The discord server seems to have been a good idea. I've already had a lot of fun with the people who joined! I hope it will continue to grow, hoahoa!

Most of my computer problems have been solved except for a few things, but at least they're not hindering my work anymore. I've continued the work with Sofi's part and I think it is starting to shape up good. Maybe I'll finish the base animations in a month or so? After that I need to add fluids and stuff though. I've yet to find a good voice for Sofi though, I need a girl who can sound grumpy and annoyed, haw haw.

It's a short update today, but ya know how it is. A lot of the details doesn't make for much significant teasing material. Next update I might have something neat in store though, so I'll see you then!
Posted 31st of July 2017 - 01:12 by
Im happy for you that the discord server is working out and that you managed to solve most of your PC problems! Dont worry about not having much to say. Thats just how it is sometimes. As long as we get a simple "im not dead!" every week it will be just fine. And now with the addition of the Discord things will be even more close to the source i suppose! I say this every time but still want to wish you good luck with all you do! Looking forward to next weeks update!