yes this is a thing now. Deal with it.
Posted 18th of December 2013 - 19:01 by Rock Candy
22th: twenty secondth?
its supossed to be 22nd: twenty second
I didn't know that you were related to Magnus Härenstam. If it wasn't for the age difference, I would think you were brothers.
I laughed, "let me check what I wrote on my little script"
dude just take your time nobody rushing you beside you make the best flash either way so yeah take your time and good job :^)
What, THE FUCK, is wrong with you guys? xD
How can this video be so abyused awesome? I laughed so hard.
Anyways, take your time, nobody forces you for the flash.
We all sure know that it is going to be a good flash.
Keep it up! =D