Finally, I've got a working demo of the main part of ZZZZ. My initial reaction was "wow this sucks", so I definitely have to rework a lot of the animations. If you're curious as to why I think it sucks, it's simple. General movement is too stiff, a bit too fast and moves too little. Loads of stuff are also coded and/or not animated properly. So re-animating things and making many fixes will be my next step with that. This is why I haven't started working on Zeta yet; Zu's my test object. I'm glad I didn't work blindly on this. So many things to fix, haw haw haw... :C

But it'll have to wait a little! I've been making some good progress with the Ellie reskin, reanimating her boobs, hair and some other details. There's a small explosion of splooge at the end of the flash, and that's what I plan on reanimating next. I've started adding outlines to semen now, it actually makes it easier to animate rather than using none.

That right there is a little preview of Zu's butt being creampied, just to give you an idea of what to expect, I guess.

I've also had to add the horse's head in the animation, since the original used different dimensions and it wouldn't show. But now it is necessary! And I'm not used to drawing horse heads at all, but this is my attempt. Looks kinda dead when there are no animations to it, but eh. We'll see how it turns out. It's seldom fully in frame anyway, but that's more additional animations to make!

I'm also going to have to start looking for a voiceactress for Ellie. And think about what sort of sounds I need... Bluh. Lots of choking n' coughing n' stuff, I suppose.
Anybody know any willing girls? Or maybe you are one yourself? I've only asked friends... And I don't know that many girls. Even less with decent recording equipment!

I've also recieved a bunch of Ellie sketches for the bonus anal scene. Some of them will work, others sadly wouldn't. It's great to see there's an interest in making it happen though! I'll accept new sketches and wont decide on which to use until I'm getting ready to start working on it, so feel free to keep trying if you want to. I'm going to be quite busy with the main scene for quite a while, so there's lots of time left. When I've decided which to use, I'm going to post a picture of the results, so you'll all know when it's no longer necessary to send them in. Not that I think that I'll get sketches in a few months when I actually get to it, hoahoa.

Let's not forget about those costumes I promised to make for Sixten, either. His costumes was so quick to make. No curves, skirts or other flimsy material... Feels refreshing, hoahoa. Managed to make two in just a few hours!
Sixten's Working Clothes
Sixten's Sailor Costume (To match with Zu's!)

Hope this update put some light on what goes into making this flash. And that it was somewhat interesting!
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friendly boy wrote:
Wonderful as always, RC!

Do you have any plans to re-do your title bar? The one with Zu and Sixten in your older artstyle?
Yeah, I just keep forgetting about it.
Im confident you will make a great game keep up the good work
Wonderful as always, RC!

Do you have any plans to re-do your title bar? The one with Zu and Sixten in your older artstyle?