I updated Zu's biography a little!
I wrote a short list of what usually happens to her in school and how often it happens. :3

Oh, and uuhh... I've been working on Ness' Adventure Part 5 this week... I got some voices, so I have been able to work a little more on it!

Next week I will work on Zu Triple :3
Posted 24th of April 2010 - 19:00 by Rock Candy
we are all ready for it...just take yur time.....or let us beta test 1 more at least
Man hurry up and finish it! I can't wait to play it! And I just want to say before hand, I'm sorry Zu! XD
wtf thats really saaaddddd -_-'' she needs a uzi haha well it was nice to read up something updated XD an cant wait to see NA5 i wunder waut will happen

Her biography's kinda sad =( It was an interesting read though :o

And lookin forward to NA5. Keep up the awesome work dude!
>.< she needs a fuckin shotgun
If she Never get vaginally raped, why is she in your new game? XD or are there things your not sharing? also on a second note i have been watching your site from just about the beginning, nice work so far and keep it up.
Oh joy! An update! I feel kinda sorry for her though. xP

Can't wait to see NA5 finished! Maybe you can hide another item in so I still have something to find? :)