I'm late again with the update, drat. My sleep schedule fucking sucks so I barely know what day it is anymore.
Anyway, I've managed to get far enough into Zu's animations to have them work out in a playable state. However a beta release if still kind of far off. There's still a lot to add to it. For the time being, I'm gonna try to improve upon Sofi's part further! I'm going to have new voicelines recorded for her and such... Maybe some animation tweaking and other things. I'll stream some of that in a few days perhaps, so if you're interested, keep an eye out on my Picarto page. Or in the RC.se discord, where I annoyingly post a ping every time I start.

There's been fan art of chocolate Zu this week: Black Dickgirl Zu!
From ToiletPrinter on our discord server.

I also finally finished Lotta after a long break. Rock n' Raz 14 took up most of my character time, but now she's here!
Lotta Nude
Lotta Dressed

Next character seems to be Sixten's younger brother Hampus, at least if I'm to trust the poll I had on discord.

I think that was all I had for today. Hm. Ye. I think I'll say this is good enough. See ya next time!
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So how to we play your flashes now? any app we should use?
Lotta, yuck!