1: I uploaded a few pictures. Four pictures. I will upload more later, but I'm just too tired now D:

2: This week is Zu Triple week, unfortunaletly, this week is also a some sort of try-out-work week, so I get up early and come home late. This makes me tired, because I am used to get up at like 12 or something. D: So I've not been able to work on it much. And when I did, I got this thrown into my face:

If you don't recognize it, it means something like "OLOLLLOLO I CRASH ON YOU AND YOU HAVE TO START OVER FROM THE BEGINNING, EVEN THOUGH YOU SAVED LIKE THREE TIMES". It has happened a lot recently:

Luckily, I spontaneously bought a new computer last week, so after I've moved all my stuff work will hopefully go a lot faster...

3. Me and some dude, called FlashFireEX or something, started to make some kind of EarthBound edit with Zu, Za, Zoo & Ellie as the chosen four, we'll see how that goes...

4. I have to go take a shit before any accidents happen. I've been holding it for the whole time I wrote this news post.

See ya later!!
Posted 27th of April 2010 - 23:55 by Rock Candy
1. Awesome-sauce
2. Fuck...
3. Hope it Dose not turn out like #2
4. WTF.... Really?...
3. ooooo Can't wait to see that! ^^
4. 0-o eeeeewwwwwwwwww
1. Hooray!
2. I hate when that happens too. ;_;
3. FlashfireEX OR SOMETHING. xD
4. Too much information...

I'm currently still editing text on the EB edit... It's going pretty well I guess. Using the text editor on PK jHack is an accident waiting to happen... that has already happened to me several times... I'm using the other one now and it doesn't screw up any text fields!... It just crashes on long text lines...