Hello... I only have adult pictures to show today.
I'm pretty sure no one minds!

So, here we go!
Ellie got captured by sewer tentacles, oh noes! (Wet version)
I also made a part 2, but it didn't turn out very well.
I made her butt too big, but it was too late to change it when I notcied it. Ffff-

And lastly, I drew this for a friend;
Nude Nekata.
Yesh, that was all.

My dad started work again this week, so I'll have more time to work on animations and things without being interrupted all the time.
Hopefully, I'll finish "Zoo-philia" this month.
Posted 10th of August 2010 - 14:13 by Rock Candy
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>I made her butt too big
That is nigh IMPOSSIBLE.
Whats zoo philla
very good...hmm

Oh, and it kinda looks like Nekata and Ellie are like... in the same position, at least around the hips. Oh, well. *Hugs Nekata* x3
You should have drawing lesson, coloring pages and quizzes like are you Za, zoo, ellie or zu.
Ahum... Pardon the rape face and all but i dont see how her buts to big it looks like you used proportion to me...
i like the big butt in the picture :3
ncie :3
We'll wait for aniamtion.
x3! Nekata! I'm gonna color her. Thanks for the pic! :3
I love the title of the game!
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