Hello, everybody!

Sorry for not updating for quite a while, but I've been busy with updating biographies and writing Sixten into the "story".
But when it is done, you'll enjoy it for sure.

Anyway, the next part of "Influence" is done! It's 57 pages long, so you'll have something to read until I am done with my stuff.

"Influence" is Fan Fiction, it is not anything that comes from me, it's all made by "The Storyteller".

!Normal Download!

!Download in an older format in case the first one doesn't work!

So yeah, I hope you'll enjoy this part of the story, I sure did! :3
Posted 29th of September 2010 - 01:48 by Rock Candy
aaron knows more than he lets on hope everything turns out okay in the end
@Storyteller Cant wait for the next part. The Climb has a lot of good thing that i like to read "some" violence, a little revenge a flashback or two along with the usual story elements some drama action little bit of romance

Again keep the good works coming
...I blame Aaron for their problems