that flash will be about though, because Besped was gonna make the art and I was gonna animate it, and he didn't want to show me the artpiece! So that's gonna be something, I hope.

And yush, if you are a unshy girl with a decent mic and a decent voice, do send me a message or something such! If I never get a hold of that guy again, might be good to have someone else there!

So yeah. It's good to be back. I think. I'm gonna be absent almost all of next week, due to another of those playdates that I sometimes visit.
But perhaps I will stream some sort of game in the next 2~3 days! So keep an eye out, if you are interested. I don't know what game yet, but I'm sure I can find something.
My streaming channel is here.

Now I shall enjoy some Julmust. Good night!

I also noticed you cannot post comments. I hope it shall be fixed soon. Along with the forums.
Posted 27th of October 2013 - 18:25 by Rock Candy | 9 comments.
Not that I'm much of a birthday person...
Sorry for the late update! As I said last post, I had a couple crashing at my place. They left yesterday, so I had no time to prepare stuff for the update! The girl could only speak japanese, it was very scary. I showed her my secret project, and she said "Sugoi". I'm pretty sure that is good.

Anyway, here's a drawing I made for this update: Simon Says!
There's been quite a lot of good posts in the request box lately, so I decided to mash some of them into one image. And this one is it.

But that's not all! Reptiliansarehere colored my two latest drawings!
"Lazy Birthday" Colored!
"Waiting for you" Colored!
Nice stoof~!

Hmhm, and now it's time for trades and stuff. However, my secret project is almost done. I worked on it while I had visitors, and got a surprisingly large amount done thanks to that. There's basically just audio work left to do now! I guess I'll have to alter between this and the trades, nyah nyah. Then, Butt Bus is going to get started!! Can't wait for that, I've got so many ideaaaaas!

I'm gonna go eat breakfast now. I'll try to not be late with the update next time. See ya!
Posted 2nd of June 2015 - 05:33 by | 5 comments.
I have been working my butt off finishing a commission of two comic pages worth of stuff.
Trixie's Cucking Session Part 3
Trixie's Cucking Session Part 4 (Edit: Oops, I accidentally uploaded the same pagfe twice, but I fixed it now.)
Hope there are other people out there that enjoy dickgirls with huge dicks and lots of massive cum inflated bellies.

Cinndrie has drawn something truly forbidden...
Cursed Content from a Forbidden Timeline

This is what the new summary style would look like with the stats attached. What do you think?

I didn't get that many bites on my Zu&Jo face templates, which is unfortunate... But I guess I'll have to come up with a bunch myself, then. Perhaps I'll do some streaming again next week, it's been quite a while now, eh?
Remember this link if you wanna check it out: RockCandy on Picarto
Can't really say when I'll stream, gotta do some prep work to set up and think through how to build the mouth/eye stuff. Mm. Sitting here thinking about it now, but I should go to bed and actually look at it tomorrow, so... Night!
Posted 12th of September 2021 - 17:42 by | 3 comments.
Well, looks like 2019 is coming to an end. I hope you all have a fun New Year's Eve!
What has your 2019 been like? I feel like mine's been pretty meh. Lots of lows. But things seems to be taking a new direction now that FallowWing is helping me out with coding my horse project. I'm getting a lot of motivation back that I lacked before. I hope I can get the project done in 2020 with his help. In january, I'll be touching up the beta parts before moving on to the Zu&Jo part. I've got a pretty good idea what I want to do with it now and I've got some interesting things planned. So we shall see if I can manage to deliver!

I'll most likely stream some of the progress I'll be doing on the Zara part tomorrow. Doing the last of the eyenimations and beginning with making some different skins for the horsedick. Perhaps some other small things as well.

My Picarto channel.
I believe FallowWing is planning on streaming some coding of the same project as well.
FallowWing's Picarto channel.

I want to tidy up the project before he begins on it, because it ain't pretty... we'll see how that goes.

I'm still getting positive comments on Ellie's Exorbitant Extrication, which is nice. I really didn't expect it to do so well. Maybe it's a mix of a better developed art style, animation and great codan from FallowWing that does it? I'm glad it is appreciated still!

Anyway, I wish you all the best and I'll see you next year!
Posted 29th of December 2019 - 18:39 by | 5 comments.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I had to go get up early to go to the dentist, which consisted of a 30 minute hilly bike ride to a from the dentist place, putting me into basically a zombie state for the first half of the week. Only to find out that the pain that I've been feeling in my jaw isn't related to my teeth apparently. But I hadn't been to the dentist in like 10 years anyway, so at least I got a checkup... Even if it turned out to be a very expensive such.

I couldn't get into the flash groove for whatever reason, so I spent the week drawing instead. Here's the results of that:
Happy Blackedday, I took the opportunity to turn an Ellie related request into her birthday pic.
Scotty n' Scarlets, a request of Scotty and his sister dicking the Scarlet sisters.
Basement Bestiality Bash, the follow up to the previous drawing!

The upcoming week I have nothing that'll distract me, so I'm actually gonna stream progress now. Heck ye?

Updated the Zara a little as well, adding basic color as well.

I think she's looking pretty good. What do you think?

I've got some fan art to show before I go to bed; from ChaosCat!

A Crazy Comeback Page 1
A Crazy Comeback Page 2
A Crazy Comeback Page 3

Now, I'm gonna have a good night's rest! Yey!
Posted 16th of May 2021 - 19:09 by | 13 comments.
A lot of people have asked me about boy characters for some reason, I dunno why, but I've thought about making a boycharacter for a while, so I decided to draw a sketch of him.
This, is Sixten. I'll write him into the "story" of my other characters sometime...
As for now, I'll keep it secret!

Then I drew this:
Popsicle up butt!
It's a sketch as well, but I kinda like it... Something looks wrong with it, but I can't figure out what it is... I like the idea, anyway!

Exhörder wanted more of sluts, so I drew this.
Slutty Za is slutty.
She's not really sad, even thuogh it looks like she is. She's just "role-playing".

Ugh, I worked on this all day yesterday: Zoo the cumdumpster.
It took forever! At least it felt like that.
Afskg. Anyway, I hope you like it.

Some of you may remember the Kitsune Girl I drew a while ago. It was just a random character, but a girl liked her and I "gave" it to her.
So, I present to you: Kiya, the kitsune gurl.
Being raped by tentacles is always a nice welcome gift! :3

Also, I found this old sketch lying around on my computer:
Ellie is gonna get raped by Petey Piranha!
I think I wanted to make a flash out of it at some point.
But I decided not to for some reason.

Oh, and don't worry about the ZuBound testplaying, I already have more than 5 now! D:
Posted 8th of July 2010 - 06:31 by Rock Candy | 21 comments.