Well, I am glad to hear that a lot of you are excited and interested in seeing the Zu & Johanna part! It makes me feel more motivated to work on it. I haven't actually started on it yet; finishing up the facial expressions of the Sofi flash was the last thing I made. But seeing as the interest seem to high and I myself have high hopes for this part, I think I'll go ahead and try to make it. Actually finishing it before the year is over is going to be impossible though. But we'll see how it goes, I need to recollect and see what can be done in the coming month.

Anyway, there was a lot of misconceptions in the replies, so I'm going to try and sort some of them out and also just respond to some questions.

nickfan1 wrote:
"Maybe look into finding a flash replacement."
Yes, I'm probably going to move to something else once I'm done with my current projects. I'm not sure what, yet. I need to look into what alternatives there are and what they're capable of, but it's something I'll do when I get there. For now, I'll stick with Flash.

Cunning Linguist wrote:
"I would love to see that scene with Zu and Johanna. Work on it. If you don't manage to finish in time, you'll have a much better idea of what you want when you find a new platform. Look at it as rehearsal."
You'll still be able to download and play the flashes with a standalone flash player program. So even if I finish the project later, it'll still be playable in some way. It will just be more complicated.

- wrote:
"Please put out everything you've got done so far, then finish up what you can. I wouldn't scrap anything you've worked on, we've all been dying to see any part of it and would be satisfied with anything at all!"
Like I said, I haven't started with this part yet. So there's currently nothing to show other than the sketch. But since I'll probably start it up, I'll most likely finish it.

Ivel wrote:
"Ways exist to have ActionScript and Adobe Flash projects not need Adobe Flash Player, such as Adobe AIR. Said ways let the projects be normal executeable files, specific to an operating system. It'd be possible to turn all of your old animations and games in to Exe files for Microsoft Windows, for example, so they won't need to disappear."
It is indeed possible and it is something I shall look into!

Max wrote:
"Do you need an AS2 coder?"
Could be useful, sure. I'm fine with both since the coding doesn't really affect my animating process. It might however be a compability issue with other parts of my horse project!
I might need someone free to finish up some of my small projects though. It would be helpful.

Here for porn wrote:
"I do believe it is worth persuing that part of the flash but at this point you may want to release it seperately just to hold some of us off x_x"
Well, that's what I've been doing. Hard to show off things when they're uncoded or not properly animated though, since they'll wind up looking like a mess! But I'll push out a demo once it reaches such a point, like I did previously with the other parts.

TBM wrote:
"To be honest, at this point, it's been so long since you uploaded something new, I don't remember all the things you're working on. I say that you should finish up as many things as you can, and release more things, even if they're a little lacking in sound, or whatever."
Currently, I have three flash projects that need to be done. One of which is the horse project and that contains multiple parts. Outside of that, it's the Ellie flash which I'm looking to finish up after Riddarveckan. I just need to contact the coder I was collabing with. It's been a few months since I spoke to him... If he's unavailible or has lost interest, I must find a replacement for him!
The last project is that collab flash featuring Zu! It's a rather simplistic flash, but I'd like to finish it nonetheless!

Chaos wrote:
"FUCK DAT just move to the same thing babysitting cream moved too uhhh unity I think. Movies are well and good man (this is pathetic just I know it) but your animations are usually the highlight of my year! It makes me sort of happy knowing someone still puts in the effort for something they like to do you know?....But its your life though man do with it what YOU want NOT what others want. I just thought you should know."
Unity isn't an animation software, it's a game engine. It's not quite the same.

Hope that clears things up. If not, ask me to specify something, I guess.
Anyway, I did take a break after all the commission work and made Rock n' Raz 11.

It is quite refreshing to just make something effortless and fun like this sometimes. It was also good timing since I don't want to start up anything yet; I'm going to Riddarveckan next week and won't be back til the 14th.
After that, I should get back into things!

Oh and I should mention, my coder for the Sofi flash is unfortunately suffering from an infection and is currently resting up. So the project will be put on hold until he regains his health and motivation.

I'll post another update when I return from Riddarveckan. I'll try to respond to questions in the comments if I can though!
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Theman wrote:
The Other Man wrote:
Theman wrote:
He dead?
He at Reddarveckan (Festival).
He (Hopefully) post Monday.
He said "won't be back till 14"
He also usually posts updates on Sunday Evening.
So perhaps he also post Sunday Evening after Reddarveckan.
The Other Man wrote:
Theman wrote:
He dead?
He at Reddarveckan (Festival).
He (Hopefully) post Monday.
He said "won't be back till 14"
Theman wrote:
He dead?
He at Reddarveckan (Festival).
He (Hopefully) post Monday.
Drop me an email if you need someone to help you out with any actionscript work and cannot find anyone else.
He dead?
Yulia wrote:
Cunning Linguist wrote:
Enjoy Reddarveckan.
Please come home with loads of inspiration for lots of buttsex with Yulia and the other girls.
Maybe there will be some pics from Riddarveckan on RCs twitter, you should follow him there if you don't already do.
And has he has stated before, I won't be a character in the flash projects.
I don't understand...
Doesn't this happen in the Rock'n'Raz-flash on occassion?
Isn't there a drawing of it that already got mae into a flash?
Why can't have we have more of it?
what's the name of the outro song?
dude it's hard to read red texes
Just to clarify, unity is a game engine yes.
but it also supports animations.
the issue is that it's harder to code for compared to flash.

ren'py also supports animations, but that's a visual novel program with it's own issues. i'd say stick with flash. anyone's web browser will support it as long as they don't update it.
Just stopping by to say, I've been so thirsty for flash animations I'm thinking about getting into it myself. Only time will tell.
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