More stuff will be uploaded later.

Posted 21st of March 2010 - 23:19 by Rock Candy
For the love of all that is your work and amazing fix it fix it xD
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA all the news is gone! Why in the name of the flying spaghetti monsters is the news gon- oh wait it's back again. XD
What heppened? i was trying to get here for like the past two days seeing if the new flash was up but all i got was localconect failed: too many connections and now the news is gone......:(
Wow... I thought something was going on, cuz everytime I tried to visit the site it said 'localconnect failed: too many connections' or something like that...But I didn't think it was too serious . -.
Zarius wrote:
Did you delete the news again? D=
Seemed like they deleted themselfes. Or something.
Did you delete the news again? D=
Da fuck?