Topic: DM DOKURO - Taking a long hiatus from Breakbit

I've decided that due to the assholes of the internet, I will postpone all Breakbit related criteria until October 5, 2011. This does not mean, of course, that other music such as the remade themes are being rejected until then. This actually gives me more time to sort them out and set up a session of trial and error between them. To the most of you that actually like my music, and anticipate the 32X album, I'm really sorry. You have your peers to thank for delaying this album.

... Not that any of you give a shit anyway. So how's the weather?

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Re: DM DOKURO - Taking a long hiatus from Breakbit

The weather here is shitty.

The good, the bad, and the uncanny, we're all in there, somewhere...

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