What a great start of the year. After our New Year's fun times, I got sick. I still am, but am at least recovering. Not really how I imagined 2018 to begin, I was hoping to jump into it being productive but apparently I am not allowed to have such luck, huff.

Here's something I drew though, Zara's Lovely Belly!

I really hope I get over this soon, I'm a walking snotfaucet right now. Terrible.
Posted 8th of January 2018 - 07:12 by
your talented dude don't give up your dreams
Get well soon :)
djjsn wrote:
Didn't you have a forum
The forum sucked, so we replaced that with the discord server.
Didn't you have a forum
Here's to hoping the flash is ready by 2019
I understand you well! Every winters I have a cold period, I hate it! I hope you feel better soon!
I wish you well rock I know exactly how ya feel man getting sick from the get go of the year sucks
Get well soon!
... is my fetish.
Flash in 2k18 lul