Hey, remember the Music Tab? Yeah, me neither. But it's actually finished now! Wow, right? Only a few years late, hoahoa! I've uploaded the character themes so far, but I will update it with original flash scores later. I only have edited loops for flash purposes, so I need to see if there are originals anywhere within my music makers' archives. Might take a while. But hey, I've wanted this for some time, and now you can finally enjoy the tracks!

Thanks to the fans who joined the discord server, I've managed to get a bunch of great ideas that I might possibly add to the project. I've made up a working story and name for it now, but I'll keep that secret for now. Wouldn't want to spoil it all. The progess on the Sofi part is going well. I'm actually close to finishing her main animations. Which is pretty huge. What's left after those are the cum/fluid animation, facial expressions, and various other visual stuff that I'm going to need coded in. I'm going to need to find a voiceactress for Sofi really soon to be able to animate her mouth and eyes well, too.

I hope that'll go smoothly. I can't wait to finally have Sofi's part finished up, hoahoa!
That's all for today. Good night!
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shse wrote:
nigga do porn pls.....................
what are even comments like these?
nigga do porn pls.....................
Gettin' closer to finished! HYPE
Lol also better late than never for the music ~