I doubt I'll manage to finish the flash this year, hoahoa. Since this is an oral themed flash, I wanted to put a lot of emphasis on the mouth movement. So far I've made 10 lines out of I think around 35 or something. So it'll be a little while before I've finished them all. I also gotta make some fitting eye animations to them as well, but that shouldn't take too long.

I'll do my best though. If it isn't done in january, then I don't know what.

I've received some christmas themed fan art from Uxdragon!
Sixth Day of Ux-Mas!
Starring Zu and a character of his, which I didn't catch the name of.

Well, it's just more focus on flash work from here on, so I probably won't have a lot to show off until I manage to finish all those mouth animations. Maybe I'll do a push to finish a lot of sketches I've got laying around for new year's, though. Sounds like a nice thing to do.
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Merry buttmas!
Merry Christmas you magnificent bastard!
I hope him not posting this sunday isnt a bad sign. Id like to know whats goimg on. I hope everything is alright.
Merry Christmas Rocky boy :D
Merry Xmas
I love that you take your time with your work. It's always very high quality and you clearly have a lot of pride in what you produce. Keep it up, man. We can wait!
Take ur time, quality cock sucking over quantity. Wait... I think... Sometimes Quantity is good too.