I've done a lot of thinking about the Zu part, taking suggestions into consideration. I'll talk about that further down, first let's cover some artsy stuff!

First, some hippogriff action in a set of three!
Zu & Sagey 1
Zu & Sagey 2
Zu & Sagey 3

And then, another set of three with these updated Beleth reference images. I think they're a great improvement over the previous ones.
Updated Beleth 1
Updated Beleth 2
Updated Beleth 3
I am surprised that there's a demand for Beleth getting buttfucked.
I've forwarded these requests to Pyreaus, who's character this is. We'll see if he decides to act on them.

And then we got this!
Tera Dominating
A drawing that was commissioned in return for that drawing I finished last week!

I have now a working demo of the Sofi flash. I have to say, it's somewhat mindblowing to see Sofi like this after staring at the standard options for over a year!

It does however look kinda creepy without facial animations. I've gotten a girl on doing her voice, though, so after I've gotten some clips I am satisfied with, I'll get to animating in her face.
Feels good to have came this far!

So, about the Zu part. It's been really tough to come up with something that works. The majority wants to see the two sisters recieve the dicking together, and I agree. Mostly because, their body proportions and even facial structures are very similar, allowing me to easily re-use assets and animations for the double-dickings.
I know it's disappointing for you Sixten fans out there, but I gotta take into consideration those who don't enjoy man ass in their faces too. Maybe he'll get his time to shine some time. If I am not completely burnt out on this project, perhaps I'll make an extra part for him near the end.

Anyway, after making this decision, I reached another conondrum. I don't know what position would be best to use! They need to follow a few important points:
1. Must be easy to animate. Can't use strange or unusal poses, I am using most of the same assets to make a lot of options.
2. Must show action without becoming too complicated. (Show animal body or just have floating dicks?)
3. Must be mirrorable. Zu and Johanna needs to be on the same screen, next to each other. They'll need to face each other, or away from each other, look identical.
4. Must allow cuminflation. This is a dealbreaker, since a lot of work go into making this. Especially if they are allowed to be fucked with the belly still huge afterwards.
Previous attempt I made at this looked really bad and turned out to be really difficult to code, so I need to simplify it this time around.

Here's a big canvas with some doodles I thought of, or was suggested to me. So far, I don't know if any of the would work well or not. None of them have clicked with me.

Further ideas and suggestions or just simple comments are welcome.
I've got until the Zoo beta release to decide on what to do, so there's still time to discuss.
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Drop out the the demo, even if it's without face animations. I mean those details u can add them later when u bout to finish all the project itself.
Rock Candy wrote:
Still A Random Dude wrote:
I don't see a problem with the position in the bottom left corner of those doodles you drew. Why not have them both tied like that next to each other if that's what you're going for? Would also be a good way to show their bloated and filled bellies.
It's very similar to what was used in Rudolf's Revenge, and I'm unsure of how well it would work with certain options. But I do think it might have potential.
Well it did work out great for that game. Don't fix what ain't broken right?
The two top-left positions look great, and the one where she is standing up with her hands cuffed to a pole(?) also.

I'd also like to request you add a gay/trap/dickgirl option cause that shit is dope.
Will they eye brow color change too or nah? Just seems off for the hair color to match.
"Any chance of an option to toggle the pubes?"
The same question. I know that you said that this option will be, but I'm a bit worried 'cause I don't see it among other options...
Take your time doing what you have to do so that nothing rushes you. Take everything calmly, without stress or anger, some have to learn to be passive
Any chance of an option to toggle the pubes?
I'm loving the one with her on her back, legs dangling in the air. I can see the sister's holding hands, legs bouncing with each thrust already!
Glad to see you got your ass in gear finally and got back into your projects. Your recent updates have been amazing and I'm looking forward to what you do next. No pressure, all support!
JizzBucket wrote:
Hey Rockcandy, I've got an important (to me at least) question:
Will this be like the christmas one where the more you fuck her, her attitude gets more lewd? Or at least will she be cuming/squirting? Or is it more of a simple animation style.
Nah, this is Zoo, she'll only be angrier and angrier.
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