A voice actress for Sofi has been decided! I think we got a real fitting voice for her this time, I'm currently awaiting the lines to be recorded. Perhaps I'll post some previews once I get 'em.

Anyway, I spent last week catching up on some drawings, so here are a bunch!
Mega Blacked Zu Part 1, I gave the raunchier version a shot!
Mega Blacked Zu Part 2
Mega Blacked Zu Part 3
Trixie's Cucking Session, a Tera commission once again!
White Cock - White Flag, a request I got here on RC.se, a follow up to No Match.

This week I'll go back to making new facial expression for Sofi.

But before I go, I have some fan art to show you as well! From Cinndrie, this time!
Rebecka Gangbang
Rebecka Gangbang (Cum Version)
Posted 1st of March 2021 - 15:40 by
That's so hot. Can we see Sofi doing a deep throat? She's so cute
Congrats! Also, you did a great job on the little story there! That cucking sketch was pretty funny. I just couldn't help but chuckle as she taunts her former partner with that long bulge coming out of her stomach.