I and FallowWing have now released a new version of the Sofi Scene on Patreon! We will post a public version on here and other places sometimes during next week, so keep your eyes peeled.

For now, have some fanart! They're all from Cerberus Carmine, he's been doing good work and managed to squeeze out three pics these last two weeks.

Happy Valentine's Day From Zu
Horsing Around With Aisha, Zu and Zara
Making A Sofi Sandwich
Great stuff, I love 'em!

I actually managed to get something done myself, as well.
Scotty Finds A Collectible, which refers to dickgirl Ellie.

Well, that's all for today. I'm hoping you'll enjoy the additions I made to the Sofi flash. I think wednesday might be a good day to release it on.
By the by, I got all the necessary voice stuff for the new Zara stuff, so I'll be ready to start on that once March comes along! (as well as like a billion drawings and commissions I got planned...)
But ye, I'll see you wednesday!
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