And I think I'm doing decent, progress wise. At least with the animations. But my computer has started to act up again, which is frustrating. Doesn't matter what I do to it, it always finds a way to fuck itself up. If I can't get it up and running again soon, I'll have to try to work on my tired old laptop. Bothersome.

Anyway, I'm glad most of you like the photos of the Zara cosplay. I actually asked her if she was willing to do nudes when I saw all the comments. She said she would if she was paid 3000 dollars.
So I added that as the final goal on my patreon!! I'm not sure if it would be awkward or fun to reach that goal, I can't really imagine myself as the photographer in a nude shoot.

But yeah, I did change some stuff up on my patreon otherwise too. Added new goals and rewards and made the worst banner ever.

Check it out if you're interested.

I'm going to head to bed for now. I've done some voice cutting today, and I just remembered I have to record sound effects too! Well, I suppose I have to learn to how make gelatin so I can fist it a little. Hyork.
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Retarded wrote:
Man, there are so much better things that you can spend $3,000.00 on. Please don't waste your money like that.
Not for her there isn't. ;)
Man, there are so much better things that you can spend $3,000.00 on. Please don't waste your money like that.
It's funny, seeing how a person's true nature comes out when a person asks for money. So many people getting so upset, so many people getting so angry.

I personally think she looks well. An actual, healthy woman; not one of these thin 'don't get rough with me' sorts. Ignore them, RC. They're beggars that get angry when they don't get what they want.
People are denied because they have no cash to throw. So they resort to calling names because she sets a price and now people are like... well shit uhhh fuck man she is ugly. Fuck that shit, She is attractive, and I hope to see her pics. Good luck on funding it man. I
I can appreciate valuing your body and all that as much as the next person, but 3000 dollarydoos for a set of nudes seems pretty unrealistic, considering the average in-demand porn star charges around 1200 for an anal scene.
I'm one of the ones that asked for nudes, but there is no way in hell that $3000 is a reachable goal as of right now. Maybe that's the point?
Same! And if Yulia likes to cosplay in general/you do more photo shoots Id certainly be interested in seeing them. =)
Well I'm looking forward to seeing her. :) keep up the good work.
I'm glad to see she has a concept of what her worth is, but she could set it a lot higher (She doesn't want to do it and we don't have that kind of Money. So might as well try to milk it).

Seriously though. I'm happy she has enough confidence to set her Price, but there are people who has too much money and no morality. So better start finding excuses.
Nigerian Dollars?
Doesn't Nigeria use Naira?
3.000 Zimbabwe dollars is worth it though.
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