Huff, flash progress has come to a halt lately. Can't get ahold of Lollo's voiceactress, and many of the others still haven't delivered their lines yet either. Doing facial expressions is pretty much the only thing left to do, so I can't really do anything but wait until I get all of the voicework. That plus, I've mostly been playing Odyssey since it came out. Gotta take the opportunity and play it as much as I can while waiting, hoahoa!

Anyway, I've gotten myself an image editing software now, so here are some drawings for ya'll!

Night Shaft, request made for Moist Nugget over at discord.
Zu's Halloween Costume 2017.
Witch Dressup Escalation. Seems Zu's broom was magic. Off to have an orgy with the devil and his demon, as per witch tradition.
Demon Witch Orgy. Yum!

That's all I've got to say today really. Most of my thoughts surround Mario Odyssey right now, so excuse the short update. Hope you have an enjoyable Halloween n' stuff.
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