This summer sure has been something else. Must be some sort of heat record. It's impossible to exist without all the windows open and fans running everywhere. Even at night!

I worked on the reskinning of Little Dick Riding Sofi all week, and now it seems that I've completed all of the animation! That only leaves the little comic intro and ending things. And a little bit of coding, but getting this one done shouldn't be a problem. I did stream some of the process of the flash making, so I might do that to the drawing of the comics too if there is interest.

I might look into doing a reskin of something else too, but like I said... A lot of the flashes are too old to easily reskin them. Either the artstyle is too different, or the way the flash is built is too old and it's a hassle to work with. Sometimes both. You guys mentioned anything with Ellie, but... She's not in anything recent. BHEE and GBR are too old and would be better off remade from scratch, and that'd take quite a while!

Should I bother to look at some of the other projects? I know Titty Punchan was mentioned, but I haven't looked at it yet so I don't know if it is possible. Gimmie some suggestions and I'll at least take a look and see if there's anything I can do.

Or if you'd rather have me continue working on the new stuff, that's an option too of course.
I'm going to try and finish up a bunch of sketches I've got lying around too. It's been too long. But my ereaser has become so stiff and dry in the heat that it's impossible to erease things without leaving be smudgemarks that are impossible to remove. It's incredibly frustrating. Bleh.

But ye, leave a comment so I know what you guys want!
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Why the site was down?
I would love to see a reason of zoo-phillia possibly my favorite flash of yours. Maybe with more bulge options and clothing choices
Anything woth Ellie. New or old!
Work on new stuff before they turn in to old stuff
speedtrain wrote:
I like the idea of you redoing some old flashes. If I may ask, can you redo Rudolph’s Revenge and add a few things like a X-Ray option for Zu and Sixten, plus an option to fuck Zu’s pussy again. If not redo My First Robot.
Ohhhh yes, please redo my firt robot with anal version.
I think we have a similar summer, it's very hot here as well!
You know, I'd definitely prefer you to work on new stuff. But if I'd should choose one I also definitely would prefer "Onihole". But only if you're going to add there s'more new options, because I deem that it's already looks perfect!
I would like to see a remake of Summer Sex at a Swedish Summer Cottage, a flash that i really like (maybe my favorite on this site). Also I would like some sound effects on the remake of Little Dick Riding Sofi, it doesn't need to have voices or even any music, but sound effects are really nice.
King Tut wrote:
I just want some flashes. Keep up the good work RockCandy.
Would appreciate some release dates tbh.
Release dates can so easily be missed and changed. And that leads to a lot of frustration. It'll just be done when it's done.
Anonymous wrote:
Lucky you, I was expecting a hot summer at last and all we get is cold, rain and hale. And I only live on the other side of Europe opposed to you!

Wanna switch?
Perhaps, as long as it is comfortable indoors.
Bott Secks wrote:
Will the remake of Little Dick Riding Sofi have sound this time? I hope it does!
It won't. If I add sound I'd have to do so much extra sound work, and I'm not really an audio guy. Music, SFX, voiceacting and whatnot. I did it for the Lollo flash, and that was hard enough as an amateur.
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