This site can be pretty frustrating sometimes, I tell ya.
Well, now it's back up and I can post the stuff I wanted to.

Hinoxed Oni, bit of a joke involving Oni Garth's character.
Former Queen in the Pit, part of an art trade with Poket, his character gets to visit the tentacle pit!
Dommed Dom, part of an art trade with JhonBoi, his character getting dicked by an eccentric fan...

I also got some color correction suggestions for Matilda, so now she looks like this:
Matilda Nude
Matilda Dressed
An improvement, ye? The next character I'll be working on is Simon. That guy who bullied Zu and such.

I got a bunch of fanart last week, for a various of reasons. Let's have a look!

Psycho Girl & Zu, commissioned art from artist Danya, by a guy on our discord server. I don't really know what it is supposed to be...

Next up is a set of images from a commission-trade I made a while ago, that was delayed. It features Sofi and a bunch of wolfmen!
Thrown to the Wolves 1
Thrown to the Wolves 2
Thrown to the Wolves 3
Thrown to the Wolves 4
Thrown to the Wolves 5
Thrown to the Wolves 6
Thrown to the Wolves 7

And lastly, Poket's part of our arttrade!

Here's a larger version of the gif!

I'm gonna stream more flash progress this week, so check out my Picarto if you're interested.
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