If you head over to the Characters Tab, you'll find that I've updated all the character bios as well as added one for Johanna, Zu's younger sister. Since she's a side character, I kept it short.
I'm not completely finshed with all the profile images, so some of the preview images there might see changes later.

It's really been a while since they saw an update, so if you're interested in the lore, do read them!
I and Miles have been working on them for quite some time!

I only managed to finish two drawings for today's update, but they were both in comic format so they took a bit of time to get done.

Time Traveling Wife Theif, The first time I draw something involving pre-death Lollo. And it's quite the ride.
Butt Pregnancy, Sofi never learns that striking deals with demons usually won't turn out in her favor.

I still got around 6 or so drawing projects to finish up, haw. So I predict that most of this week will also be spent finishing all of those up.

And some good news for you who aren't in the discord server; FallowWing, who took up the job of coding the Ellie x Reindeer project, has been streaming the programming process over on picarto.
Here's his picarto.

At this point he's mostly finished. I believe he'll stream today as well, around 20:00. I'm pretty bad with numbers and time zones, so I'm not going to try to convert it, but it's swedish time, so if you're interested, look it up and be there when it starts.
He's quite entertaining.
I believe he said he'd finish up the smaller details today, so yeh... If everything goes as planned, after today there's going to be a lot of playtesting and tweaking. So it's certainly looking good! Might get this out in early december. Which I suppose fits the project, hoahoa. (altough it takes place after christmas, rather than on it... Ooops, was that a spoiler?)

Well then! That was all for today. See ya!
Posted 25th of November 2019 - 16:00 by
Rock Candy wrote:
blaine wrote:
*If you're still looking*
I haven't started looking yet.
My bad, i was under the assumption you were looking for an alternative to flash cause of browsers dropping support.
por lo que se ha visto el nuevo proyecto estara en epocas navideñas o solo es tematica
What is happenning to Farm project?
blaine wrote:
*If you're still looking*
I haven't started looking yet.
*If you're still looking*
If you're looking for a flash alternative you could try Ren'Py,
it supports interactive animations. If you need some examples i could link to some sites.
Great Work.
Always love seeing your girls getting buttfucked.
Hopefully we'll see more of Johanna soon.
test and error test and error error and test, all to reach the public but you see the effort and that is what counts