I've only got two things left to finish up. I'm gonna tackle those tomorrow, and I'll probably be all done by tuesday. It's gonna feel so good to be done, and I'm not gonna draw anything for a loooong while after that, hoahoa.

Here's what I got for ya this week!
Before the Race, a silly centaur Zu thing I had to get outta my system.
Baby Making Spot, Zu and Sixten try to do it like in those american movies, but it doesn't go so well?
Lobotomized, I was requested to do one o' those... earfuck thingies. So I guess enjoy Ellie dying?
Fucked Into the Ground, Beleth dicks Remilia so hard it breaks the ground.
Bat Butt Boinking, Zara pegs Freddy Bat. I've had this on my list for over 6 months...

There's been a mix of stuff in these last drawings, but the last two won't be experimental like that, it's stuff that we're all used to and love!

And once I'm done with 'em, I can fully focus on the flash stuff.
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