Hello! A bit late as usual, but I've been trying to turn my sleeping around, so that I'm not awake during the night only. I'm almost there.
I also delayed the update a little because I wanted to finish up a drawing. But then headache showed up and I can't focus on drawing anymore. So, I'm just gonna post what I have!

Chocolate Zu, see if you notice something different from regular Zu.
Bullying Rose, Cerberus Carmine's characters going at it.
Zara Gets Wolfed, self explanatory!
Family Bonding, something involving Lollo and her family, before she died.
Kit & Kat Urinals Part 3, the smell of piss and jizz must be embedded into their souls at this point.

I've got only three more things on my list, one of which is halfway done. So by next update, I'm sure I'll be all done with 'em. And then I might stream some more flash stuff.

Also got some fan art!
From hime: Malin meets Dick, First fanart of the new design!
(GBlastMan was the first one to draw something with her, but with the old design.)

From Oni Garth: Sofi Cheek Pull, a reference to a picture of a cat having its cheeks pulled.
Hmm, writing that out loud gives me ideas... Hmmm.

Well, I'm glad you all liked Malin. I'll have to write a thing for her and add her to the characters section soon.
We shall see what kind of things she could show up in.
I've been working on more side characters, and they're pretty quick to make. Only Malin took forever because of those boots.
Here's Matilda, Zu's boss and the headmaid in charge at Zu's job.
Matilda Nude
Matilda Dressed

I hope you like her as well.
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Matilda sure is really hot, i think with all my heart she deserves a full flash game 10/10 this is my favorite secondary character no doubts