FlashFrieEx, the guy who's "programming" ZuBound, wanted to know how I made the sprite editing, so I recorded myself spriting Yamame Kurodani, from Touhou: Subterranean Animism.

Watch it here on Youtube!

Also, about the Flash problem, the only solution is to install CS4 or CS3 instead. Muh.

I am still drawing stuff, so keep requesting!
I wont draw everyones request though, only the ones I find interesting and/or fun!:3
Posted 20th of May 2010 - 14:35 by Rock Candy
Za,Zoo,Ellie raped by a tentacle alien in all 3 of her holes Butt,Mouth,Vag.Be aware i am the B
Draw the follow please draw Zu And Za and Zoo And Ellie havin sex from a Alien from Alien Vs Predator sort of a AvP XxX drawing email to serpent54@live.com
Hurr, only thing I can think of for a request is Ran and Tenshi having a Suppa Tenko moment...
Erindae wrote:
That music rocks! What is that so I can Pandora it!
It's a arrangement of Yamame's theme, "The Sealed-away Youkai ~ Lost Place". Made by nazz-can, album name is DARKNESS.
That music rocks! What is that so I can Pandora it!