One thing I was going to do but completely forgot about was making more skins for the horse cock. Since I'm bad with colors due to colorblindness and such, I'm having the community suggest colors for the dick! With this fancy template, you can fill it in and send it to me on discord or through a imgur link.

It's very important that you fill in all 4 palettes for all the colors that you use. No exceptions. Make sure that the outline color stands out as well.

Make a little mockup of what the horse would look like by filling in the crude example. This is important if there's a specific pattern or some such that I can use as reference.

I finished up a sketch that I've had laying around for a while now, a commission that was abandoned... But I finished it anyway because I liked how it came out.
The Secret Soda Trick, Zu wants to buy a soda, but can't afford one.

That's it for now! I've got a 3 page commission to sketch up next, so wish me luck on that.
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HmmmYes wrote:
What's the discord link?
It's on the home page, but here it is:
What's the discord link?