Why are updates always on mondays these days, you ask? My sleep schedule is totally bonkers, that's why. Currently only awake during night, sleeping through the day. Bleh.

Anyway, I've finished the base animations for the Zu&Jo part, although a few things aren't made yet since I'm not sure how to tackle them yet. But that means that I'm going to go through them again and make 'em all nice looking next. Before I do that, I'm going to catch up on some drawings. So there won't be any streams this week.

Here's one that I finished.
Mind-Controlling Tentacles, Ellie is thinking something completely else is happening to her.

Also got some fan art!
Ellie Stuffed in a Pumpkin, made by Oni Garth!
Pixel Art Zu, made by Poket!
Thanks a lot, great stuff!

Now, I'm gonna go and try to finish up more drawings!
Posted 19th of October 2020 - 18:43 by