Like I predicted, I finished up the deer's facial expressions rather quickly.
I recorded soundeffects tonight, so it's now up to the coder to do his work. Not sure when he'll be able to get to it, but he said he wanted to stream the process. I'll make sure it's posted in our discord server once he does.
There will probably be some time spent on tweaking timings and looking for bugs as well, but we'll take that when we get there.

I don't really have anything else to say. I gotta write some instructions for the guy, but other than that, I don't have any real plans on what to do in the meantime.

If I can get ahold of Meriyel, maybe we can start planning out that ol' Zu collab... That might be a good way to continue.
As for the horse project, I'll probably have do downscale what I wanted it to be a little, hoahoa. Since flash is gonna get killed soon. But I'll definitely finish up the parts I've got and make the Zu&Jo part. Tough decisions await, blegh.
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Flash getting killed means nothing. It will still work fine for everybody just like Windows XP works fine. Nothing to worry about at all especially considering that there is no replacement or substitute for Flash's functionality. HTML5 has no editor and is definitely not a replacement for flash at all.
keeping my fingers crossed that the collab gets done, I've been hoping it didn't get canceled have you thought about looking into unity for your animations? i see most people uploading their games in it these days.
should just learn another way bro
You may want to move to other tools for the future, better tools. But the loss of Flash support is no reason to down scale your present projects. It is possible to compile Flash projects to normal executeables, for the Windows and other platforms, no Flash Player required.
I see no reason to speed things up.
It doesn't really matter if browsers are dropping support for flash. Standalone flash will still work.