I'm glad you all like the new Ellie preview I showed. It's nice to hear your impressions and suggestions and wishes. But you people going "Hey can you pls animate this????" need to read the written text, not just look at the pictures.

Since the flash is "finished", I don't have to do much else than to re-animate a few parts to fit Ellie more. This will take some time still, I've gotten halfway redrawing lips and tongue at this point only. Parts like hair and breasts need to be reanimated or have additional parts added. I've tinkered with some other stuff as well, to make it fit the new dimensions better.
I also need to find some girl to choke on mic and record it, hoahoa.

But I've looked at your wishes and expectations, and while some of your ideas sounds nice on paper, I'm not sure if I can make it work if I add them. I'm considering adding optional suction cups for milking maybe, or perhaps a very suggestive cow costume.

If you want me to add buttsex, then I must make completely new animations! I'm not sure if I want to go through all that trouble, since the rest of the flash is already going to take some time to finish. This will just add more to the pile and will drag out on the process even longer. So if you want the extra scene with Ellie getting creamed in the ass as well, then you'll also have to do some work, me thinks.

Make a base of Ellie for me to trace and animate in. Of course, it needs to be a presentable Ellie, so it can't be some shoddy MSPaint stuff, hoahoa. If anybody is up for the task and gives me something that I feel I can work with, then I shall do my best to make an additional scene.

There are only a few rules to follow.
1. Try to keep Ellie's body proportions as close to the original as possible.
Ellie looks like this!

2. You must use the template below.
Template image! (Original image for size reference)
The horse's frontleg positions can be changed to match whatever you draw up.
Additional objects like a table or something can be included for either Ellie and/or the horse to rest on.

3. Try to keep the pose and drawing animation friendly.
It's rather easy to make the mistake that just because something looks good, it'll be good for animation.
You've got to keep in mind that the horse needs to be able to reach Ellie's rear quarters, while also being able to relax in the idle stance without touching her.
The same goes for Ellie! She needs to be mobile enough to move towards and away from the horse without adding too much complex movements.

Succeed with these instructions, and I'll fill Ellie's tummy with enough horsejizz that it bulges out n' stuff.
Sounds fair, ya?

Other than this, I've been starting to sketch up some side characters to color as well. It'll probably take a lot of saturdays before they're all done.

And I've also fanart from Cinndrie!
Saleswoman Zara
I'm not so sure she should be wearing something that fancy, though, hoahaohao.

With that, I'm off for today!
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Oooooo not sure how much time is left for this, but I'd be willing to try and whip something up in the next few days!
Please make inflation optional :C
Even tho this isnt released yet i feels its gonna be a good flash lol cant go wrong with animated women and giant horse dicks lol just like the lara and horse video
"I'm considering adding optional suction cups for milking maybe"

2017 is off to a great start
Dude, I've been following this stuff for years. I know you're going to make it awesome (and probably put in some half penetration for the fans).
I just can't wait to see it!
The tradition of the inflation:c plisss , plis inflation is a clasic in your animations ... mmm my english issss not good xd
please inflation the stomach :c
The tradition of the inflation:c plisss , plis inflation is a clasic in your animations ... mmm my english issss not good xd
Fuck that looks so hot.
Sexwaffle wrote:
Best believe if I had a good drawing program to work with I would help out in a heart beat. I really feel like i'm letting this opportunity fly right over my head not too often you get good horse bestiality content with a woman in it. Who know maybe I can find a free program to try out i'll see what I can do.
Krita is a professional FREE and open source painting program. Now you have no excuse to not give it a shot.
etherel wrote:
Is there a cut off period, I legit just might commission someone like Sparrow to draw it
I suppose a cut off period would be when all the other parts of the flash is finished.

Not sure if you should commission sparrow or anybody else; all I need is a base drawing, not any actual penetration or otherwise. That might just be a waste of your money if I can't actually use it.
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